Thursday, May 10, 2018

Racism's Soft, Tender Underbelly

Jeff Margeson - My favorite part of this is #antiracism.

Jeff writes: #HYPOCRISY!

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Define "racism," please, Jeff. Just to make sure we're on the same page for the record.

Donovan Penaluna - hypocrite!!

Muhammad Rasheed - What's the 'hypocritical' part, Donovan?

Donovan Penaluna - All your cartoons attack white people, that makes YOU the racist..

Gaz Gretsky - Don’t be ridiculous, He’s attacking racist white people, he’s attacking their hateful views not their skin color.

Donovan Penaluna - @Gaz... Nah he believes all whiteys are racist and all black folk are pure and racism free...

Muhammad Rasheed - @Donovan... By no means do I think that all white people are bad guys. The bad guy figures in my cartoons are the whites who willingly support the evil White Supremacist Ideology and their treacherous Black boot-licker cronies. I find it very interesting that you're reacting the way you are, because it implies that YOU believe that all whites willingly support anti-Black systemic racism.

I'll give you a chance to modify your knee-jerk, emotional stance before I make up my mind about you.

Donovan Penaluna - I beleive there is good and bad in every group, Your cartoons ALL attack white people (or racist white people) and ignore the hate from blacks, hence I believe you fall into that latter group...

Alex Swails - Give me one example of real systemic racism that exist today in america with legitimate facts. Because it simply does not exist.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't hate you, Donovan, so you can relax. The sensation you're experiencing is emotional defensiveness as I attack your precious racist aristocracy, that elevates whites socially, politically and economically at the expense of my people. I certainly COULD hate you for being protective over that evil, but I don't... I'd rather spend that energy attacking the system itself and revealing the true nature of it behind the multi-million dollar propaganda campaign that pretends it doesn't exist.

There are societies on the African continent that are Black people dominant who absolutely give systemic special favor to their own people over the whites that live there. One may reasonably call that "racism" against whites. I am not from those places; I'm from the USA where the reverse conditions have existed since 1619. The Black American is my people, and their political disenfranchisement and economic exclusion is my plight. The focus of my art is to fan the flames and create the conditions for the much-needed Candid & Courageous Conversation that will finally lead to full justice and full citizenship for Blacks in my own country.

This is the truth of my art. If you don't see other socio-economic ills here it's because that is outside of the scope of my inspiration's focus. I'm positive you can find other artists somewhere else who have a focus more along the nature of what you long to see. I for one have zero interest in such works.

Alex Swails - Your statement has no validity this country has created more black millionaires than any other country on the planet. So continue to explain how the system is racist and it holds down minorities for the advancement of whites because it is truly entertaining.

Muhammad Rasheed - Alex wrote: "Give me one example of real systemic racism that exist today in america with legitimate facts. Because it simply does not exist."

Here are numerous examples of that which you claim does not exist.

Justice Department, CFPB Say Mortgage Lender Overcharged African-American and Hispanic Borrowers

U.S. Government Uses Race Test for $80 Million in Payments

Survey Finds Insurance Companies Charge Black Drivers Living in Predominately African-American Neighborhoods 70% More for Auto Insurance

City Council alert: Fifth Third Bank hiked interest rates on minority customers

Wells Fargo Deliberately Pushed Dangerous Loans On Blacks, Hispanics: Lawsuit

Feds: Bancorp South illegally denied black consumers fair access to mortgages

Just FOUR Home Loans Were Given To African-Americans In This Major City In A Whole Year

Credit Card Debt’s Mighty Grip on Black America

5 Big Companies Sued for Racial Discrimination

‘I Put in White Tenants’: The Grim, Racist (and Likely Illegal) Methods of One Brooklyn Landlord

Hasidic neighborhood in South Williamsburg is a top beneficiary of Section 8, but some question whether law is strictly followed

Black People More Likely to Be Wrongfully Convicted of Murder, Study Shows

Honda to pay $25M for overcharging minority buyers on loans

How Toyota May Have Started Overcharging Minority Customers

Muhammad Rasheed - Alex wrote: "Your statement has no validity this country has created more black millionaires..."

