Sunday, August 26, 2018

When Self-Hate Pretends to Be Love, pt 02

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "When Self-Hate Pretends to Be Love, pt 02." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 26 Aug 2018. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

"The most fascinating point Genovese raises herealthough he does not develop itis that women often defended their men from the slave system's attempts to demean them. Most women, perhaps a substantial majority, he says, understood that whenever their men were degraded, so too were they. Furthermore,

'[t]hey wanted their boys to grow up to be men and knew perfectly well that, to do so, they needed the example of a strong black man in front of them.'" ~Angela Y. Davis, Women, Race & Class

Muhammad Rasheed - The system counters this powerful tool of the Black Family by indoctrinating Black men to turn away from Black women. Black men need to be aware of the weapons of the enemy and consciously guard themselves against them.


Q: Why are racial biases so strong in dating preferences?

Muhammad Rasheed - Western Society is dominated by the collected European ethnic tribes, who have formed a racist aristocracy across class lines known as “whiteness.” The dominant group’s preferences and norms are considered the default normal standard for society, and this is heavily reflected in mass media marketing and promotion in both blatant and subtle/subliminal forms.

Consequently, all “personal preferences” are heavily biased in every way, whether those taking part in the dating scene (or hiring, tipping, banking, etc.) realize it or not.

Kwasi Flexx Khalid - I love it

"U niggas be like"

Ashanti Ghania - It's ok. Black women do great in their careers. We just channel our energy there.

Muhammad Rasheed - With all due respect, ma'am, it's not okay.

Black people need their own media outlets, and we need to protect our children's minds from inherently hostile mass media programming.

Ashanti Ghania - Ok, sir.

jessie redd -  How you drew the white woman is actually how they be looking too

Kenneth Andre Brown Sr. - I’m going to leave it alone. But he would skip a sister for... Polly wanna...

Taurus T Hill - On point!!

James Iam - Lmao, my nigga, this shit been going on since biblical days, and I'm sure no mf was advertising white birches back then. If there wasn't a such thing a black race because they were going on extention, because of interacial relationships. But black people are still a race. Why don't you teach something more less negative. Like umm just showing how you can build from your own race of people. Oh yeah I forgot you can't u stuck on stupid with all this hatred against your slave owner. And don't know how to build a country without the needs of the shit he owns.

lil__dreamer09 - It's okay to date outside your own race. But when you purposely only date white people it's sad. They're usually self hating and very critical of their race. Every race has their struggles and diversities. It's better to acknowledge and work towards a solution.

Muhammad Rasheed - James wrote: "Lmao, my nigga, this shit been going on since biblical days..."

The "biblical days" were populated by Black people, but you were told otherwise.

Jared Walker - Must have hit a bit too close to home. If he can't see the humor in its truth, that's his problem.

I also found it funny that he is protecting the "slave master" while using the same "N word" the slavers used to dehumanize the slaves.

Perth Alacar - Get Out did it better.

Muhammad Rasheed - Did what better? Slasher/Horror film?

Jason Thomas Lam - People can love whomever they choose, despite race. It is sad to see soo many people these days seeking segregation again.

Muhammad Rasheed - This cartoon doesn't have an anti-interracial relationship message. It's questioning the legitimacy of an organic "anti-Black woman personal preference" in the midst of mass media anti-Black woman propaganda.

Jason Thomas Lam - Muhammad, I've always admired your art style and I see what you're sayin. Art being subjective, I can understand your perspective. Nobody should have to feel that their people are viewed in any lesser way than equal in the eyes of all others.

Robert Martin - But they are and thats the point.

Jason Thomas Lam - Not going to get into it here. My perspective likely differs from yours and we're each entitled to our own opinions.

Eric J Nyman - Ahhh more racist crappy from muhhamed

Christian Carnouche - Love your cartoons brother. Keep up the great work!

Roosevelt Pitt - Great!

Samal World-McNealy - I see a lot of this in the comic book artist community.

Roosevelt Pitt - As they say, hit dogs holler.

Steve Alexander-Larkin - Gotta do a cartoon on tanning beds as well!

Rallz Luthuez - This is the truth, he look like a damn fool

kreative_force - crazyness

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