Monday, July 17, 2017

The Mayweather versus McGregor Fight

Muhammad Rasheed - Here's my opinion of the upcoming super crossover event:
  1. The Great White Hope
    McGregor is the latest in a long line of ‘Great White Hopes.’ That is why his rise to popularity in the UFC spurred the White combat sport fans to speculate about him being able to take down the African-American Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who infuriated them for daring to match Marciano’s 49–0 record.
  2. Tale of the Tape
    The raw stat numbers predict a Floyd Mayweather, Jr. win 99.99% of the time. What do we know?

    a) - Floyd is a boxing prodigy who's been trained in the sport since he was a small child, similar to Tiger Woods' upbringing except Floyd had TWO master-level boxing close relatives training him (in two OPPOSING boxing styles!) instead of Tiger's one.
    b) - McGregor has only ever dabbled a bit in amateur boxing as a lad, and carried none of those skills over with him when he entered the MMA world. In training for this match with the undefeated, pound-for-pound world champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr., he's literally starting all over from scratch.
    c) - Despite the skewed opinions of the casuals, McGregor is only the aggressor on the mic. In the octagon, he's actually a counter-puncher similar to Floyd, and baits/allows you to make a move so he can throw a shot behind it. McGregor will never out counter-punch Floyd.
    d) - If his corner actually trains him into being the aggressor, and actually has him pressing forward to pressure Floyd, then McGregor will only mimic the style that 100% favors Floyd's core defensive style. In such a case, you may realistically see a repeat of the Mayweather vs Hatton fight, except condensed into less than a minute long.
    e) - In some of his fights against notoriously powerful, but relatively inexperienced opponents with huge punching power (like Canelo specifically), Floyd has shocked the fight fans by actually staying in the pocket and mixing it up with them. He did this after a brief feeling out stage to see if the other fighter was fast/good enough to penetrate his defense and score with any reliability to concern Floyd. After satisfying himself that he was still well ahead of his opponent's skill level, he took more ‘risks’ and actually stayed within range to deliver his unnervingly accurate right hand leads over and over again. McGregor's rudimentary level boxing skills will not be a threat to Floyd in any way, and the pound-for-pound champ will probably be able to assess exactly how McGregor will match up just by looking at his fighting stance and how his hands are being held alone. McGregor will NOT be able to keep Floyd from hitting him at will, while the famous shoulder-roll move all by itself would frustrate McGregor, that is IF Floyd even allowed him to have an offense.
  3. A Puncher’s Chance
    Even though the ‘Tale of the Tape’ predicts a horrendously humiliating beating for McGregor at the hands of the pound-for-pound boxing champ, boxing is exciting because you can’t 100% predict what will happen; if the stats were THAT accurate, then there wouldn’t be any Vegas gambling odds. McGregor is in great shape, is half Floyd’s age, is very confident, and could get to be the single luckiest human being on earth for just that brief amount of time he needs to be. Fights always have that li’l tinge of the unknown that makes them very exciting. You just never know.
  4. Let’s Get It Over With Already
    I really don’t care about the little fight promo tour. I’m tired of the talking; if I could fast-forward to the main event then I definitely would. A big part of why I feel that way is because I know that Floyd isn’t a match for the quick-witted McGregor on the mic (who probably has a little bit of stand-up comedy talent), so I’m not interested in seeing the champ get bested in that way. All I’m interested in is celebrating Floyd’s new 50–0 (final!) retirement record. The other reason why I want to hurry and get this thing over with, is because I’m sick and tired of the retarded, uninformed opinions of the casual fans who somehow believe that the only two possible outcomes are Floyd getting knocked out, or going the 12 round distance with an opponent who learned how to box YESTERDAY!!! wtf…?!
  5. Kellerman’s Prediction
