Thursday, May 14, 2015

No More Defense!


Keith Stewart - Saw this shit earlier. So fucked up. Someone needs to beat that motherfucker down!

Keith Stewart - That's ending careers before they even begin!

Lee John Barton - wtf

Colin Mcmillan - WTF

Adam Garcia - Brain damage and it actually gives you a weak chin overtime

Jack Hubert -  ...

Richard Hedges - I'd much rather work on my ability to slip punches and counter than be continuously smacked in the face

Muhammad Rasheed - This is the direct response from that "ducking-running-giving the fans what they want" nonsense.#noMoreDefenseBecauseFakeFansAreIgnorant #stopListeningToMaurice

Muhammad Rasheed - @Richard... You only think that way because you are a real boxing fan that actually has some sense.

Keith Stewart - I don't care who you are everybody wants to see an exciting fight. Defence is very important however we all like action too. Some fighters with great defence can still be exciting too though, but if everybody just fucused on defense and potshots boxing wouldn't be as interesting as it is.

Muhammad Rasheed - The problem is that the whiners were just focused on the strategy of the Classic Boxer, and ignored the responsibility of the challenger who is supposed to take the big risks in order to penetrate the champion's defense. The excitement comes directly from the challenger's attempts to solve that problem. If he gives up, it is not the Classic Boxer's job to give away his title just because the over-hyped challenger couldn't live up to what 5 years’ worth of shit talking insisted he could do.

Keith Stewart - Oh yeah man, I agree with you completely I may have been rooting for Manny, but he let us all down. I'm very dissappointed with his performance. I expected so much more from him.

Muhammad Rasheed - Unfortunately THEY expected to cheat...

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