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Debunking the Debunking: Yes, the GOP is Racist

Muhammad Rasheed -

Kirb Brimstone - Debunking the "Parties Switched" Myth

Kirb Brimstone - Reagan switched parties in 1962.

Republican Party Platform in 1960:

"We pledge:
The Department of Justice will continue its vigorous support of court orders for school desegregation. Desegregation suits now pending involve at least 39 school districts. Those suits and others already concluded will affect most major cities in which school segregation is being practiced.

It will use the new authority provided by the Civil Rights Act of 1960 to prevent obstruction of court orders.

We will propose legislation to authorize the Attorney General to bring actions for school desegregation in the name of the United States in appropriate cases, as when economic coercion or threat of physical harm is used to deter persons from going to court to establish their rights.

Our continuing support of the President's proposal, to extend federal aid and technical assistance to schools which in good faith attempted to desegregate.

We oppose the pretense of fixing a target date 3 years from now for the mere submission of plans for school desegregation. Slow-moving school districts would construe it as a three-year moratorium during which progress would cease, postponing until 1963 the legal process to enforce compliance. We believe that each of the pending court actions should proceed as the Supreme Court has directed and that in no district should there be any such delay."

Kirb Brimstone - But you know... Internet memes.

Kirb Brimstone - Can you tell me when the parties switched?

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb, what do you believe you just corrected? Your link acknowledges that the KKK was birthed from the democrat party. And I pulled that quote from Reagan's 1988 RNC speech. So how is the meme inaccurate? Because of your Reagan worship?

Kirb Brimstone - Reagan left the Democratic Party for the Republican Party at a time when Republicans undoubtedly where the Civil Rights party. So it doesn't make any sense (if the implications of the meme are to be taken seriously) that Reagan left one party that only paid lip service to desegregation (after it had been written into law by Eisenhower). He supported Nixon who actually enforced desegregation (something JFK or LBJ never did).

I showed you what the Republican party platform was at that time. So Reagan decided to switch parties to a party that was actively trying to pass Civil rights law?

So the truth is Reagan switched parties for the reason he said he switch parties he felt the Democrats were too lenient on communists. Right or wrong that is why he switched. He feared that the Democrats would allow America to slide towards communism. If he was anti civil rights/anti-black the wise thing for him to do in1960's it support two senators who fought vigorously against civil rights in the Senate AKA JFK and LBJ (voted against Eisenhower's 1957 Civil Rights Act.)

Kirb Brimstone - My point is that the party switch is a myth that no historian subscribes to. It keeps being brought up on internet memes and comedy television shows (The Daily Show) but I've never heard a liberal tell me when this happened.

I don't like when people propagate lies in support of their agenda I don't like poorly researched opinions. You should know that by now.

Muhammad Rasheed - Wait, what part are you saying is the myth? That the Black community didn't move from GOP to Democrat?

Kirb Brimstone - Sure black people began moving towards to the Dem party since 1910. But that doesn't mean the Demo started championing black people or cut ties with the KKK.

Go back and listen to Malcolm X's speech 'Political Chumps' that I have posted to many times to count.

Maybe then you'll understand his frustration with black people supporting the Dems in '64.

He warned that JFK and LBJ (senators with anti-civil rights voting history) was only paying lip service to civil rights for votes.

That's why Nixon called JFK out on Civil rights in their debate.

Muhammad Rasheed - So you admit that Blacks DID switch parties, and that it wasn't a myth after all?

Kirb Brimstone - If the black community supporting a party is the indicator of that party being the civil rights party and the other party being against civil rights then do you believe that the Dems were the party of civil rights back in 1942? How about 1938? Black overwhelmingly voted Dem back then.

Muhammad Rasheed - The parties are run by the people. It doesn't matter what the parties' official mission statements and charters say, it's what work and goals the people themselves move the communities towards. The GOP isn't about their platform charter, they're about White male identity. If pro-Black people are the majority members of a given party, then yes, that party is now "pro-Black." The opposite is also true.

Muhammad Rasheed - Are there Whites in the Democratic party that hate Black people? Sure there are. But the GOP is overwhelmingly attracting racists and an anti-Black mindset.

That's not a myth.

Kirb Brimstone - Sigh. Okay Rasheed.