    Expert boxing analyst and long-time fight fan Max Kellerman is all about the ‘Tale of the Tape’ stats, and predicts that horrendously humiliating beating for McGregor. I want Kellerman to be 100% correct with every fiber in my soul. I want Floyd to beat the crap out of McGregor for the first half of round one, and then knock him out for an incredibly embarrassing stumble-around-the-ring before he falls to the canvass in a red-faced, swollen, lumpy-headed, bloody heap after one more good, definitive 3-shot combo from Floyd. Then I want Floyd to run across the ring, fall to his knees, and act like he’s giving thanks to God for a hard won victory like it was the hardest fight of his life, with fake crying, etc.
  6. McGregor Earned this Super-Fight
    I disagree with the butthurt complaints of all the boxing purists (Dela Hoya, Teddy Atlas, etc.) who’ve whined about whether McGregor has earned this shot at Mayweather’s crown since this will be his first professional boxing match. No matter how I feel about totally wanting this latest Irish ‘Great White Hope’ to get demolished on 26 Aug, I cannot deny that McGregor has worked extremely hard in his chosen profession, and rose to the top into the arms of his well-earned glory. He did what he had to do to reach the top of his personal game, and he has reaped the rewards of it. He’s received the respect (and dollars) of the racist White fans who pin all their ‘Great White Hope’ dreams on him, of Floyd who has decided to take him seriously as the threat he pretends to be, of the media who are more than happy to ride the hype machine, and of the UFC and boxing suits who helped Floyd make the fight happen. It doesn’t matter whether the event will actually be competitive or not, what matters is that McGregor performed the way he needed to perform to capture the attention of the public to become as rich and famous as he dreamed of becoming. In that sense alone, he has definitely earned all of this money, as well as his little asterix-footnote in combat sport history.
  7. “Will this be Good for Boxing?”
    This is actually a dumb question. Casual fan outsiders who ask this seem to be under the impression that the only boxing matches that happen are the ones they hear about, and of course that's ridiculous. This thing doesn't have anything to do with "boxing." There's "boxing matches" that happen all the time, and then there are the "big events" that happen a whole lot less frequently. When they DO happen – Johnson vs Jeffries, Tunney vs Dempsey II, Ali vs Frazier I, that time when Felix Trinidad was trying to beat up the top dog in EVERY weight division, Jones vs Tarver II, Mayweather vs Pacquiao – then casual fans show up to hang out at the bar and eat Cheetoes® and pizza and it's a party, and they rarely even know what they are looking at. This question is stupid because if there isn’t an over-hyped PARTY around the match then the casuals are NOT GOING TO WATCH IT! Casual fans have never enjoyed boxing. Ever. They just show up for the event, and the lights, and pray that there's an ignorant, throw-caution-to-the-wind slug match. If it's a technical chess match of high-level skill then they actually get mad(!), so who cares what the casuals think? The "sport" isn't for them anyway. If you ask a casual what is the purpose of the ‘jab,’ they can’t tell you. So how is the opinion of someone like that going to be good for boxing? That's why Butterbean's 'Toughman Competition' show was invented, and as soon as those guys started actually learning how to REALLY fight so they’d have a better chance at winning the prize money, the casuals got bored and stopped watching that, too (then they promptly switched to ‘drunken hobo fights’ on YouTube where their REAL interests lie). Even in the UFC, the casuals hate really technical, high-level skilled matches, and just want to see the flash and gore (‘ground-n-pound’). The ‘casual fan’ is the very definition of the ‘fair weather friend.’ What prevents him from upgrading into true fandom? Why it is no less than an appreciation for the body of training, skills, rules, and fight strategies that make boxing what it is! The casual fan hates everything that enabled the talented and superbly-trained Floyd to accomplish what he has accomplished, but they sure enjoy showing up for the big event parties. lol It’s an insult to refer to them as “fans” at all! So you think that getting these folk to show up for the party – that they use to project their emotional fantasies about what they imagine boxing should be about – is actually good for the sport that they actually have zero interest in otherwise. GTFOOH!

