Friday, July 21, 2017

Encounter with the Soldier of God

Muhammad Rasheed - [whiny sing-song voice] "Why did you have to bring up race?" [/whiny sing-song voice]

Soldier of God - To be fair, as a non white, not all whites are racist or bring racism into the world. If talking about ppl like KKK, then you have a point.

Muhammad Rasheed -

Soldier of God - Should I take a seat when people say all blacks are monkey and criminals too? Or that Muslims are inherently violent?

Muhammad Rasheed - Considering that NO Blacks are monkeys, and that no human beings are inherently violent, the answer would be "no."

Those Blacks that aren't criminals may take a seat.

Soldier of God - I'd rather stand up for righteousness than sit on the sidelines.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's your duty to stand up for righteousness. Agreed. It's not your duty to take comments personally if they do not apply to you. Hyperbole is a normal part of human discourse. Getting offended over clear exaggeration is a mark of immaturity, not righteousness.In context, the meme references Whites in discussions of topics that are historically saturated with racism. Among themselves, they are used to the luxury of ignoring the racism part of the topic; when a Black brings it up they get uncomfortable. The "Why did you have to bring up race?" whine gives the deflective impression that the Black 'played the race card' or even invented it. Just because they have the luxury of pretending there is no racism while in their bubble, doesn't mean it isn't relevant to the topic.

Their cowardly discomfort isn't a good enough reason for the victims of racism to avoid the topic themselves.

Soldier of God - I'm not offended by any of it, just saying none of it is true & that gullible people believe generalities so it's good to speak against it.

Muhammad Rasheed - In fact, coddling their cowardice is PART of the racism society perpetuates, and is one of the reasons why the foul evil endures.

Soldier of God - That's true, but why focus on whites only? Blacks browns yellows reds do so as well

Muhammad Rasheed - "Blacks browns yellows" aren't the dominant conqueror group that hoards wealth & power at everyone else's expense, Soldier.

First, destroy the very real 500 yr old problem, and then do the lesser clean-up on the other side.

Soldier of God - I've had dialogue with black supremacists who don't wanna speak about race/issues with anyone who doesn't look like them. Same with arabs. China? Nigeria? Venezuela? Plenty of is do, but we live in a majority white part of the world, it's only natural that the majority do it.

Muhammad Rasheed - The majority Whites are the ones that spread their racist supremacy through colonialism, and it's why Nigeria/Venezuela experience it. Those are perfect examples of the side effects of the greater problem I mentioned. For China it's similar. There's very well may be a defense mechanism because of what Whites did to them during the Opium Wars. It would still function as a side effect to the evils the Whites first unleashed upon the world. Today they continue to have influence. Destroy that influence, and the rest of the world will be able to snap back to pre-Eurocentric normal.

Muhammad Rasheed - Racism issues among other groups are merely a side effect of the core racism the whites invented and cultivate for their power monopoly.

Soldier of God - Racism existed before whites tho.  Since before biblical times. I don't blame white man for racism.

Muhammad Rasheed - Racism 100% did NOT exist before Whites transformed their conquering from Christian-based to White Supremacy-based. Racism is only 500 yrs old. It's entire point is to enable Whites to monopoly resources based on race phenotypes. This is new in the world.

Soldier of God - But it's existed way before then.I've read studies Into ancient history that Babylonians Assyrians  and Egyptians were racist bigots as well

Muhammad Rasheed - No one ever hoarded wealth & power and deliberately held down others to exploit based on race phenoypes, Soldier. No one.

Soldier of God - Egyptians were racist to Israelites. Arabs racists towards blacks. Of course it existed before whites and Christianity.

Muhammad Rasheed - The Egyptians and the children of Israel were both Black. Arabs are predominantly a Black people. Your understanding is skewed in an inaccurate, Eurocentric direction. Considering what the historical record actually looks like, caping for wypipo isn't a 'soldier of God' trait. Just the opposite in fact...

Soldier of God - Arabs castrated blacks and called them raisin heads.  Most Arabs are semetic not hemetic. They don't have negroid phenotypes. Same with most

Muhammad Rasheed - Most Arabs are Black/negroid peoples. Yes, they are. Light-skinned Arabs are int he minority, and came from mixed relationship families.

Soldier of God - Ancient Egyptians and Israelites.  You're worldview seems to be a very afrocentric one. I don't rely in Europe or Africa centricity.