Muhammad Rasheed
- The Reviews Are In: Conservatives Say The DNC Was 'Disaster' For The GOP  #‎ImWithHer‬


Kirb Brimstone
- Everything that Trump says? Trump is a liberal who believes in centralized gov.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you really believe building a wall around the country to keep Mexicans out is a liberal item? Curious. Because that really sounds like what the GOP were fighting for before Trump even showed up.

Kirb Brimstone - Nope.

Kirb Brimstone - I do believe:

Trump believes in centralized government.

Trump supports Gov Healthcare.

Trump supported raising taxes.

Trump supported large-scale touchback amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Trump is running to Hillary’s left on trade.

Trump is pro-abortion

Trump supports Same-sex marriage.

Trump thinks it’s “wonderful” when the government seizes private property and gives it to powerful corporations.

Trump supports raising minimum wage.

Trump thinks George Bush deliberately lied about Weapons of Mass destruction.

I know some of this seems like things everyone believes given that you are yourself a liberal but these are not views held by conservatives.

With that said I wasn't talking about this. I was talking about the post I made on your gag "Reasons you should vote for Trump" article.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb Brimstone wrote: "Nope."

Is this a "Nope, I don't believe Trump's desire to build a wall to keep out Mexicans is a liberal item."

Or is it a "Nope, I don't believe Trump wants this."

Or is it a "Nope, the GOP never wanted this."

Or something else?

Kirb Brimstone - "Nope, I don't believe Trump's desire to build a wall to keep out Mexicans is a liberal item."

Kirb Brimstone
- Nor do I believe it's Trump's desire.

Flashback 2012: Trump Criticized GOP for Being 'Mean-Spirited' on Immigration

Muhammad Rasheed - Trump 2016 (*sigh*)


Kirb Brimstone - What I'm saying now is I don't believe him.

Muhammad Rasheed
- Well, what do you expect me to do with that belief?

Muhammad Rasheed
- His official stance on his official 2016 presidential campaign website confirms that he wants to build a wall to keep out Mexicans, but Kirb doesn't accept that.

And? Now what? What does that card do when you put it in play?

Kirb Brimstone - I know what Trump's official stance on immigration is I don't believe him.

Kirb Brimstone - [OPINION] "The Real Donald Trump Is Very Liberal" - Jewish Task Force News Site

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, your disbelief in his official policy means what? lol

Kirb Brimstone - It means what it means what what are you asking me?

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm asking you what do you expect me to do with the fact that you say you disagree with his official stance of these issues? What is that supposed to mean to me?

What do you expect me to do with that info? Kirb said: "Uh uh! I don't believe him!'"

Kirb Brimstone - With that said I wasn't talking about this. I was talking about the post I made on your gag "Reasons you should vote for Trump" article.

Kirb Brimstone
- Sigh c'mon Mo play along.

Muhammad Rasheed - This is a liberal? 

The Official Site of the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign 2016
Muhammad Rasheed - His whole platform is one big GOP conservative talking point folio. I have no idea what you are talking about calling him a liberal.

Kirb Brimstone - 15 Reasons Trump Is a Liberal — and a Lunatic Conspiracy Theorist

Muhammad Rasheed
- "National Review | Conservative News, Opinion, Politics, & Policy... Up-to-the-minute conservative commentary on politics, news, and culture."

Really? Wtf am I supposed to do with this link?

Kirb Brimstone - Read it.

Kirb Brimstone
- Just because it's conservative does not mean it's wrong that's confirmation bias and that's argumentum ad hominem.

Kirb Brimstone
- If you're going to judge you judge the fact that maybe conservatives know what a conservative is

Kirb Brimstone
- You're difficult to interact with MO. Nothing will convince you of anything you disagree with.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb Brimstone wrote: "If you're going to judge you judge the fact that maybe conservatives know what a conservative is"

The conservative party and their voters just chose Donald Trump to represent them.

You want me to read an opinion piece from people whose opinions I don't respect, and have yet to respect over anything, from someone I always disagree with while arguing with him over a point I already disagree with?

How 'bout you just pull what you consider the relevant bullets from this opinionated opinion piece commentary that you believe will prove your point?

Stephen Wilkinson
- "Liberal" is a talking word Conservatives use to describe behaviors they seek to disown or disavow.