    Sports don't suffer or grow at the whims of the people who really don't care what they are looking at, and the opinions of the casual fans are literally garbage. All they are good for is when the marketing department manipulates them into buying tickets for the next event. I guarantee the Mayweather vs McGregor *EVENT!* is the best thing that ever happened to the casual boxing/MMA fans since the hype machine leading up to the Jack Johnson versus Jim Jeffries “fight”, because they don't really care about the skills involved and obviously neither does the event itself.  Trust that this is 100% all emotion-driven fantasy for the casual fans, and the ‘sport of boxing’ will be just fine with or without it.
Gonçalo Megos - Why did you make this about race? Absurd dude

Muhammad Rasheed - It was already about race, son. I merely commented on it.

Mario Kurac - I’m not sure about this race thing. I know as much white people supporting Mayweather than black people supporting Mcgregor.

Muhammad Rasheed - How do you know?

Mario Kurac - Because I see it in my social circle. All my white friends hate Mcgregor because he is an arrogant prick, and prefer Mayweather because at least he has results to back up his mouth.And I have tons of black friends who like Mcgregor because they like the way he doesn’t care what anyone think of him ….

Muhammad Rasheed - So within your own social circle, you estimate that the white/black ratio is about even, so you think that translates across the entire national population of fight fans?

Jim Yelly - Excellent take on the fight, I agree with everything you said except to white hope part. I don't think that is what is going on.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol The “Great White Hope” dream is never late, Jim, and it defines all the unreasonable hate Floyd has received. Racism is 70% of the boxing industry.

Jim Yelly - I would argue that much more of the hate is due to “Money” Mayweather’s lack of humility and how boring non boxers find his fights.

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile, Whites adore McGregor for his vulgar lack of humility, while Floyd has been notably calmer, more thoughtful, and more humble in his public appearances since his “Pretty Boy” days, and especially compared to Conor’s performance now. This of course showcases the obscene double standard and hypocrisy that crawls along the surface film of the very racism you seek to deny here.

btw, the “Money” moniker reflects a lack of creativity more than any perceived lack of humility, since his former slave owner/handler refused to allow him to take the “Pretty Boy” brand with him when Floyd broke loose from the contract.

Hey, don’t you think it odd that Floyd flaunting his wealth generates so much pure hatred from Whites considering that it is the White race that controls the vast majority of wealth and resources in Western society? Why do you think that is? Why do you think Floyd’s textbook American Dream success story actually makes his fellow Americans *HATE* him this way? Tell me.

Rudi De Villiers - lots of white hate this and that. justify it. some very broad brush strokes you have there. perhaps you should not throw stones from a glass house

Muhammad Rasheed - There happens to be a lot of "Whites hate this and that" going on in the world. Please control your people. Thanks, buddy.

Rudi De Villiers - go McGregor!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you think witnessing yet another over-confident Great White Hope get humiliated will control your people? Curious.

Rudi De Villiers - no... actually I was rooting for Floyd as I am a boxing fan. the whole fight actually stinks as it is insulting for the sport of boxing and imho just another showboating money draw fight with antics closer related to WWE than boxing. I weighed up skill. you made it about race.

Muhammad Rasheed - It was always about race. I merely pointed it out.

Why do Whites behave as if not mentioning “racism” in conversation magically means they don’t afflict it upon the world? This is literally as immature as when a child thinks he’s invisible by closing his eyes. Please control your people. Thanks, buddy.

Fight Hub TV - [VIDEO] Conor McGregor talks crazy work ethic, & making $100 million range & getting what he's owed

xsgtcrazyx - Mcgregor is like Trump. Everyone doubted him to win...then he won.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Mcgregor is like Trump. Everyone doubted him to win...then he cheated."


Ngaru Nen - Haha nice try buddy, the election was rigged. Unless this fight is rigged, Conor Mcgregor will lose.

xsgtcrazyx - @Ngaru Nen... where is the evidence. Even cnn faked the Russia voting hack story. Search it up.

