Friday, July 8, 2016

War Game of the Racist

Muhammad Rasheed - In 2006, the FBI released their report proving that White Supremacist terrorist groups had been infiltrating US military and law enforcement institutions in droves. "INFILTRATED" was THEIR word. Ten years later, after nobody at all acted on those findings, don't tell me that "Not All Cops" or "Blue Lives Matter," because we'll have a very fundamental difference of opinion on that. And fuck you.

Anyway, with the fact that military and police organizations have been thoroughly "INFILTRATED" by White Supremacy Terrorists, we just had a high profile string of cops killing blacks, one after another after another, followed by a coordinated, military/police action-style sniper attack on cops. It should be clear that the White Supremacy Terrorists are responsible for that TOO.

This is all them, activating whatever war games they have been plotting. Perhaps it's just to force Trump in the White House after Clinton was let go by Fed Prosecutors, or maybe this is their Turner Diaries end game plan come to life. Just don't be fooled that any of it is anything other than THEM trying to get something started.

Muhammad Rasheed - A White Supremacy Terrorist infiltrated police organization has been slaughtering Blacks all across America, but you think my use of the phrase "unfuck yourself" is the evilest thing that's happened this week.‪#‎permanentDisconnect‬ ‪#‎MaybeYouCantUnfuckYourself‬‪ #‎whiteTearsTasteLikeSulferAndSilicon‬

Moses Mullins - To Leah, Are you really so blind that you think every time a cop shoots someone, it is justified?

Muhammad Rasheed - Only when it happens to a Black.

Muhammad Rasheed - Shooting you is justified by default, and if on the off chance it turns out there was a mistake, they give the cop months of paid time off to cope with his grief.

"I... I can't believe I was actually wrong about a n199er. What is this world coming to? I need to take the kids to Disney World to relax after this shit. We'll make it a party."

Bill Vallely - Are you saying that you're supporting the Dallas shooters? If so, say so plainly.

Muhammad Rasheed - The Dallas shooters were working WITH the police, and were pawns in their diabolical game.

Muhammad Rasheed - Plain enough?

Bill Vallely - So you're saying that White Supremacists hired Blacks to shoot Whites? Really? You're THAT stupid?

Muhammad Rasheed - White Supremacists are starting their Turner Diaries war, and duped that 20 something kid to help them. Remember that piece of shit Dylan Roof also had a simple ass Black 'best friend' who didn't think his friend was "all that bad."

I'm not stupid. And watch your mouth.

Muhammad Rasheed - Think your argument out better, and at least pretend to a basic level of manners and etiquette. Be civil in discourse and I will be civil back. These are the ground rules.

Muhammad Rasheed - Obviously you have a FAR greater respect for White Supremacy Terrorists than I do. I can only speculate as to why that would be, of course. The fact that I expect them to be evil filth that will do anything to carry out their Turner Diaries masturbation fantasies doesn't make me stupid. Control yourself, please.

Thank you.

Bill Vallely - @Muhammad Rasheed... Five men, all far better than you, are dead, because one slack-jacked idiot listened to another slack-jawed idiot babbling about conspiracy theories. Children have been orphaned, women have been widowed. All because morons, like yourself, fan hatred.

Muhammad Rasheed - Those cops are dead because White people are evil with an insane god complex, exactly like you are demonstrating here in this thread. The FBI's report is not a "conspiracy theory," Bill. Several Black men... all better than you and your worthless cops... are dead because of your people's evil.

Please stop being a jackass and helping contribute to your people's evil. Also try to develop a better, more interesting argument. Thank you.

Bill Vallely - Muhammad Rasheed wrote: "Those cops are dead because White people are evil..." At this point, our conversation is over. I wish you all the happiness that you deserve.

Muhammad Rasheed - The "conversation" was over the moment you spewed your uncouth, insulting nonsense in here. Bye bye.

Muhammad Rasheed - WHITE EVIL - EXHIBIT A;  WHITE EVIL - Exhibit B

Muhammad Rasheed - Bill Vallely wrote: "Five men, all far better than you..."

In light of the evidence above, it is clear this is a racist statement from you. Take a bow.

Muhammad Rasheed - NOTHING is "better" about those people. White Supremacist Terrorists -- both in and out of uniform -- are the lowest creature among you. Endorsing them means you are pro-terrorism and anti-Black people.

I hate that you deleted me, because I wanted to give you the opportunity to reveal your evil some more. Too bad.

Muhammad Rasheed - Because it's a misdirection. They know that whatever the first images their people see are what they will blind faith, uncritically believe NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS AFTERWARDS.

White People: "Well, he just shouldn't have been so fucking Black, and riding in a car where our upstanding fine men in blue would see him. What else was the cop supposed to do???" #BlueLivesMatter‪ #‎OpenCarryIsWhitesOnlyNigger‬
Marc Keelan-Bishop - Most white people aren't saying that, of course.

