Monday, July 25, 2016

Before Your Eyes: Trumpster Self-Indoctrination

Chris Suess - Breaking: Hillary Clinton's strange convulsions during interview - tries to play it off

Chris Suess - Clearly some brain or nerve damage... think twice before getting on the ‪#‎VagVote‬ train.

Muhammad Rasheed
- I saw the full thing. She was just mocking the rush of questions that they all tried to pile on her in the second before. Whoever grabbed the snipped clip just tried to make it into something weird for you all's sites.

Chris Suess - Sure. Either answer not particularly presidential

Muhammad Rasheed - She showed her sense of humor. POTUS' are allowed to have that, Chris.

Chris Suess - But when trump mocked someone it wasnt ok?

Muhammad Rasheed - There were times when he did similar light mocking over silly, mundane items in the moment like Hillary did, and it was okay. Then there were the more unfortunate times when he created the divisive, racist, sexist climate we are currently in -- where David Duke himself said he supports Trump for strategy -- that WEREN'T okay.

Chris Suess
- I think if it is mocking as you xlaim it is indicative of how well she regards the pissheads. For someone that stages as many shots as she does it doest smell right. Thats interesting that a democrat like duke likes trump. Seems to confirm my belief that he isnt really very conservative.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're looking at it through the lens of the website's clip editing. If you saw what really happened... with the several press members stumbling over themselves to shout questions at her all at once, with her resulting teasing as if the barrage was actually physically shaking her... you'd perhaps understand better that it wasn't a big deal at all.

If anything the "RedStateWatcher" editing demonstrates just how dangerous that heavily-biased media manipulation can really be.

Muhammad Rasheed
- Tell me the Top Three items that make David Duke a Democrat, please.

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