Muhammad Rasheed - The evidence is the "Interstate CrossCheck" scam the GOP used to rig the election. Look up "palast voter suppression" for details. Ngaru is correct. Unless this fight is rigged like the 2016 election was, then Conor will definitely lose.

xsgtcrazyx - @M. Rasheed... ahh the great freelancer author on the internet. A man who literally got numbers from nowhere and posted on a blog. I applaud you for believing anything on the Internet without proper research *sarcasm*...Anyone can make a public statistic without the governments approval online hah. Just admit how wrong people thought Hillary was going to win. It's called the silent people. People who voted but yet kept quiet. While they are working, you are on your lazy butt searching anything online so that you escape the reality of trump being president.

Muhammad Rasheed - @xsgtcrazyx... Now that you've revealed you literally know nothing at all about what I advised you to research, this will be a good time for you to look it up and educate yourself, so that in the future you won't sound like this anymore. Good luck on your discovery learning adventure.

xsgtcrazyx - @M. Rasheed... lol im not complaining of my life. I've done my research. You're just in denial. Im content working my $28/hr as a nurse and living the life. You should stop playing your video games and how about going outside and breathe in the fresh air .

Muhammad Rasheed - @xsgtcrazyx... Who said you were complaining about your life? Where was that posted? Did you literally just invent a straw man effigy just so you could say you were a nurse? lol Wow that was lame.

Doing nursing industry research isn't the same as doing research into the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program voter suppression scam that helped the GOP steal the election for Trump. Perhaps you are confused as to what "research" means? Now you are only making me doubt you've studied nursing since you are only trying to bluff me.

Try again.

xsgtcrazyx - @M. Rasheed... cause this is what im going to tell you right now. You seem the like guy who always complain. You show people research about this and that, and when someone disagrees with you, you become butthurt and bitter. You know why I brought about my career? Because I dont give a rip of what you showed me. I did the reading of that article page, did not budge me at all. I said aight, thats cool and went on my merry way and went on with life. Im just living my life. Im carefree, voted against obama 2012 and he still won. Didn't care, I didnt bother to research useless articles online wasting my life on a screen to find something that I can argue with someone. Something happend and I continued on. But you over here keep refereshing your notifications to see what I have to reply with, and then you have to have a come back. When you sleep at night, ask yourself how a benefit you are right now to mankind. Cause you are acting like of lump of cells doing nothing in life. While I tried to make a funny comment about the bixing match, your ignorant brain literally had to make this few back and forth comments about politics. Grow up, take a joke. I did the research about what he used to gather the data. Didnt bother me. Be something in life, instead of complaing about politics from a simple joke. Im out.

xsgtcrazyx - @M. Rasheed... haha I actually felt bad. Sorry for offending you if I did. Much love. I respect your point of view and perspective on the matter. I guess we just disagree on different areas and that's okay.

Muhammad Rasheed - Here let me help you:

1) You didn't read the voter suppression item. You skimmed it a bit, saw where it was going, and danced back away from it when your cognitive dissonance started to tickle.

2) You mentioned your nursing career because you've gotten into the habit of using it to validate yourself, especially when you find yourself 'stung' during an argument. It's the card you like to play in order to recover, using a weak misdirection technique.

3) I don't care about your career. I am not the broken and aimless poor whites you left behind when you decided to get your sh*t together and elevate socio-economically. So mentioning it to me in this particular context just comes across as desperate and sad. Do you need a stranger to be proud that you're the first one in your raggedy family line to make it through school, Sgt Crazy? You will die bitter, lonely and unfulfilled. Wearing your nurse uniform. lol

4) Floyd is going to beat the crap out of your boy in less than one round, knock Conor out, and when he falls his butt will be up in the air. It will be HUMILIATING. And I can't wait. See ya on 26 Aug, Sarge.


- [VIDEO] Conor McGregor Discusses Mayweather, Racism Accusations, Malignaggi, $100M payday

Won't Tell - This guy seems so fake. From cocky to humble? Pick a side.

Muhammad Rasheed - He already picked a side: he's an arrogant douchebag who thinks he's just as entitled as every other white male. His handlers are coaching him on acting "humble" on camera because they are trying to save the promoted image of that 'master race' garbage. Floyd has been very thoughtful, measured and composed in his interviews, and the suits thought the contrast was making the 'Great White Hope' look bad. This is Conor's schizophrenic interpretation of "humble."

