Tuesday, August 7, 2018

[PERMIT REQUIRED] Exception to Black Code No. 08 - "No Public Displays of Black Joy/Contentment" (MAGA Series)

Cynthia Chan - Why do some white people call the police on black people even though black people have done nothing wrong?

Muhammad Rasheed - It’s an attempt to control Black people and make them feel powerless and fearful. It’s a form of domestic terror from an un-patriotic, hostile force that literally only cares about safe guarding the special privileges and protections they’ve created for themselves at the expense of other groups.

Kenneth Andre Brown Sr. - love that artwork..for real…

Muhammad Rasheed - I appreciate you.

Nick Davis - This is the best one yet, because you made a good saterical point without making it a lecture. Which helps reinforce your point better.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tomorrow there's another lecture one coming (I love those). Stand by...

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