Its like your parents looking at you and saying "Adopted"

Muhammad Rasheed
- but I AM adopted. :(

Muhammad Rasheed - *sob*

Stephen Wilkinson
- I wonder who should cry more! *wink*

Muhammad Rasheed
- *SOB!!*

Rick Drew -


David Scharenberg - If you call Santorum powerful...

Muhammad Rasheed - The "most powerful republicans in the country" couldn't defeat a Black guy who shared a middle name with the #1 9/11 suspect. I don't know what kind of "power" they were supposed to have.

The Donald just casually stepped over them.

Stephen Wilkinson - ^ THIS is why men have penises*

*To piss on Conservative retards like fire hydrants in spring!

Muhammad Rasheed - And she "cheated" by genuinely having more votes than Sanders, huh? I don't think the word "cheating" means what you think it means.

Rick Drew - Did you read the DNC emails? Or see how many times Sanders supporters had to protest and sue to have "errors" corrected? Or that an estimated four million ballots in Cali were never even counted?

Muhammad Rasheed - Clinton is a Democrat. Sanders is an Independent who played Democrat just for this adventure... no different than the diehard Libertarian Ron Paul played republican in the same game. The diehard democratic voting block outpointed Sanders' indie acolytes for a genuine non-cheating win.

Grow up, Rick.

Spencer Hughes - The media crushed weak opponents who couldn't defeat a pathological liar for the ratings for him. Now that the choice is between him and a viable candidate they're beginning to turn on the monster they created. Trump is nothing without his free media, just a Twitter account run amuck.

Michael Kuntz - He didn't crush very many powerful people.

Most of them were nobodies and all of them are idiots.

It's also important to note that he didn't do it with skill but the shit show that is his reality TV personality.

Muhammad Rasheed - White males: "I'm voting for him because he just makes SO much SENSE to me."

Word? lol

You're voting for him because he IS you.

Jay Mac - Dude, I just spit my soda out.

Stephen Wilkinson - ^ A bib is actually required for reading his page! ( there is a tiny disclaimer right in the lower left hand corner :D )

Lisa Stewart - Perfect. SMDH

Kirb Brimstone - Is undocumented code for illegal?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Yes, it's the new PC term.

Kirb Brimstone - Okay thank you.

Stephen Wilkinson - Actually "PEOPLE" cannot be "illegal"

Muhammad Rasheed - What??? Immigrants aren't people! #BuildTheWall

Kirb Brimstone - True. Immigration however, can be. That's why it's called illegal immigration not illegal people.

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh. I was trying to anticipate what you were going to say. My bad. hahaha

Kirb Brimstone - Are you talking about me? Muhammad Rasheed

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes.

Kirb Brimstone - Oh. Well that wouldn't make sense given that I'm the son of immigrants. That would be like saying my parents aren't people. I guess you don't know me very well.

Muhammad Rasheed - I vaguely remember something about "Phlorida," but I was focusing on the GOP perspective for my gag.

Kirb Brimstone - I don't know anyone in the GOP who says immigrants aren't people. So Ya that "gag" doesn't make sense anyway you slice it.

Kirb Brimstone - So basically you accused the son of immigrants of thinking immigrants aren't people. While attributing A View to a party that they don't actually hold. Great gag.

Kirb Brimstone - Ha ha I get it.

Muhammad Rasheed - See, I was making fun of the anti-PC part, the BuildTheWall part, and the dehumanizing Mexican immigrants because they don't fit the White Identity Politics party that the GOP has become part. It was a multi-layered gag. :)

Muhammad Rasheed - All of those layers are GOP talking point items, you see.

Kirb Brimstone - No it was just a poorly done gag and you got caught.

Muhammad Rasheed - You must practice "Kirby-ism" Republican politics. hahaha

Kirb Brimstone - No I practice illegal activity should be punished ism

Muhammad Rasheed - The people on the butt end of the gag usually don't think it's funny. Trust me I know. (i'm muslim!)l ;)

Muhammad Rasheed - The GOP only believes certain demographics should be punished for illegal activities (or fake illegal activities).

Muhammad Rasheed - That's another "Kirby-ism" demo.

Kirb Brimstone - Nah. That's your strawman. The problem is Dems don't understand the consequences of allowing and encouraging people to enter a sovereign nation illegally and how that affects those who are waiting to come into that same sovereign nation by agreeing to the rules and don't have the benefit of simply hopping a fence or walking across an invisible border.