Muhammad Rasheed - You have 100% demonstrated that you rely on the white-washed, very Eurocentric version of history. Unfortunately. The ancient Egyptians of that land's Golden Age were Black African. Abraham's family were Cushite aristocrats and were very Black.

Soldier of God - It's funny because I go out of my way to not do so, as i debate many black "hebrew Israelites" and white supremacists as well.

Muhammad Rasheed - No offense, but from what you've revealed here, you no doubt made a fool of yourself. Please research. Start here:

The Racial Contract
by Charles W. Mills

Read this:

The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness:
Eurocentric History, Psychiatry and the Politics of White Supremacy

by Amos N. Wilson

Soldier of God - Abraham was from the line of Shem, as all abrahamic beliefs have it. Egyptians, like the Israelites mixed with other peoples so they became more varied. Judah married a Caananite woman, so His ancestors were darker than the tribe of Dan, who didn't intermarry as much.

Soldier of God - Do those books prove Abraham and the Israelites were "black"? Or that racism didn't exist before europeans?

Soldier of God - Do you have scientific studies to prove your claims, because I have some that shows that truth is not afrocentric or eurocentric.

Muhammad Rasheed - So far you have unashamedly supported the Eurocentric worldview of everything we've discussed, Soldier. Please read those two books.

Soldier of God - you can't let your  apparent hate for white people skew your worldview away from actual fact, my friend.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Please don't call me "friend" while talking like an agent of my dedicated enemy. Thank you.

Read this, too:

Ebony and Ivy:
Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America's Universities

by Craig Steven Wilder

Then come back when you are done.

Soldier of God - Seems like an ad hominen to me. I've read much on the Afrocentric worldview (from many diff people) but it's mostly philosophy, not science.

Muhammad Rasheed - These I've provided are high-level scholarly works that reveal the history of the subject.

Soldier of God - Well my brother, Idk what whites have done to you personally but you gotta love your enemy. If i was the same way, i'd hate everyone.

Muhammad Rasheed - It has nothing to do with love/hate, but about being "wise as the serpent & innocent as the dove." Please read those then come back. The prophet Joshua (pbuh) didn't have to hate in order to be wise and canny in battle against a dedicated enemy.

Soldier of God - I'll read them (might've already read excerpts from them).Tho your worldview seems to not be grounded in truth, from my experience/studies.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hold that thought, read the books, then let's have a fresh discussion based on what you learned, please. If you continue to sound the same then I promise to let it be, and you can go your way, and I'll go mine. Deal?

Soldier of God - But His enemy was literally Satan and Death, and He beat them both. He even did a miracle for a centurion, so for God it isn't about skin.

Muhammad Rasheed - Whites subjugate exploit non-whites to hoard wealth & power, and they choose to do it along the lines of racial phenotypes. I didn't say that Joshua's enemies did the same exact thing. You kind of missed the point there, dude. lol The point was the refutation of your idea that I have to "hate" in order to be a soldier of God against oppression. That's a fallacy.

Soldier of God - Sure Mr.Rasheed. If you don't want to conversate then just let me know. I've had these convos and read similar books and they have yet made me hate whites. But i'll read for my own knowledge and wisdom. God bless Rasheed. Peace be upon you.

Soldier of God - No i get it, I just dont see it as the same as what you think you're doing, but it's alright.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's also something that my enemy says all the time because he desperately wants me to own MLK's 'non-violent' philosophy towards him.

Soldier of God - Hey, the devil's a snake. sometimes, he'll make you strike him first before he goes in for a kill. MLK, or Malcolm X, death is inevitable.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your insistence that I must 'hate' means you don't get it, but hopefully you'll at least be able to understand my POV once you read these. I referenced the Hebrew prophets as an example that you don't have to 'hate' in order to be properly prepared and know thy enemy's ways.

Soldier of God - When death is inevitable in this life, Personally, I'll rather be with MLK (for many reason) or Marcus Garvey, but to each his own.

Soldier of God - well to use violent, you have to hate for it to be effectual. Only non-violence can utilize love as intended.

Muhammad Rasheed - So you insist that the prophets of the One God hated? Passion and anger is not the same as "hate," Soldier.

Soldier of God - I know, but if you're not careful, it can turn to hate. That's why God says to us to love your enemy, and pray for those who persecute you.