K. A - Funny thing is that Floyd came from the American ghetto and against all odds reached the pinnacle of one of the hardest sports in the world and became extremely wealthy due to sound business decisions and entrepreneurship. He is literally the embodiment of the so called "American Dream" but because he is black he is hated in America....If he was white he'd be worshiped........ It is similar to how black artists like Muddy Waters and BB King got no respect in America but were treated like heros in Europe.....America is a very strange place.

Muhammad Rasheed - K. A., you are 100% correct in every way.

Kyle Sanders - There's people that know boxing , and there's people that know fighting. Call me whatever you want but mcgregor is going to win... it's so easy when you really think about it. I swear to god mcgregor will be the victor.

Muhammad Rasheed - I guess it IS easy if you think of it from a white supremacist fantasy, "Great White Hope", master race point-of-view.

From a grounded in reality point of view though? Not so much.

Floyd ftw by humiliating 1st rd KO.

Fight Hub TV - [VIDEO] Shane Mosley "I don't know if Conor McGregor should of took this Mayweather fight"

Ned Flanders - What the fuck he knows, fuck him

Muhammad Rasheed - What does the former world boxing champion know?


Ned Flanders - @M. Rasheed... he is brainless so many times his head gets hit he is idiot

Muhammad Rasheed - You think the former boxing world champion is an idiot because he expressed that a person with a 0-0 pro boxing record doesn't have much of a chance against the undefeated, undisputed world champion who possesses a 49-0 pro boxing record? You actually think that opinion is "idiocy," do you?

I'm going to give you the opportunity to dust off your logic & reason and think about that some more.

Noartist - He will give Floyd a good fight i guarantee it. This is the best boxer in the UFC we are talking about. Not some wrestler

Muhammad Rasheed - "The best boxer in the UFC" is like saying "the best cheap-shot elbows" in boxing.

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - lol. It's like saying the best shot of all storm troopers

Charles Chuck Lett - BS. When you eliminate the restrictions martial sports place on their competitors, MMA has proven steadily to be the best, most consistent way to win a fight without a weapon. Boxing is a specialized form of fighting. Among the generalists that are MMA artists, some are better practitioners of the specialized form of Western Boxing. Against a professional specialist in a restricted form of combat, they are understandably at a disadvantage.

Muhammad Rasheed - BS back at cha.

My comment is in reference to the fact that the average (i'm positive we've already had this discussion; deja vu) MMA fighter DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO BOX AT ALL.


The very few times I've seen fighters take ownership of the ACTUAL PRINCIPLES OF BOXING TECHNIQUE they used them to excel as a valuable component of their fight tool kit. Examples: When Quinton learned the very bare basics of boxing and gave Chuck "Wild Haymaker" Liddel a clinic, and when Martin Kampmann effectively 'fights tall' by keeping smaller opponents at the end of his jab. other than that, stand-up MMA coaches either have no idea how to box and/or teach boxing, or the fighters just don't trust/respect the techniques enough to master them for the Octagon. Either way they have demonstrated again and again and again that they have zero idea what the hell to do with their fists.


Charles Chuck Lett - Go to an MMA gym to watch a fighter train. There are just two different toolboxes in use. Kampmann and Rampage were successful for a short period of time until somebody adjusted for what they were doing. MMA striking has devolved into a lot of headhunting that ignores angles and attrition, I agree with that. But, that is a result of organizations who reward KOs and not skillful use of technique.

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, I forgot another good example: Alexander Gustafsson. He also uses decent boxing techniques in his arsenal. In fact, he used it to such good effect it almost enabled him to defeat Jones. To my GREAT disappointment Jones' corner did not help him get the techniques that would enable him to counter Gustafsson effectively if they were to meet again, as all of his stand-up since that near upset demonstrated.

