Thursday, July 21, 2016

HISTORY LESSON: Eurocentrist versus Truth

Muhammad Rasheed – smh

Timothy Janson - Total bullshit narrative. SOME Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists. Guess what so are some white people and African American people. HE never said ALL...but people believe the bullshit they want to believe.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Building a wall to "keep out the Mexicans" is a clear "all." hahahaha Don't try to bullshit me with word games, please. I thought we were building a friendship?

Timothy Janson - You didn't mention a wall. You mentioned criminals and rapists. And you realize we already have a border fence right? He just wants a bigger one. Are you for unchecked immigration?

Muhammad Rasheed - Trump mentioned both the wall and Mexicans as "criminals & rapists." hahahahahaha His intentions are clear: to be proudly divisive and bigoted.

Are you really asking ME -- the descendant of the former American slave -- whether I'm for "unchecked immigration" or not? In all honesty why would I give a shit? You should've asked me that back in Africa...

Timothy Janson - Hey I'm Swedish. The descendant of Vikings...we were here before all your asses.

Muhammad Rasheed - Were you? lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Confine your Eurocentric fictions to your own page, please. They are not wanted -- nor accepted as truth -- on mine. Thank you.

Timothy Janson - Well...i believe the first africans arrived in North America in 1619. The Vikings were here 600 years earlier.

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you aware that those "Olmec" stone heads (see sample above) are ancient beyond that? That the civilization that created them is gone so far in distant antiquity, that we have no way to test them other than the CLEAR very, very African features they boast?

I am unlikely to take the word of the Eurocentric as a final word on history when his bias against my people's history is legendary in its disrespect. Your scientist literally stepped over the more ancient, civilizing traces of the African in the New World, to dig around on the coast for the far more recent viking stuff to support his Eurocentric model of human history.

It should go without saying that I am unimpressed with this.

Muhammad Rasheed - In your research, were your li'l vikings building 500 ton statues and pyramids when they arrived, or were they desperately trying to figure out how they got so far off course from whatever poor sap they were planning to loot & pillage?

Timothy Janson - Well when find one of those in Maine or new hampshire or Newfoundland let me know.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol And that will prove...


Muhammad Rasheed - Let me hear it.

Timothy Janson - Look man. I tried. But you're angry about life in general. I won't condescend to you by saying i know how you feel because i never will. But you've decided that what you say is right. What I say is wrong. I've encountered too many who want to re-write history to please themselves. Have a good night and a good life.

Muhammad Rasheed - I've decided what I say is right while maintaining an open mind that there is someone who will come along and prove me wrong with a well thought out counter argument, forcing me to adjust my world view[s].

I think I've been very generous in welcoming all comers. Did you notice I am not one to resort to a "block first" policy when it comes to dealing with alternate views on social media?

Muhammad Rasheed - If you can prove that "White is right" beyond a shadow of a doubt, then allow the facts to stand as they may. But simply expecting me to blind faith BELIEVE that the Eurocentric model is true, just because ol' massa proclaimed it as such, fails to move me in any way, shape or form.

This primarily because the facts of history are on MY side, and unfortunately for my classic ideological opponent, he routinely brushes those facts under the rug, and thus is at a disadvantage. He genuinely has no idea how to process such information, you see, traditionally using a bullying, monopoly of thought approach to learning that excludes whatever he doesn't want to think about.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Timothy... (in response to your "But you're angry about life in general")  Video shows moments before North Miami Police shot unarmed man

Muhammad Rasheed -
White Supremacist Racists for Trump 2016!

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