Thursday, August 30, 2018

Anecdotal Fallacy: Coonery Edition

Q: Are black police officers hated in black neighborhoods?

Muhammad Rasheed - It depends on the neighborhood and what role the Black cops are actually taking.
  1. If the Black cops are fully assimilated into the anti-Black culture of the Fraternal Order of Police, then they will just be white supremacists in blackface. You can reasonably expect these ‘coon’ figures to have a recod of atrocities against Black people that match that of their white racist colleagues, and the Black people in the neighborhood will be justified in hating them.
  2. If the Black cops were recruited/appointed by strong pro-Black leadership as part of a dedicated Black Empowerment plan, then they can be reasonably expected to take the “serve & protect” aspect of their duties seriously on the local community level, and the hate may be unfounded.

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