Kirb Brimstone - Son of immigrants remember? I.e. all my family are immigrants or wish to be.

Kirb Brimstone - Actions have consequences.

Kirb Brimstone - But it's funny how you equated Immigrants with Illegal Mexican Immigrants. As if legal Mexican immigrants, Ethiopian immigrants, Jamaican Immigrants, Nigerian immigrants, Thia immigrants, Chinese immigrants, aren't "Immigrants."

Muhammad Rasheed - That's not a straw man. GOP White cops get off scot-free for killing Blacks all the time. The GOP is uninterested in fixing that "Good Ole Boy" club, and find justice distasteful when it is pointed at certain demographics. They prove this all the time.

I'm not a Democrat.

I don't care about the GOP's fake illegal immigrant boogieman fears while they don't care about White Supremacist infiltration of law enforcement. The GOP's fake concerns are a joke.

The USA is designed/built/cherished/nurtured by immigrants from the beginning. I 100% don't care about that issue. I never will. The concerns about it are fake & stupid.

Kirb Brimstone - There is nothing fake about a sovereign nation (like any sovereign nation has done through out history) regulating it's borders and being concerned about who they allow into it.

Muhammad Rasheed - I equated it with that, because the GOP only clutch their pearls over illegal immigrant issues when the arriving groups aren't supportive of White Supremacy Ideology. It's fake.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's fake when the ruling class only gets upset about it when it is non-whites doing the border crossing.

Muhammad Rasheed - I really don't care about it. The USA isn't harmed by immigration in any form, illegal or legal. It's definitely a fake issue.

Kirb Brimstone - Ya you're right. Asian, African and West Indian immigrants are perfect examples of supporting White Supremacy Ideology.

Kirb Brimstone - You know there whites in Mexico right?

Kirb Brimstone - If they are gonna be against immigration for racial reasons you'd think Africa and the West Indies would be a target, no?

Muhammad Rasheed - I know that the GOP leaders used to not care about it when the Hispanic community overwhelmingly voted Republican during the presidential elections, and flipped after they supported Obama's campaigns. Especially this last time. It's a fake issue. They are full of crap.

Muhammad Rasheed - Not if those groups are willing to assimilate, avoid the Black American "struggle" (politically) and help support the status quo.

Muhammad Rasheed - If they buy into that GOP nonsense, then they are welcomed.

Muhammad Rasheed - If they threaten the power balance, and provide a rival power bloc, they are vilified.

Kirb Brimstone - I'm over this. Your not good at arguing an issue. You spout non-sense and refuse to acknowledge your opponents points. Even when debating New Era or Stephen here you just go on wild tangents.

Muhammad Rasheed - I hope you don't expect me to pay you for your unsolicited critique?

Muhammad Rasheed - What was the point of it?

Muhammad Rasheed - Did you expect me to counter it by telling you how I feel about your own opinions, knowledge base, and communication style?

Kirb Brimstone - This the part where you declare victory because you frustrated the opposite away?

Kirb Brimstone - New Topic!

Muhammad Rasheed - If you get frustrated because I disagree with everything you said, and you fail to convince me why I should accept your opinions as valid, then you abandon the topic because of that same frustration... is that not a victory for me?

Stephen Wilkinson - Kirb Brimstone wrote: " I don't know anyone in the GOP who says immigrants aren't people. "

^ Willful ignorance

Kirb Brimstone - @Stephen Wilkinson... Is it? Well then since it is so obvious could you provide examples?

Kirb Brimstone - @Muhammad Rasheed... no I get frustrated at your inability to reason. Even on topics we agree on hence me invoking New Era and this new fellow.

Stephen Wilkinson - @Kirb Brimstone... reread the part I said about "willful ignorance", look up the "wilful" part as well.  Are you going to find THAT SPECIFIC PHRASE "immigrants aren't people. " coming from a specific member of the Gop?  Not without some difficulty, but you would be disingenuous to claim that THAT is not part and parcel of their messaging.  I will not debate, argue or provide proof when prompted of the existence of the Sun or the roundness of the Earth.

