Friday, July 15, 2016

Learning to Get Along One Bean Pie at a Time

Mandel Cheeks - Any brothers out their telling white women ALL LIVES MATTER just to stay in their good graces, should be ashamed of themselves. Compromising yourself like that for the booty is PITIFUL.  YEAH, I SAID IT!!

Muhammad Rasheed - DON'T JUDGE ME, FOOL!!!

Mandel Cheeks - Shut up and make my bean pies to go..Lol.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm...

...checking the work orders and I DON'T see your name though.

So NO bean pies for YOU, judgmental ass. (it's okay, whooty bae. he didn't mean it)

Mandel Cheeks - See..No love..

Muhammad Rasheed - WHATEVS!

Mandel Cheeks - Break me off a half n half..

Muhammad Rasheed - Send your payment up front. Me and Whooty Bae don't take credit "hook ups." #thatsWhatYouGet

Mandel Cheeks - I brought my own cup, what kinda joint you running

Muhammad Rasheed - What do you mean? This is the All Lives Matter Black-Fist Hotep Bean Pie Brougham Extravaganza Revolutionary Democratic for the People Store.*

Muhammad Rasheed - Inc.

Muhammad Rasheed - *"colored entrance in rear of store" ~the management; "power to the people!"

Mandel Cheeks - Wow

Muhammad Rasheed - Anyway, how do you want this bean pie, sir?

May I recommend the "Special?" It's our new "Green Bean Casserole" flavor (that's Whooty Bae's contribution to our diversified menu).

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