Like every other fighter, Rampage and Kampmann are successful when they use the techniques, and are not successful when they don't. I saw Kampmann get KOd by Hendricks before he even had a chance to get into his ready stance. I've seen a post-Liddell-fight Rampage on numerous occasions simply not throw punches at all; he just stayed over-defensive and gun-shy, like he was more afraid of ending up on someone's highlight reel and getting clowned by his boys than he was interested in trying to win.

Muhammad Rasheed - I disagree that "MMA striking has devolved" as you put it; it's actually been consistently stagnant in the same sloppiness used today since the beginning.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's not going to take very long at all for Conor McGregor to drop his hands, leaving himself comfortably WIDE OPEN the way he's used to doing in the Octagon, and Floyd is going to unleash a barrage of combos on him when he does.

And it will be GLORIOUS!!!! 

Floyd ftw via 1st rd KO

Kamau Mkafele Mshale - lol. The biggest issue with me is they dont study any technique long enough to be good. The philosophy means great MMA fighters often have terrible kicks, terrible punches, terrible stances, terrible foot work and terrible movement. They are average wrestlers and ground fighters. But because they participate with many of the same ideology you get "compitition" any boxer will say they have lame punches and terrible kicks.

Muhammad Rasheed - Interestingly, Demian Maia decided to dedicate an unusual amount of focus on his submission game until he became a comparatively lethal specialist, and he's mocked for it by his peers.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't think it's the 'philosophy' necessarily, just the current state of the culture.












Muhammad Rasheed - That's called 'appropriation.' Whites have a long history of using the African-American subculture for their own use while simultaneously treating treating those same people like crap, exploiting them, deliberately economically excluding them from the mainstream society, etc. The fact that all of these talking head media personalities always preface their comments with how much they don't like Floyd based primarily on the same old showboating behavior that Conor performs today is a perfect demonstration of that entitled normalized exploitation that whites always get a pass for.

The Product - @M. Rasheed... you are one salty black guy. Blame white people... among other things about you which I'm sure are typical, blaming white people just doesn't have the sting you were led to believe it does though it is very typical for those like you.

Pathetic. You are utterly pathetic.

Muhammad Rasheed - Did you expect me to think my comments "stung" the entitled privileged class? That's very naive of you, TP. Last fall, your people cheated and literally put a nazi supporter in the White House, but you think I feel my random comment under a shitty YouTube interview would "sting" you. The state legislatures of Tennessee, North Carolina, North Dakota and Missouri all proposed bills that would have imposed steep fines for any protesters who blocked traffic and offered protection for drivers who ran down any protesters blocking traffic, so that racist white people wouldn't be held accountable if they killed a peaceful protester by running them down in a vehicle, but you think I feel my random comment under a shitty YouTube interview would "sting" you.

I already know you are a monster, TP. I didn't expect you to feel anything at all when you read my comment.

celt seven - @M. Rasheed... i see what your saying but you have to admit floyd is a horrible person,

Muhammad Rasheed - He's "a horrible person" based on what? Because he's a rich Black man? That's not enough to make me think he's a horrible person. Sorry. What else do you have? Here's what I have on him:

  1. Floyd believes in God
  2. He's established regular charity and helps the community routinely
  3. He mentors kids in sports and entrepreneurship
  4. He repented of his past public scandals and doesn't do that stuff anymore. In fact, he's noticeably thoughtful, composed, and calm in his mature years.

So how does that make him "horrible?" According to some special new Black people rules? Is he "horrible by default just because he's about to fight the holy 'Great White Hope?'" Please explain.

dannysharkDS - ALso, Floyd believes in God? :D THat was a good one, look at his lifestyle, idiot... You cant believe in God and acct opposite. So move your ass

Muhammad Rasheed - @dannysharkDS... Did you somehow miss the "established regular charity and helps the community routinely" part? That is his lifestyle, per the requirements of scripture. Are you going to lecture me about how belief in God functions while talking out of your butt and cussin'? lol

Go away, McBot troll.

Unknown - Your boxing analysis is brilliant.... your hypocrisy on racism and the chip on your shoulder is embarrassing! Your true colours shine through and everyone can see them...

