Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vilifying Justice: The GOP's Smear Campaign Against BLM

Gary McCoy - I'm conflicted about my table mate at the coffee shop where I'm working.

Out of all the ultra-liberal stickers adorning his laptop, he's got a prominent "ENO" sticker- obviously a shout-out to Glenn's 'The Duplex' comic strip (of which I'm honored to have been given the reigns), and just below that, a sticker of my childhood crush: Elly May Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies.

I'm betting we can hug this thing out.

Muhammad Rasheed - Does "ultra-liberal stickers" mean that moderate conservatives don't think Black Lives Matter? Asking for a friend.

Gary McCoy - Muhammad, of course I think black lives matter. So much so that donate regularly to my local Pregnancy Care Center and am for closing Planned Parenthood.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) I'm pretty sure your local Pregnancy Care Center only services Filipinas and White women.

2.) As a practicing Muslim, and a militant African-American, I agree with you on the abortion thing. You're preaching to the choir on that.

3.) Should I consider your snarky comment response to be a formal agreement that you don't think Black lives matter? Tell me.

Gary McCoy - I'm trying hard to find the "snarky" part of my comment, but am not seeing it. Perhaps you should add "hyper-sensitive" to your aforementioned bio. It's fair to say that a large percentage of those who are helped at the pregnancy care center or black women and children. It's called demographics.

Have you seen the out-of-wedlock birthrate among the black community? I'm not thrilled by it either.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm curious as to where you believe you think you saw the birthrate numbers.

Was it on one of Sandy's FB meme placards? Drawn in crayon?

Muhammad Rasheed - The 'snark' was the fact that you responded to the direct question with a deflection. That of course gave the impression that it's okay for White cops to kill innocent Blacks because there's abortion going on somewhere. That's a logical fallacy btw.

Gary McCoy - Where did I find the birthrate numbers? Did you really intentionally throw me that hanging curve ball?

Gary McCoy - I gave no impression that it's okay for white cops to kill innocent blacks, any more than you gave the impression that it's okay for blacks to kill cops sitting idly in their squad car parked on a NY city street.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your graph says it was compiled using 2008 data in 2012. Would it interest you at all to discover that the 2015 updated report showed a dramatic decrease from the '90s to 2013-14, and in fact a steady decreasing trend in general?

Muhammad Rasheed - is one of the Koch Boys' anti-Black political cells, of course. Naturally they wouldn't want you to know that there had been a dramatic decrease in the very data they are trying to blow up out of proportion (in the other direction) to justify their anti-Black agenda.

Table A. Birth rates for women aged 10-19,
by age and race and Hispanic origin of mother:
United States, 1991, 2007, 2013, and 2014

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary McCoy wrote: "I gave no impression that it's okay for white cops to kill innocent blacks..."

Meanwhile that's 100% the impression moderate conservatives leave when they respond to "Do Black lives even matter to you?" with: "But what 'bout dem there 'bortions an' black-own-black crimes???"

Gary McCoy - I like how you switch to "uneducated white hillbilly" lexicon when speaking as a white person. Should I start using ghetto ebonics when depicting black thoughts?

Muhammad Rasheed - Do it.

Gary McCoy - I ain't gonna axe you any mo' questions. There. Feel better?

Muhammad Rasheed - Deflecting from the BLM cause to reference abortions and black-on-black crime as if it justifies White cop brutality is pretty "uneducated white hillbilly" to me.

You disagree?

Gary McCoy - So, you're talking "trends" in out of wedlock births now? I thought we were just talking facts. Which demographic has the higher rate? Thank you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Psh. I don't even talk like that.


You listen to too much H. Stern. lol

Gary McCoy - No blacks I personally know say that. They say "ask".

Muhammad Rasheed - The facts demonstrate that the unwed birth rate among that very demographic has been dropping like crazy, with a HUGE drop during the Obama Era. That's significant.

Gary McCoy - I'm sure Obama deserves all the credit.

Muhammad Rasheed - No Blacks I know have ever said it and I'm from inner-city Detroit.

A lot of whites doing their Black impression say it though (see: H. Stern).

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you listen to his show?

Gary McCoy - You can't deny some say it that way. Just as some whites say "dem". There are those whose speech is formed by their environment and educational level.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, if I've personally never heard them do it, but whites doing their golden age "Amos n Andy" impression do it, WHY would I not deny that Blacks say it that way?

Gary McCoy - No, I don't listen to Stern. He's below my level.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's just a shitty impression from you folk. Stop.

Muhammad Rasheed - "axe...?" smh

Muhammad Rasheed - I know y'all are proud of your Black impressions.