Muhammad Rasheed - NOTHING is more tiring than the "Not all of them!" cry. That's implied in every single philosophical argument, which is generalized by it's nature. If it doesn't apply to you, then I'm not talking to you, and move ON. Your first damn clue SHOULD have been the redundant ass "of course" you tacked onto the end of it.  Please don't do that ignorant shit on my wall. Thank you.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - That's ridiculous. Most people aren't assholish enough to write "white people:..."

Muhammad Rasheed - But you are assholish enough to follow behind my comments shouting "Not all of them!" Stop it. It's stupid.

Muhammad Rasheed - YOU are being ridiculous. Knock it off.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - Why would you ever use a blanket statement like that? What's the purpose?

Muhammad Rasheed - Because -- generally -- that's what white people do or support.

Muhammad Rasheed - If it doesn't apply to you, then you aren't in that -- general -- group.  What's so hard about that???

Muhammad Rasheed - Currently you've proven to be a proud member of the general group of white people who enjoy shouting "Not all of them!" in a philosophical argument that is general by its nature.

Muhammad Rasheed - This does NOT do you credit, and is fundamentally ignorant.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - It's so silly to say that in general white people or black people think a certain way without any stats. It only serves to perpetuate bullshitt.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - Ditto

Muhammad Rasheed - White people racism, and their penchant for making up brand new rules on the fly on topics that actually have their own rules already -- like this one -- perpetuate bullshit.

Please stop doing that.

Muhammad Rasheed - Especially on my wall. It is not welcome.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - How am i doing that? Aren't sweeping racial generalizations frowned upon by educated people of any race or group?

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't need technical statistics in a general philosophical argument, because it's a general philosophical argument. See how that works, Mr. Thought police. White Man Division?

Muhammad Rasheed - "Sweeping generalizations" are a normal part of a philosophical argument. ALWAYS. Since the beginning of discourse.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - Enjoy your silly sweeping generalizations.

Muhammad Rasheed - Only white people -- in general -- pushback on it when people are calling them out on their racist bullshit.

If you don't like it, stop doing racist bullshit, and get your people to stop as well, please.

Muhammad Rasheed - The random white man called a normal tool of philosophical argument "silly" therefore an entire academic field needs to be overhauled?

Please get off my wall, Marc.

Muhammad Rasheed - Y'all's bullshit is tiresome beyond belief. Your insane levels of privileged-entitlement are driving me up the wall. I don't respect any level of your racist entitled, thought police nonsense. Keep it off my wall.

Muhammad Rasheed - Somehow you believe that your ignorance of philosophical discussion trumps the actual rules of it, just because you don't like it being used to critique your race's bullshit evil.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you believe I would respect that?

Muhammad Rasheed - For the record, by coming in this thread and doing what you did, it actually invited me to generate an active hatred and resentment for you. So again, please don't go around doing that.

I have ZERO respect for what you did here. Do NOT do it again.

Thank you.

Marc Keelan-Bishop - @Muhammad Rasheed... ditto

Muhammad Rasheed - Please notice that I am not on your wall. "Ditto" is nonsensical.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're not even in my FB Friend List. smh

Muhammad Rasheed - This makes you a social media "troll." Officially.

FYI - This image, and memory of the incident, makes me fucking hate you. Leave my people alone. ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬

Muhammad Rasheed - [PDF Paper] Whites Scientifically Proven Incapable of Generating Empathy Towards Non-Whites

Raymond Gardner - That's actually pretty horrifying.

Muhammad Rasheed - Isn't it? It actually makes you look like a damn fool pleading with them... appealing to their sense of decency... to stop treating you like shit all the time.

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile they're glaring at you like you're a used piece of sandpaper.

Muhammad Rasheed - ...and do not give a FUCK.

Raymond Gardner - I'll see your Miss Millie, and raise you a Mister!

Muhammad Rasheed - It explains much. That's one of the symptoms of the superiority complex they received from centuries of slavery + jim crow. For you, one of the symptoms of your psychological damage from it is that you keep failing that damn doll test. For them, they received deadened emotions when they look at you (they turn atheist during the brief moment when they glance at a Black Jesus portrait).

Raymond Gardner - Holy shit that's dark lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Did you just call Black Jesus "dark...?"


Muhammad Rasheed - 

Racial Divisiveness Recipe:
  • 1 cup    Special Rules for Whites 
  • 2 cups   Special Rules for Blacks
  • 1 cup    Inconsistent application of police procedures
  1. Treat Whites with minimum amounts of respect & actually listen to them
  2. Shoot Blacks
  3. Stir
  4. Pretend like Whites aren't racists
  5. Season to taste based on region
Muhammad Rasheed - [VIDEO] White Cop: "A n!gger's trying to save someone's life?! Well, NOT ON MY FUCKING WATCH!! I'm going to need some back up! HURRY!!"

Muhammad Rasheed - [ANIMATED GIFS w/TEXT] "Don Lemon: The Blackening"

lol Even HE couldn't take it anymore. Now I wonder what your girl from 'Clueless' is going to say...?

Muhammad Rasheed -

Yup. Certain jackasses want to pretend it's a "conspiracy theory" when we figure that out on our own. Thanks for sharing that info though.

Muhammad RasheedLaw professor rips anti-BLM jackass a new rectum  #BlackLivesmatter

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