Monday, May 14, 2018

Hired Thugs of White Supremacy

Dan Brannan - @Muhammad... we get it. You want Segregation back. Just don't complain when you get it.

Dan Brannan - God keep the Boere.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dan wrote: "we get it."

Do you? Your comment proves that we see the world fundamentally different. I don't like my people being preyed upon and subjugated for economic exploitation. You seem to think I should be fine with that. Curious.

Dan Brannan - Just the opposite. Your folks have been propped up in every conceivable way, and given every unfair advantage over the rest of us. And when y'all still commit the mass majority of all crime in the country while being so few in number, you terrorize everyone trying to help you and accuse them of abuse! It's frankly insane.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dan wrote: "Just the opposite."

It's not just the opposite. Every single gain in civil rights Blacks made since the abolishment of slavery was immediately sabotaged by white conservatives so the white aristocracy could maintain the wealth gap. Everyth...See More

Dan Brannan - Hilarious nonsense.

Dan Brannan - Realize, slavery under Christians and Jim Crowe were support systems which better elevated your people from barbarism and cannibalism than any program or policy known in the history of the world. Your ancestors knew this, but you have forgotten.

Dan Brannan - And "civil rights" (government created privileges) have set y'all back centuries so that you are degenerating back to heathenism and savagery.

Kwesi Ako Kennedy - LULZ

Muhammad Rasheed - @Dan... Those last two posts were probably the most racist comments written in the modern day I have ever had the 'privilege' of reading. You just confirmed everything ALL my research has revealed about your demographic... EVERY way. Wow.

Dan Brannan - Fabulous. So I went from just a 'racist' like all other White people to the most 'racist'. All because I tell you the truth. If the truth is 'racist', so be it.

Muhammad Rasheed - And since Alan has reacted in 'Love' to these posts of yours, I'm curious as to how he justifies his anger whenever he himself is referred to as a 'racist,' despite his consistent partnering with such views.

Alan Groening - @Muhammad... guilty by association?

Kwesi Ako Kennedy - “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

Alan Groening - @Kwesi... so we should believe Rash when the people tell me he’s an asshole?😜

Kwesi Ako Kennedy - Reading comprehension has always been a fault of yours.

Keep projecting tho...

Alan Groening - Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

Muhammad Rasheed - @Alan... I'm the asshole, but you're the anti-Black racist.

Somewhere there's a discrepancy. lol

Alan Groening - @Muhammad... whatever dude that’s like nine+ times you’ve called me a racist,,, now you’re branding me a anti black racist? Is that one step up or one step below “racist” I need clarification

Muhammad Rasheed - By an astonishing coincidence, that's the 9th+ time you've demonstrated racism.

Alan Groening - @Muhammad... I think you just say that because we’re both assholes, it’s not a race think dickhead, it’s personal

Muhammad Rasheed - Since I don't know you personally, Alan, obviously it absolutely is a racism thing, as proven by Dan's very telling comments you 'Love' reacted to.

Alan Groening - @Muhammad... I think it makes you feel better about yourself thinking I’m a racist when I’m an asshole... we’re both assholes Rasheed

Muhammad Rasheed - You are a racist, cut from the classic mold. That's what your asshole attitude comes from, and why you act the way you do.

Dan Brannan - 'Racist' means nothing but "White people". So whenever you use it all you're saying is that you hate White people. Which is sad.

Kwesi Ako Kennedy - Likes post literally bragging about living in a homogeneous enclave and how it is crime free because of no black people.

Doesn't like being called racist....

Takes it "personal".

Muhammad Rasheed - Since I know white people who don't act the way you and Alan do, Dan, that would be a lie.

Alan Groening - @Dan... Right, his vampire sucking vile soul won’t be complete until every white person is proven a racist in his mind.

Dan Brannan - Me? I'm not taking it personal. Your juju words are more comical and sad than anything.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dan is the most bluntly honest between the two of you, Alan. You'll feel better if you stop with the "white man speak with forked-tongue" thing.