Kirb Brimstone - @Stephen Wilkinson... or actually the truth is I think you will not debate me because you cannot find an example of anyone from the GOP saying or implying that immigrants aren't people.  And thus cannot sustain your burden of proof. It's not my fault you took a ludicrous and indefensible position.  Now with that said are you interested in debating the existence of God yet or are you going to continue to duck me on that topic?

Stephen Wilkinson - duck you?  Again another vainglorious remark.

There is nothing to duck.  There is nothing less to debate!  There are people today in 2016, who believe the world is flat. I would not debate them either since I have no interest in educating them or glorifying their idiocy with the attention a 'debate' would provide.  For those "Lets debate the tooth fairy" arguments you seek, the endgame is already at hand.  "It is" ( ie. god ) is because I "believe it is" and that will be that. :P

Thus said, why "debate?"

* Note: do not take this articulated rejection as some kind of debate on the merits of your premise

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb Brimstone wrote: "@Muhammad Rasheed... no I get frustrated at your inability to reason."

You have the reputation of lacking the ability to build your own argument, and have always simply posted a link, expecting others to sit through a 2 hr YouTube clip of your pet guru dudes. When you do attempt to express your original thought it always creates a ten hr thread of miscommunication and confusion. In my experience, that only happens with you.

So I will go ahead and lay the "inability to reason" charge firmly at your feet, bud.

Kirb Brimstone - Dude I've read your other arguments and they all have the same complaint I do.

Kirb Brimstone - But you know what you're right I'm terrible at argumentation but I would love to talk to you over the phone. Maybe it allowed me to understand where you're coming from better and at the same time communicate with you better

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb Brimstone wrote:"Dude I've read your other arguments and they all have the same complaint I do."

So you're saying that the pagan-tainted Christian, the atheist, and the White racist all claim that I, the Black American believer in the One God of Abraham, refuse to accept their opinions as truth?

I'll accept that as a compliment, spunky.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb Brimstone wrote: "But you know what you're right I'm terrible at argumentation but I would love to talk to you over the phone"

I fucking HATE talking on the phone. Don't you think I would have done it by now if I didn't?

Muhammad Rasheed - My phone doesn't have international services anyway.

Kirb Brimstone - Sigh then I hope we meet one day.

Muhammad Rasheed - You live in that crazy ass Phlorida? I'm trying to figure out how you managed to avoid death by White cop.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not taking my family to JEB country.

Muhammad Rasheed - Move to a REAL state!

Stephen Wilkinson - Actually, Florida is Scott country, much worse than Jeb ever was :P

Muhammad Rasheed - ^See?!?!

Kirb Brimstone - @Stephen Wilkinson... let me know when you ready man.

Stephen Wilkinson - Ready for what?

What, did you do the operation already?? :D

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, look, Kirb:

Trump fans ignore Melania immigration issue — because ‘Europeans coming here’ is OK

Kirb Brimstone - Trump is a Rino and his fans are racists from both parties.

Muhammad Rasheed - The GOP is demonstrating in real time how they really honestly don't give a shit about the immigration issue as long as the immigrants are pro-White Supremacy.

Stop trying to recruit me into evil bullshit, please. Thanks.

Kirb Brimstone - GOP is the leadership and the establishment not some redneck you found.

Muhammad Rasheed - The GOP is the party most favored by influential racists and their redneck peasants. No, thank you.

Kirb Brimstone - The Democratic party is the party of influential races The GOP is the party of working class idiot races. The Democratic party is actually effectively culling our population.

Kirb Brimstone - The Democratic party is the party of influential races The GOP is the party of working class idiot racists at worst. The GOP ousted any sign of Overt racists. The Dems make excuses for their racists and maybe makes them pay lip service to a black "leader." Democratic party is actually effectively culling our population.

Kirb Brimstone - I'll let you have the last word on this topic we're already arguing about Islam and I'm writing up something that'll be my last and final word on some of the things that you've said repeatedly.

Muhammad Rasheed - There ARE racists among the Demos, just as there are Blacks in the GOP who focus with horse blinders at the ideals of the official mission charter. Both parties are big, with competing sub-ideologies and agendas within them, with more of those on the Demo side. The important part is that the bulk of the Black people are in that party, and currently, under the sitting POTUS' leadership, it is very pro-Middle Class and pro-Business, and pro-Education, in a way the GOP has only pretended to be. I see no value in the GOP at all.

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