Saturday, August 18, 2018

Uhhh... No, These ARE the Droids

Chuck Hammond - Both of these characters are fools

Muhammad Rasheed - You think so?

What makes each foolish?

Chuck Hammond - Their continual positions of hearing but not listening to the other guy ensures that only the status quo will remain. Things are neither as good or as bad as each avows. As long as nobody listens or works together they won't realize the facts on the ground while not great have changed.

Muhammad Rasheed - The Activist has listened to the other guy's position continuously (by force) for 500 yrs. What part of "I want white supremacy to continue and I don't want Blacks to be politically empowered and economically included" did he NOT get across?

Chuck Hammond - The haters will never get it. Time is passing them by and the successful citizens of each race have been too busy trying to be successful to get their brothers to see another way. The people you portray on either side are in the minority today from what was the norm just 50 years ago. Still not perfect but somewhat better.

Muhammad Rasheed - All you do is demonstrate you haven't researched the material, and prefer to armchair philosophy from a base of opinionating.

That's too bad.

Muhammad Rasheed - Plus you don't know what "hater" actually means.

Chuck Hammond - Perhaps, I don't know what hater means from your perspective. However, I suggest you go back to your grand dad and his peers who know what it was like again just a short 50 years ago to compare it to today and you will see amazing progress. Today progress is only gained in smaller increments. So you can chose to be part of it or stand on the sidelines or be a hater like the KKK , BLM and ANTIFA. Your choice which your ancestors didn't have w/o fear of lynching.

Muhammad Rasheed - I suggest you research "mass incarceration" and discover that the modern descendants of the enslaving bad guys of yesterday are still up to their old legacy family tricks, but are now using a more sophisticated marketing campaign to dupe folk like you into believing in a shallow "progress."

You don't know enough about the topic for your arm chair philosophizing to move me, Chuck. You sound no different than the folk I caricature.

Chuck Hammond - Since your grand parents got to witness and participate in some of the real changes in America while still not enough, I will trust my and their memories over your polemics!! Let's end it for now before we start yelling at each other again. Face facts, we are from different worlds we may strive to get along but basically, I'm content with my positions and experiences.

Muhammad Rasheed - I know, I've caricatured your content with your own rhetoric demonstration within my political cartoon folio.

Muhammad Rasheed - You want me to believe racism is over, and to look the other way when you kill an unarmed youth because he was Black, or when you shoot up a bunch of innocent people in a Black church.

Muhammad Rasheed - Got it.

Chuck Hammond - I'm not an idiot of course racism is not over and will never end. However, if you lived in the past, you would realize how much better it truly is. These supposedly saintly unarmed blacks need to do a few things better like stop when the cop say stop and get on the ground when told to do so. Better demeaned than killed.

Muhammad Rasheed - You recognize that racism isn't over, yet you still refer to fighting against it as "living in the past." 🤨

Is this that famous "white man speaks with forked tongue" phenomenon I've been hearing about?

Muhammad Rasheed - Chuck wrote: "Better demeaned than killed."

War is better than slavery, Chuck. I owe the rudimentary freedoms I possess today to the rivers of blood that flowed during the Civil War, remember?

Your point of view is not my point of view. Yours literally wants me to think it's better to cower before you as a slave than fight for my freedom, which you consider foolish. We will never disagree more.

Chuck Hammond - I don't think that is exactly my point of view but we can move on to future discussions.

Muhammad Rasheed - Then explain exactly what you meant by "Better demeaned than killed," please.

Chuck Hammond - Ok, if you are demeaned and not killed you have a chance to live another day and work towards more freedom for you and your people. It isn't like every cop has only one goal to kill a young black man every day. Sadly, your fellow Blacks are doing a fantastic job at this endeavor.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Demeaning" me is a domestic terror tactic designed to break my spirit so I won't keep working towards freedom. The cops don't want to kill ALL Black people, just random samplings from the population to keep the rest in line, using the same strategy you used during the jim crow eras lynching period.

The "Black-on-Black Crime" Republican talking point is a fiction, and you destroy what little credibility your armchair philosophizing had with each new post.

Peter Grayson - Love your art work, but turning american against american seems a waste of good talent.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hi, Peter. I think it odd when people express that drawing cartoons about the problems is the same as the actual problems themselves. To me, that just shows the damage caused by us NOT being honest in our dialogues after all these years.

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