Just like I do a mean "a-ding-dang-doo" hillbilly one. ;)

Gary McCoy - Gotta run. It's almost noon in the midwest. I gotta an 8 year-old due at summer camp soon.

Muhammad Rasheed - Have fun! Catch ya next time.

Mark Hitsman - Conservative do believe black.lifes matter not the terrorist organization

Muhammad Rasheed - Just the fact that moderate conservatives consider a group advocating for less poltice brutality towards Blacks to be "terrorists" means they don't think Black Lives Matter.

Mark Hitsman - No it's what they do and how they do it that we call them terrorist

Muhammad Rasheed - What do they do and how do they do it from your POV? Tell me, please.

Muhammad Rasheed - Considering what BLM groups are advocating for, doesn't that make the Fraternal Order of Police terrorists themselves based on your measurement?

Muhammad Rasheed - Honestly, I haven't seen any YouTube clips of innocent cops that BLM members killed, so I'm having problems wrapping my mind around this 'terrorist' label moderate conservatives are using.

Muhammad Rasheed - Please explain.

Mark Hitsman - Come on very few ppl that get killed by cops are inocent,but as your name I see you won't ever get over the poor me attitude ppl get killed by police because they cause it

Muhammad Rasheed - So you believe Blacks deserve to be killed by cops just because they are Black? Their skin color alone means they deserve it?

Is this the official moderate conservative stance?

Mark Hitsman - Not what I said and more white are killed by cops then black black thugs put there self's in position that get them killed by police but wouldn't matter to you

Muhammad Rasheed - Is THAT post the official moderate conservative stance, Mark?

Mark Hitsman - No I speak for myself

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm asking only because it's pretty much the sum total of everything I think about the [admittedly negative] White conservative's opinion of Black people.

Even after everything I know about your group, it's still kind of a "wow" moment even reading it.

Mark Hitsman - Seeno comment on more whites are killed by cops then black but more crimes are committed by black that's not me that FBI ststs

Muhammad Rasheed - Whites tend to savagely attack a lot of cops. I don't know if they ALL do it from their weird "patriotic" stance though (see: Cliven Bundy's cult), or if they do just because they are White thugs with a death wish.

Muhammad Rasheed - Even though you may be technically 'speaking for yourself,' you sure did get a whole lot of high-fives from your moderate conservative peers while speaking it. Curious.

Mark Hitsman - Same as black and you should be more concerned about your own ppl killing each othet

Mark Hitsman - I seen no high five what you looking at

Muhammad Rasheed - "More concerned" compared to what? BLM is one group focusing on police brutality, while there are numerous other groups focused on inner-city crime in Black communities. What does the one have to do with the other, or why does the presence of one makes you willfully blind to the other?

Mark Hitsman - No blm are starting volence against whites and in some places that wouldn't fly,

Muhammad Rasheed - Did you know that the homicide rates in the Black community had been steadily dropping in the last 10 years, while police brutality had been going up? It's true.

Yet, the moderate conservative keeps saying the one that is dropping should be more of a focus to the people who are being attacked by their cops. Why is that, Mark?

Muhammad Rasheed - You believe that BLM are instigating violence against Whites? Why do you think that?

Mark Hitsman - Yet the murders are caused by more black only a fraction is caused by police and I mean .00 somthing

Mark Hitsman - Because they are I just seen article today

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you saying this because you think it's okay for White cops to attack Black youth? Are you using this false statistic as a misdirection technique?


Muhammad Rasheed - What "article," Mark?

Mark Hitsman - I wasn't anti black I only said statistics

Mark Hitsman - Remember what I said I believe black life's matter but when they bring hell to themself they have to handle the heat

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) You didn't cite any statistics, you just said stuff and pretended it was real.

2.) Why do you think trouble in the inner cities means it's okay for White cops to brutalize innocent Black youth?

Mark Hitsman - All the stats I put out we're FBI stats

Mark Hitsman - You saying it over and over again isn't gonna make it true ,doing something or saying something over and over again and think it's gonna change the situation is true meaning of craziness

Muhammad Rasheed - Post the FBI link to back up your statement, Mark, otherwise you're just blowing hot air.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol At no point did I ever expect to change your mind. I know that anti-Black rhetoric is dear to your heart. For whatever reason. Only God has the power to change your heart away from evil.

Mark Hitsman - I didn't say I was anti black I'm anti criminal white black red yellow I don't care ,I have to carry a gun because the world is so unsafe to protect my family and I don't need to post the stat you know them just as well as anyone ,your just so racist you won't knowledge them

Muhammad Rasheed - All of your posts here have expressed an anti-Black position, Mark. You don't have to say it. You equate "Black" with "criminality" the way you all always do. 

So you believe I'm racist because I don't want White cops slaughtering my people, huh? That's an interesting perspective.

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