There were Black millionaires in America during the height of the slave era. Your metric for proving there is no anti-Black systemic racism is faulty, and your argument is weak.

Alex Swails - Private corporations are not the system. Also to question the validity of these lawsuits would also be seen as racist huh? These lawsuits are fueled by people who want to use their minority card to say they were treated unfairly by a business when the legitimate fact is when you live in low income areas with no capital you have higher interest rates because the loaner knows you have to pay it anyways it's called business not racism. White people suffer this same treatment in low income areas. Just because people use the minority card all the time to try and sue companies for being "racist" dosnt prove systemic racism.

Muhammad Rasheed - So without even reading the articles, and scrutinizing the facts they list, you're going to tell me what they are? lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Donovan wrote: "OK I get it, you thrive on victimhood... carry on."

That doesn't mean anything to me.

Alex Swails - Ok so let me explain something real quick the way a business operates in America and the American system of laws are two different things. Because specific business owners may be racist dosnt mean the American system is. I didn't ask for a list of minority card lawsuits I asked for you to show me an example of a law that proves systemic racism. The mere fact that you can sue corporations in America for being "racist" proves that the system isn't racist. If you can fight racism using our laws how can the SYSTEM be racist????

Muhammad Rasheed - Alex: "Just because you proved what I said didn't exist, doesn't mean you proved what I said didn't exist!"

Is this the quality of argument you're going to continue to provide? lol

Muhammad Rasheed - The original companies that drove the Atlantic Slave Trade were all private corporations that had formed a business cartel with the nations that sponsored them, Alex. Your argument is weak.

Try harder, please.

Alex Swails - Yep America is a bunch of racist pigs. Continue to live in that miserable bubble. In a country that gives minorities more oprotuinitu than any other. I have a hard time believing America is systemicly racist when you can sue a corporation for being so called racist.

Alex Swails - How can the SYSTEM be racist if it allows you to fight against racism in a court of law. Your point is redundant and conflicting.

Muhammad Rasheed - The system is racist because it is white-controlled; the gate keepers themselves are tilting the system's resources in favor of one group over the other and it is illegal to do so. That latter is how the victims of such evil are able to sue...

...yet, when the entire law system is ALSO ran and guarded by the same group of people tilting the system towards one group over another (see: 'Stand Your Ground' laws and how they are applied), then you see the scope of how entrenched racism is and how it can be "systemic."

Muhammad Rasheed - Alex wrote: "In a country that gives minorities more oprotuinitu than any other."

Like what? The opportunity to go to prison for the same petty crimes whites routinely are let off with a warning over? The opportunity to get shot and killed for playing with a toy gun as a child, or for holding a cell phone when pre-teen white children are allowed to practice Open Carry in complete safety from the same law enforcement thugs?

The fact that you can't even spell 'opportunity' showed how much of a lie that statement is.

Alex Swails - Ohh look just another person who's constantly promoting racism whilst defending that the promotion of hate isn't actually hate🀣 so original and so productive to society!

Muhammad Rasheed - Actually, I'm protesting against the racist system, not promoting racism.
Can you explain how you came to believe that the protest against racism is the same thing as promoting racism?

Alex Swails - Then provide one law within the "system" that is racist in intent. Just one.

Muhammad Rasheed[ARTICLE] Do voter identification laws suppress minority voting? Yes. We did the research.

Alex Swails - Read the article and this example is terrible. Yes the government has the right to require photo id that is not racist that law is in effect not to stifle the voice of minorities it is to make sure that the people voting are American citizens so try again.

Muhammad Rasheed - You did NOT read the article. Voter ID laws deliberately cheat minorities of their ballots and they always have. That's why they were created.