Muhammad Rasheed - Naturally I'll interpret this cowardly comment of yours as belonging to a racist who disapproves of me bluntly calling out his precious racism. Your charge of hypocrisy doesn't make any sense, especially since I do not share your warped definition of "racism." Please note that neither I, nor any other Black people, hold a powerful system of our own in which we not only routinely exclude whites from completing with Blacks on an even playing field, but we also don't prevent you from sharing in the profits generated by your own labor. Neither I nor any other Black people deliberately subjugate and exploit whites to maintain the massive and obscene amount of wealth generated from centuries of Black chattel slavery and descendant exploitative systems.

As a white, you cannot say the same.

Therefore "hypocrisy" is only in your head. You think my expressed anger at the continuous exploiting of my people by your people is racism all by itself, just because it makes you feel bad during those rare occasions when you are sober. That's untrue, and racism isn't something you can use your magical white privilege/entitlement powers to willy-nilly define however way is convenient for you. You think I'm a racist because I lack interest in helping you maintain your White Supremacist Ideology. I reject this definition as enthusiastically as I reject your evil White Supremacist Ideology.

Thanks for acknowledging that you think my boxing analysis is brilliant. Have a good day.

Muhammad Rasheed - Every Conor Fan wrote: "My head says that Floyd should win this, but way deep down inside of my racism, I think Conor's going to take it! WHITE POWER!!!"

Shut up.

My hopes and official prediction.

Muhammad Rasheed50-0! (that ref cheated me out of my well-earned face plant though  )

I respect Conor for treating the sport seriously, and doing the best he could with what he had. Other than that clubbing to the back of Floyd's head thing, I appreciate that he didn't just get in there and start sloppin' it up and doing just any old thing. He did do what he was supposed to do as the taller fighter, keeping his jab in Floyd's face and he kept his discipline by applying that consistently. Of course it didn't work, and the very patient veteran used classic boxing fight strategy to force his way into the inside and wear Conor down to the point of KO-ready vulnerability.

lol It wasn't the Mike Tyson-like early smashing I REALLY wanted though. Floyd's tendency to avoid unnecessary risk made him take the extremely novice boxer seriously, which made it a technical boxing clinic. Of course the ever-cautious Mayweather is only going to take the exact amount of risk he absolutely HAS to take and nothing further, but it was still a fun match, with a very specific list of reasons why Conor wasn't actually winning at any point, despite the rigid nature of how fights need to be scored per round. Naturally I wouldn't expect the casuals to appreciate it, or really understand what they were looking at. Conor was never performing outside of Floyd's basic textbook level strategy needed to finish him with a definitive win.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, I'm tired of this "He did GREAT for lasting 10 rounds!" crap. Y'all are drinking Drano® for real. That's enough.

Conor was very fit for a novice boxer, that's why he gassed out later than Floyd expected him to. Floyd took the walk-him-down approach because he knew it would be less effort involved than the strategy his father wanted him to use. Floyd didn't think the more difficult way was necessary, plus in addition to being easier on the undefeated champ, Floyd's way allowed Conor the opportunity to do what the challenger claimed he was going to do during the tour promotion, which helped make the fight exciting.

Mayweather Sr. wanted Floyd to beat the shit out of Conor's body in the early rounds. That would have required a lot more effort from Floyd, but it would have made Conor vulnerable earlier. It also would have had him pissing blood for a week, and would have really hurt him, that's how the Senior actually felt about all that shit Conor had been talking. That's the strategy you take with a REAL professional boxer, one that's a high volume puncher with dangerous KO power. You take those tools away from him by destroying his body, enabling you to beat the crap out of his head later for the KO ("Take out the body and the head will follow"). Since Conor lacked the stamina for the later rounds, just walking him down and letting him punch himself out was the lighter, easier way of accomplishing the same goal, one that unfortunately gave both Conor and his dickhead fans this false sense of "He did GREAT for lasting 10 rounds!" shit that has rapidly grown VERY tiresome.

Stop talking about boxing now, and stick to what you know. Shut UP.

