Saturday, July 23, 2016

From Bitter Party Rival to Vice President?

Muhammad Rasheed - Obama didn't choose Clinton as his VP either, followed by similar bitchin' & moanin'.

Before y'all go any further with all of that, can you show me the historical precedents where heated party rivals ended up choosing each other as presidential candidate and running mate?

Alan Groening - Sometimes it's on the cabinet but rarely is it the VP

Abdur Rasheed - Trump picked Cruz!

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, shit!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - Wait...

Muhammad Rasheed - No. I mean for real.

Muhammad Rasheed - Did it happen in like, the 1700s or something?

Abdur Rasheed - Well they are now best friends and he'll probably make him secretary of agriculture or nominate him for that open Supreme Court seat.

Muhammad Rasheed - None of that is VP though... >:(

Muhammad Rasheed - The following day at the Texas Republican delegation breakfast, Cruz defended his choice to not endorse Trump: "I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. That pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack Heidi, that I'm going to nonetheless come like a puppy dog and say, ‘Thank you very much for maligning my wife and maligning my father.'"

Muhammad Rasheed - I hope Trump DID ask him to be his VP, too. lol "I'll give you my answer at the convention, Buddy."

Abdur Rasheed - No wait! I had that wrong. It got so bad that Trump called Cruz's wife ugly and Cruz just gave a speech AT THE GOP CONVENTION and told everybody NOT to vote for Trump!

Cruz: "FUCK TRUMP'S BITCHASS!!! Hillary 2016!"

Then he and his wife dropped a smoke grenade and got the fuck out of there.

Cruz booed after refusing to endorse Trump

Never mind.

Maybe it's that 1700 thing.

Muhammad Rasheed - I already knew that.

This is a real question because of the complaints from the '08 Hillary-ites and the Sanders-ites now. Because if it happens ALL THE TIME! then maybe they have a legit bitch session. If not, then they can shut the hell up about it.

Abdur Rasheed - lol

That shit has never happened before.

Abdur Rasheed - *shrugs* They can shut the hell up anyway.

Muhammad Rasheed - YOU!!!

Abdur Rasheed - Huh?

Muhammad Rasheed - Wait... sorry.

Muhammad Rasheed - hahaa

Muhammad Rasheed - I thought you were someone else.

Abdur Rasheed - I thought I was going somewhere.

Alan Groening - ME!!!!!!

Abdur Rasheed - I'm more concerned about Trumps pivot toward the "Law and Order Candidate."

Ordinarily I would just dismiss Trumps suck hole noise as more incoherent bullshit not based in reality, but this raises some questions if you look at all of the facts.
  1. Trump is tight with the white supremacy groups. They know that he is as close as they will come to a mainstream national politician. 
  2. He keeps lying and saying that the black lives matter movement kills cops in a loop. Everyone knows that when stupid people hear the same tripe 5 times in a row it becomes a truthiness. 
  3. He keeps saying that crime is running rampant especially in the inner cities and he will be the "Law and Order" president. 
  4. Why in the blue fuck would a sitting President of the United States concern himself with local crime especially when crime is at a 30 year low?
He JUST started this "Law and Order" bullshit.

Muhammad Rasheed - Alan, you better not be trying to work up the nerve to pull one of your "thought police" moves on me. I've noticed that your presence has conspicuously increased on my Timeline in the last couple of hours.

Do NOT start telling me what I can or can't say on my own wall based on how the current socio-political climate is falling on me. Final warning. I'm serious.

Alan Groening - Dude I didnt

Muhammad Rasheed - BETTER NOT.

Alan Groening - I am sorry about last time dude

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay. Just so we're on the same page.

Alan Groening - We are

Muhammad Rasheed - I've been itching to cuss somebody out, getting almost jealous at the NERVE some people have on my sisters' Timelines.

Muhammad Rasheed - I wish a motherfucka WOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Groening -  :(

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm back.

What did you say, Abdur...?

Abdur Rasheed - I'm scared.



Alan Groening -  :D

Alan Groening - @Muhammad... I still wanna continue the FAT BATMAN war again, remember fat-Bat?

Muhammad Rasheed - Who did the last Fat-Bat vs Fat Batman toon?

Alan Groening - @Muhammad Rasheed... ah hell i dunno...

Muhammad Rasheed - I'll find it. Stand by...

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) David Duke said he wasn't ALL in for Trump, but he agreed that Trump's semi-racist platform would be good strategy for them.

2.) That's why the Democrat acceptance of that "Killary" shit that the GOP has had on a loop pisses me off. If the blue candidate isn't a Rock Star, then the Dem's can be lackadaisical at the polls, and the GOP knows that shit. Keeping their base fired up JUST ENOUGH to beat the diehard Democratic voters is all they need to make the Dem's give away the White House like idiots.

3.) "SUPERPREDATORS II: Elephant Bulldozer"

4.) Because his base feels that crime is a Black monopoly, and he's supported by anti-Black racism, so...


Muhammad Rasheed - Trump's version of "Law & Order"

William Satterwhite - Reagan-HW Bush

Honestly that's the only one I can think of, at least on the winning side*. Even here I'm not sure how bitter a campaign Reagan and Bush had.

*The caveat here is its only a relatively recent phenomenon for Presidential candidates to solely choose their running mates.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Then why are they getting so MAD about it? Like there's a thousand years of examples and they were snubbed. hahaha

William Satterwhite - Because they're stupid and don't understand how things work. Same reason why some people are mad at Obama for not having snapped his fingers and solved all the world's problems.

Muhammad Rasheed - Bush was the last man standing on the GOP side before Reagan went after Carter?

Muhammad Rasheed - Even though Bush referred to Reagan's economic plans as "voodoo," their relationship during the primaries was still professional, and never got petty and mean-spirited. It's possible that they were actually friends at that point. Although...

...everyone acted really surprised that he chose Bush! Like REEEALLY surprised! Which gives me a clue as to how full of shit the butthurt over not choosing Hillary/Bernie was/is.

Chris Suess - ummm... second place used to end up VP until 1804... that dude was literally from the opposite party for those Presidents.

Regan and Bush didn't get along... at all.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1804 was a loooong time ago for people to be mad that Obama and Hillary didn't pick their rivals.

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