Monday, July 25, 2016

Believing the Enemy's Narrative

Tee Rasheed - If you had a choice between anyone but Clinton or Trump, would you vote for someone else?

Marilyn N. Crowe - Bernie

Tee Rasheed - Since Bernie isn't an option anymore, would you vote for someone else if you had another option?

Muhammad Rasheed - It depends on if the 3rd option would:

  1. have an actual chance of winning, and I wouldn't be tossing my voice into the wind
  2. support/make permanent all of the Obama Admin initiatives.

Rickie Smathers - Honestly at this point don't feel like voting

Tee Rasheed - It seems like people feel like voting for anyone else other than those two evil people would be the equivalent of not voting at all because their votes won't count.

Tee Rasheed - I personally don't understand why no one else would be considered just because Clump was chosen by dems and repub. I guess I am having a hard time understanding why we limit ourselves, even at a time that is so dire, to the worst choices ever when we have no idea who the other candidates are.

Muhammad Rasheed - This is why it would be like throwing your vote into the wind:

Muhammad Rasheed - The total number of diehard "Will vote Demo NO MATTER WHAT!!! YEAH!!! GO BLUE TEAM!!!" is just under the total numbers of their GOP counterparts. So if the wishy-washy Demo voters joined forces with the independents, their numbers won't be strong enough to get a 3rd party candidate in office because the GOP true believers have the greatest over-all voting bloc. It's just numbers.

Tee Rasheed - *groans*

Tee Rasheed - Liiiiiiiessss.... But whatever lol.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Tee Rasheed - Politics are bs. We're still pushing agendas of other people under the guise that there will be something in it for us. We're fueling our own demise and being used in the most overt ways. I am really trying my best not to feel hopeless. I am certainly leaving this place as soon as humanly possible. I can't imagine having to take much more of this nonsense and see people still creating this idea that it is legit and believing these "parties" will do what they say. We're being used.

Tee Rasheed - It's the most frustrating thing in the world to watch. Surrounded by hate, can't even play Pokemon GO carefree without the real danger of being shot on sight, it's just insanity. I have no faith in this thing at all. And if I don't vote? Then what? Effing Hillary might not the eff be president? Jebus!

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not a Democrat myself, so it took some research for me to decide to jump on the Obama train. I was moved by his campaign vision and agreed to trust him with my vote. To my surprise he ended up defending against and fighting for some items that were dear to my heart, that I thought I would never see (it turns out it was easy for him to do as a Moderate). In addition, I watched his pro-Middle Class plans to fix the destruction caused by NAFTA -- with a combo of Common Core, College Loan Reform, the 100,000 Tech Jobs initiative, and his part of the TPP -- come to fruition with awe, as it was genuinely brilliant, and from his heart.

Now I'm sorry to see him go, glad that I voted for him and supported him, and want only that the next POTUS doesn't fuck up his achievements before we can benefit from them as a nation and as a people.

Tee Rasheed - I've been hearing this "tossing my vote into the wind" stuff a lot. People don't want Clump, but they don't want to vote for anyone else either.

Muhammad Rasheed - This is the same scenario that preceded George W. Bush becoming POTUS the first time. A lackadaisical Democratic voter, who was unmotivated for whatever reason to get out and vote against the main GOP opposition, either didn't vote at all, or gave their vote to Ralph Nader, preventing the diehard Demo voters from being able to cinch the White House victory.

If it happens again it will be even worse than it was the last time. Trump hasn't been shy about courting the racist vote, and not voting for Hillary will be insane.

Rickie Smathers - @Muhammad Rasheed... after reading your comment I'll make sure I vote

Tee Rasheed - What a sad state of affairs. The banks choose the candidates and the American people choose their demise. :(

Muhammad Rasheed - The Obama Administration had a clear and aggressive vision for building up the Middle Class, and I need a democrat in office that will support those historic initiatives. Since he actually partnered with the Clinton family on many of those items, I can count on Hillary to secure the Obama Agenda, and also make those Executive Orders permanent.

And I certainly DON'T want a Republican in office who will take credit for the Obama initiatives that we won't actually feel the effects of for another couple of years.

Tee Rasheed - I don't know. I just hear too much contradictory information.

Muhammad Rasheed - Like what?

Tee Rasheed - Ugh don't make me do that. I will write a note on it or something. I will be writing all night lmao

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Just give me two examples.

Tee Rasheed - Okay... argh...

Number one, there isn't really a middle class at all to build up. The term "middle class" is even being filtered out of everyday political language: Why the Term "Middle Class" Is Meaningless Today

Number two, Hillary is owned by bankers. She isn't going to do anything favorable for our economy because she literally can't. She will serve to compound America's problems because of her secret squirrel, opportunist nature. Whatever good that did occur for the economy under her husband's presidency just happened to be a series of events that just happened to work out well by the end of his term, not something he contributed to directly.

Muhammad Rasheed - When I said "a clear and aggressive vision for building up the Middle Class," it was referring to the gutting that socio-economic class took after NAFTA was implemented, and all of our manufacturing plants were shipped overseas. Combined with inflation, what the median income brings in today isn't what it was during the golden age of the Middle Class era, when the automobile plants were king. Obama's plan will return the high income lifestyle to us through the skilled tech industry, which will also bring manufacturing along back with it, through Asian nation partnerships. At first it will be mostly immigrant driven, until the next generations -- empowered by Common Core math/science mastery and the College Loan Reform in Obamacare -- enter the markets and compete, making America a world leader in science/tech once more. The Middle Class will return with a vengeance, and it will be glorious.

Second, the political talking points are pulling away from the term "middle class" just because the new income disparities based on the gutting of the Middle Class has created a very real class warfare situation (It's what the Occupy Movement was about), and the politicians call themselves being sensitive to it, and changing the language. They are still talking about the same group though, semantic back-flips aside.

During the Clinton Administration, the president worked closely with the Fed Chair Alan Greenspan to put together a plan to get the deficit down in a very deliberate fashion. What was MOST interesting about that partnership to me, was the fact that before Greenspan was chosen to be the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, he was VERY anti-fiat, and VERY pro-gold standard. As acting Fed Chair during Bill's '90s, he deliberately made the interest rates mimic the performance of gold and advised the POTUS how to work the system to bring down the deficit the way he did. Then as soon as he stepped down as Fed Chair, he immediately flipped right back to being VERY anti-fiat, and VERY pro-gold standard. It is not insignificant that Obama worked closely with the Clintons in many of his own initiatives and battles. For example, he removed the big banks as middle men in the college loan process... a policy built within Obamacare and the REAL reason why the GOP hates the shit out of it... and he has protected the free markets under his watch from predator corporate cartels/monopolies, which directly aids the consumers and small business.

I expect Hillary to keep the momentum going. It's not impossible that she would do some dirty shit once she's in, but from the data analysis (not the talking head political gab) it doesn't seem likely.

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