Muhammad Rasheed - Look here [VIDEO]. Floyd was blasting him in the solar plexus to help him along, but it wasn't the straight up body assault the Senior was looking for. lol He acted like Floyd wasn't hitting Conor in the body at ALL, which tells you where his head was. He wanted Floyd to kill him.

Elgin Bolling - I couldn't agree more. Mayweather had a pity party on Connor it's not that Connor was so great for lasting 10 Rounds I felt it Mayweather wanted to take him out earlier he could have but wanted to make it exciting for both fans. I still fault Mayweather for not giving a legitimate contender a chance to make a high payday but that would have made much money and might have plays the agent champion in jeopardy against the boxing professional and not a novice like comic

Muhammad Rasheed - It's not that he had a pity party, it's just that Floyd Mayweather promised to make up for the less exciting Pacquiao fight. Experience has shown that letting the opponent punch himself out gives the illusion that the opponent is actually winning to the untrained lay person's eye. Remember people thought George Foreman was winning the Ali fight, too, even though the champ said up front that experience would enable him to defeat the relatively green and unsophisticated Foreman.

Like Ali during the Rumble in the Jungle, Floyd was completely in control during every single moment of the fight, and it is foolish to think otherwise. Floyd was just using Conor so he could play the crowd like a fiddle. You see they are more satisfied with this fight than they were with the Pacquiao fight. This enabled him to end his career on a more positive note, giving the casuals the illusion that their boy did GREAT!

Black Petunia - We not gonna acknowledge the fact that a guy that can't read just gave niggas grades like he a teacher and shit

Muhammad Rasheed - People get educations so they can have a chance at improving the odds for moving up in life, to make a decent living, and hope to make a career mark on some industry they choose. They do it if they work relatively hard, network reasonably well, and have a little luck on their side.

By contrast, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. BROKE an entire industry, and made it bend to his will. The boxing world is famous for exploiting poor fighters struggling to get out of the streets, but Floyd used multi-dimensional mastery to flip the script. He exploited the game instead of allowing it to exploit him, and became the king.

Today he stands with his hands raised as the billionaire, undefeated, greatest boxer of all, and it looks a very specific way when people like you, Black Petunia, try to dim his light with your jealous, peasant-level comments. I notice that your own grammar and punctuation aren't up to the standard in this post you made. Since your literacy isn't at that high of a level either, but you want to talk shit about a living legend, what are you doing with YOUR life? Hm?

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  1. Your boxing analysis is brilliant.... your hypocrisy on racism and the chip on your shoulder is embarrassing! Your true colours shine through and everyone can see them...

    1. Naturally I'll interpret this cowardly comment of yours as belonging to a racist who disapproves of me bluntly calling out his precious racism. Your charge of hypocrisy doesn't make any sense, especially since I do not share your warped definition of "racism." Please note that neither I, nor any other Black people, hold a powerful system of our own in which we not only routinely exclude whites from completing with Blacks on an even playing field, but we also don't prevent you from sharing in the profits generated by your own labor. Neither I nor any other Black people deliberately subjugate and exploit whites to maintain the massive and obscene amount of wealth generated from centuries of Black chattel slavery and descendant exploitative systems.

      As a white, you cannot say the same.

      Therefore "hypocrisy" is only in your head. You think my expressed anger at the continuous exploiting of my people by your people is racism all by itself, just because it makes you feel bad during those rare occasions when you are sober. That's untrue, and racism isn't something you can use your magical white privilege/entitlement powers to willy-nilly define however way is convenient for you. You think I'm a racist because I lack interest in helping you maintain your White Supremacist Ideology. I reject this definition as enthusiastically as I reject your evil White Supremacist Ideology.

      Thanks for acknowledging that you think my boxing analysis is brilliant. Have a good day.

  2. Mayweather vs McGregor, also known as "The Money Fight", is an upcoming professional boxing match between undefeated eleven-time five-division professional boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the current UFC Lightweight Champion McGregor vs Mayweather. It will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada on August 26, 2017.