Soldier of God - some prophets did but for the things God Himself hates (Proverbs 6:16-19). Even in the Quran, Allah hates certain things Surah (5:87)

Muhammad Rasheed - Allah tells us to fight the oppressor so that we all can live in Peace. He hates oppressors, those who spread mischief in the earth. As the victim of the White man's oppressive campaigns, I am rightfully passionately angry, and it is my duty to beat him back. That does not equal 'hate.'  As long as I do not give up, and do everything in accordance with God's rules, He will be with me.

Muhammad Rasheed - The two are not exclusive. Jesus was certainly praying for his enemies while he instructed the apostles to fetch those swords.

Soldier of God - passion and anger for the right reasons is good, but not if it makes you think that there is something wrong with being white.

Soldier of God - swords used once (by Peter) who Jesus healed the man who Peter struck on the ear (luke 22:51). Swords unused in battle.

Muhammad Rasheed - They were unused only because the apostles fell asleep on guard duty and allowed the enemy to capture them. Jesus (pbuh) certainly didn't have them get the swords for decoration. You're missing the point again. lol

Soldier of God - I understand your sentiment but our world views are just different. I'll try to understand you'r WV more clearly though in the future.

Muhammad Rasheed - All I can ask is for the try. I'll appreciate it, Soldier. Peace.

Soldier of God - but like we started, i'll stand up to any oppression/oppressor in the way Jesus and MLK did.. No matter who it comes from.

Muhammad Rasheed - What was the 'way' that Jesus and MLK did it? With courage and conviction in the name of the God they served?

Soldier of God - considering Jesus was almost stoned multiple times, they didn't use them because Jesus would've never let them.

Muhammad Rasheed - He instructed them to fetch the swords intending to not use them? Your doctrine is in the way of common sense...

Soldier of God - Jesus and Muhammad are not the same.

Muhammad Rasheed - Their missions were the same. The responses of their people were what was different (big time).

Soldier of God - yes, and not advocating violence.

Muhammad Rasheed - Let me remind you that Jesus instructed the apostles to fetch those swords. hahahaha

MLK's non-violent political stance wasn't the position of Abraham's Lord, and thus, lacked inherent virtue.

Soldier of God - common sense need not always apply to Christ, who spoke in parables,ate with sinners, raised people from the dead, never advocated violence.

Muhammad Rasheed - All of those items had definitive common sense motives to them while the last is a doctrinal fiction. He clearly wasn't opposed to violence.

Soldier of God - which were never used or instructed for any type of self defense.Christ was unlike any other man,even His apostles couldn't fully understand

Muhammad Rasheed - The Christ Jesus, son of Mary was a human being like other humans. His mission was special though, and so was his origin. His apostles often let him down. Their understanding was suspect from the jump. lol

Soldier of God - Old covenant laws are revealed under the new covenant that is grace in Jesus, its the best way to inherit the values & righteousness of God.

Muhammad Rasheed - Considering "sword gate" it wasn't Jesus' position either, dude. lol You're being stubborn based on doctrinal blindness. Jesus' position in all things was clearly no different than that of the prophets that preceded him.

Soldier of God - I believe He was God in the flesh and is more than what u make Him to be, but to each their own. It's clear, Jesus never advocated violence, and He opposed violence on people by the way He lived His life, His words and His works. Simple as that. When you heal the one against you.

Muhammad Rasheed - The scripture is plain enough. The "God in the flesh" doctrine isn't apparent within the very bible record of his life that you hold.

Soldier of God - it's clear on how Jesus viewed injuring other people.

Soldier of God - Read Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 5). Jesus position and knowledge of God's  Word goes deeper than previous prophets.

Soldier of God - considering even the prophets of old foretold about God dwelling amongst humanity (Isaiah 9:6), and NT (Colossians 2:9). it clearly does.

Muhammad Rasheed - God is ever-present and is always closer than your juggler vein. Deifying the messenger wasn't necessary for that analogy.

Soldier of God - Prophesies of God dwelling amongst men and verses of Christ having the fullness of God within Him have nothing to do with His spiritual presence with humanity. if it was so, those verses would not make sense within the context of their reading.

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile, they make 100% sense thru the context of His spiritual presence, but conflict with the message through your 'sonship' doctrine.

Soldier of God - It's clear you're a proud black Muslim, and that's your right to be so and I dont hate you for it. It makes me interested in your worldview

Soldier of God - I have to go because it's getting late, but hopefully i can get to read those 3 books soon and hope you stay safe so next time we can speak about what we've learned. Peace Rasheed. Be safe and may the God of Abraham bless you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Peace, Soldier! Have a good night.

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