Just be free.

Muhammad Rasheed - Own your racism.

Alan Groening - It must be fun living in his mind, it’s so clear to him... everything... every issue is uh... BLACK AND WHITE

Must make making decisions easy

Muhammad Rasheed - It SURE makes them easy for your white racist aristocracy, huh?

Kwesi Ako Kennedy - Thinks we're calling all white people racist.

While big-upping a guy from white supremacy central Idaho preaching christian race theology and praising the Boers.

You guys are literally ignorant racist white privilege bingo.

Dan Brannan - It's tough for White folks to be entirely candid about this stuff because the truth hurts y'all so much. And hurting people's feelings is something we avoid at all costs. Because White folks are too nice for our own good sometimes.

Dan Brannan - And y'all hate our niceness even. Sad.

Muhammad Rasheed - Actually the truth sets me free, and I reflect it in my art.

It triggers you lot though, because of the tendency to uncover the nonsense you invent to justify your evil.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Dan... You've built an aristocracy by exploiting Black people. That enslaves you to wealth & power. Hell will be your portion if you do not stop.

Dan Brannan - We've been doing nothing but trying to get away for a the better part of 2 centuries and y'all just keep demanding to be right ontop of us in all our business screaming that we're meany-poos for not promoting y'all over us.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dan wrote: "We've been doing nothing but trying to get away..."

Meanwhile, you're the one with the history of burning down Black towns and businesses and deliberately holding us back from attaining full citizenship in the country. You invented the KKK because you were mad that Blacks started voting after slavery, remember?

Dan Brannan - M. Rasheed wrote: "Meanwhile, you're the one with the history of burning down Black towns and businesses and deliberately holding us back from attaining full citizenship in the country. You invented the KKK because you were mad that Blacks started voting after slavery, remember?"

Burning down Black towns? You mean like Black folks do every other weekend in this country whenever a White successfully defends himself? Those town-burnings?

Black folks may be de facto citizens of the new American empire,, but you never can be citizens of the American nation or the republic founded for "Us and Our Posterity."

The original KKK was a community defense organization assembled to thwart Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, and Negro rapists and murderers. It's the only thing under God that prevented y'all from massacring the White population of the South as Blacks did in Haiti, the Congo, Rhodesia, and South Africa.

But the KKK is an entirely different organization today. Criminals mostly, now.

Muhammad Rasheed - That falls into my "White racists believe that the problems in the world START with the response to their evils" folder.

Dan Brannan - Ugh. More 'racist' juju words. It's boring. And meaningless.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Dan... Tell me why you had the right to colonize the people of the world, and subjugate/exploit them to build your racist aristocracy under 'whiteness,' please.

Alan Groening - Rasheed is just upset that there’s no electricity in the year 1619-1800, where he’s currently living.

Alan Groening - You should come to the modern time period Like the rest of us and live I. The here and now..

Muhammad Rasheed - @Alan... [ARTICLE] It’s true, gentrification isn’t the new colonialism, it’s just the old one.

Alan Groening - Muhammad Rasheed sad but funny, #yousofunny asshole

Muhammad Rasheed - @Alan... So I'm an asshole whenever I prove you are full of shit? lol

Dan Brannan - Colonization was two-fold. First, the objective was the Great Commission, to bring ye heathens out of darkness into the Light. Then, there's the matter of finding y'all in stone age cannibalism and having to try to put a stop to all your constant carnage.

Fact is, we found you in a state of harshest subjugation and we meant to save you from the cookpots of your chiefs who used you as slaves, money, and food.

But y'all don't care about that.

Dan Brannan - And the phenomenon continues still. Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, et. al. Every Black city begs and demands White people save them from themselves, then turn around and scream abuse when we come in and suppress your intertribal violence.

Muhammad Rasheed - I have two vids that prove your two posts there are false racist ideologies that only justify your wrong.

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