Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Long-Overdue Formal & Consistent Accountability

Tee Rasheed - Every time a racist person has the nerve to say some mess about how they want a Black person to kill themselves or leave America, we need to screenshot that mess and send it to their employer and let them know that they are a negative reflection on that company.

That is how you boycott racist behavior. People wouldn't be so brave with their bigotry if it actually cost them something. Businesses care about their reputation.

Muhammad Rasheed -

Tee Rasheed - Darn right, free speech.

Muhammad Rasheed -

Tee Rasheed - Lmfao!

Tee Rasheed - Yeah, the constitution doesn't apply to us, frfr.

Nurah Rasheed - I wholeheartedly agree. I said something similar a few days ago. People shouldn't get to be racist pigs on their lunch break, then just go back to working with the public like it's no big deal. We need to show them that it is intolerable on every level. Hate has consequences.

Tee Rasheed - Let's make a commitment to this. This is the best boycott there can be because it is forcing the establishments to risk their reputations on the views of their employees.

Tee Rasheed - If it isn't institutional like you claim, then prove it.

Trisha Byh - Let's DO IT

Muhammad Rasheed -

Tee Rasheed - Lmfao

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