Muhammad Rasheed - [ARTICLE] The ‘smoking gun’ proving North Carolina Republicans tried to disenfranchise black voters

Alex Swails - I can't even take you seriously any longer I did read the fucking article it literally states that photo id's are less accessible to minorities explain how the fuck that is legitimate? Last time I checked it was just as easy for one of my minority friends to get an I'd as it is for me to get one. Lol keep digging for racism.

Muhammad Rasheed
- So I post the proof with relevant facts compiled by the professional researchers, and you dismiss them because you say you dismiss them. lol
But YOU can't take ME seriously. Interesting.

Alex Swails - The part you over looked is nowhere in any of these laws does it say these laws don't apply to whites. The law is the law it's not exclusive to minorities us white devils have to obey the laws too. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Alex Swails - Explain to me how exactly Therese laws limit black votes without limiting white votes when we all have the opportunity to abide the laws???

Muhammad Rasheed - Alex wrote: "The part you over looked is nowhere in any..."

...starts the guy who didn't read the articles.

Muhammad Rasheed - Alex wrote: "Explain to me how..."

They explain it in the article you claimed to read.

Alex Swails - Socialism/communism must be the answer so everyone can be perfectly equal regardless of effort  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Muhammad Rasheed - You mean like the same socialism/communism programs that gave poor whites free land, the G.I. Bill, segregated housing preferences, and other free handouts with no effort on your part that Blacks were deliberately excluded from?

That IS funny, I guess. (he he...?)

Mark McHale
- I can't be arsed to read all of this but I've seen comments about systemic racism and yes

This is just an off-the-cuff, not very well thought out question and I have asked other black people and other different races but I'm curious on your views because of your illustrations but anywho, the question...

Right, I have family and friends that are black and different raced republican (US) and black Tory (UK), they say that systemic racism does not exist in today's world, most are very successful in their fields. They have worked really hard to get where they are and it's one of the reasons why I love them, they help motivate me. If this was a race thing, why is it that they are abused and some times attacked by black people for their views?

You are totally entitled to your opinion, totally entitled to illustrate whatever you want and at the moment, I'm too busy to talk about it but I do encourage it, whether I agree or disagree but it just had me curious

Muhammad Rasheed - Hi, Mark. Thanks for reaching out.

The conflict you're describing is related to the fact that the average person (Black or white) doesn't know what "systemic racism" actually means and what the effects are. They assume they're supposed to refer to individual people being unable to rise up the economic latter but that is untrue.

The facts are thus and so: Within a capitalist tradition society with a white racist aristocracy, it is possible for a hard-working individual Black to pull him/herself out of poverty to achieve a high-quality of life. The catch is that they will be used as a 'assimilated token' integrated within the white supremacist system. Racism doesn't prevent hard working Blacks from using their talents & skills to support white-owned institutions. The fact that there were Black American millionaires even during the height of both the slave era and jim crow segregation demonstrate that.

The nature of systemic racism is theft; the exploitation and plundering of Black wealth to feed into the white racist aristocracy widening the infamous wealth gap between the races. That is the root cause nature of racism, and is proven by all of those links combined I posted that you could be 'arsed' to read. lol Hopefully you will find time to do so at some point.

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad, as a fellow inkslinger, I applaud your artistic abilities. You have a very original and unique style that is quite good. If you're interested in becoming an editorial cartoonist (like I am), you have also done well in that we definitely need to 'pick a side'. However, if you play on the same theme day in and day out without ever offering any counter-point or new insights, your art will become droll and come across as you just being a disenfranchised black man who is intent on fomenting racism. Kinda what Donovan was saying. There are a number of inkslingers who relate to the far left mentality and espouse that in EVERYTHING they do. They have garnered a following of like-minded folks who blow sunshine up their hindparts on the regular and encourage their every whim. This isn't making an editorial's preaching to the converted. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. If you want to change anyone's mind about racism or anything else.....try a less heavy-handed, in your face approach.

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