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Hate Club's First Rule

Rasheed, Muhammad. "Hate Club's First Rule." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 17 May 2018. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Mike Beckom - did you get booted from the cafe?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm also being blamed for why you left, even though I wasn't even involved in the argument that you were having at the time. smh

Raymond Tyler - Really then I should be out too.

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... I left because I despise blatant stupidity. Some of the fellows who were running to your rescue, were full of it. There's an old adage down here in SC where I goes....'never try to teach a pig to wastes your time and irritates the pig'.

Mike Beckom - and no, you were NOT the reason I left the cafe; quite the contrary. you and I have reached a place where we can 'agree to disagree' like rational adults.

Kwesi Ako Kennedy - Oh, so we kicking out productive members because they can stand up to the mediocre mod?

Muhammad Rasheed - smh Yup. I'm kicked out of Cartoonist Cafe again.  #snowflakes

Muhammad Rasheed - Ironically, this is the same demographic that's always going on and on about how much they hate political correct speech and want to say whatever they want. When I encourage that in their own racist-ass safe space I get banned.  lol Do racists ever try to make sense?


Alan Groening - Rash stop illustrating these essays of yours. It's inapropriate and NOT your job.

Muhammad Rasheed - My degree is in illustration. I'm trained specifically to illustrate prose. Your advice is inappropriate.

Alan Groening - Fuck you then

Muhammad Rasheed - I majored in Illustration. I was trained to illustrate prose material. I'm literally doing what I trained in.

Alan Groening - great. no one disputes the fact that you're a damn good illustrator, and you are.

Muhammad Rasheed - So your comments are weird.

Especially the "Fuck you then" part.

Alan Groening - you disregard any advice you're given, positive or negative.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your advice is inappropriate.

Alan Groening - its totally appropriate, let your cartoons speak for themselves.

Muhammad Rasheed - I draw some cartoons like that, but that doesn't represent the body of my work. I illustrate my prose/essays.

Alan Groening - dude. I love your cartoons, its the rant that follows that I can do without... you are NOT classically trained on creative writing, you dont have a degree in creative writing do you?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes. I learned creative writing at a correspondence school I attended.

Why are you so determined to control me? lol

Alan Groening - control you?

where the hell did that come from?

Muhammad Rasheed - Mostly from your efforts in this discussion to control me.

Alan Groening - giving my advice isnt trying to control you.

Muhammad Rasheed - I already explained that I'm doing literally what I went to college to master, and I'm expressing myself honestly in my art. Why do you think it's okay for you to push your unwanted advice on a 50 yr old man?

I don't want advice from you, Mr. "Fuck you then."

Alan Groening - that is obvious

Muhammad Rasheed - Is it? Okay, then stop.

Alan Groening - you stop.

Muhammad Rasheed - You know you're attacking my Free Speech rights, yes?  I thought you were a patriot?


Alan Groening - you told me to stop first, you;re attacking my free speech rights too...

Muhammad Rasheed - I told you to stop trying to control me. Slavery is over, you know?

I have the right to not be harassed with unwanted advice and "Fuck you then's".

Alan Groening - isnt that the entire point of Weapon of the People, that slavery really still continues?

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, if the whole point of your attempts to control me is that you don't believe in my message, then why are you so determined to prove my strip true?

Does THAT make sense?

Alan Groening - no.

Muhammad Rasheed - Then why are you trying to push me around like you own me, Alan?

Knock it off.  I'm free. And I'm a free artist.

(not that my art work doesn't cost anything. You know what i mean.)

(people still have to pay for it and stuff)

Alan Groening - in your mind only i am trying to control you. which I have stated repeated that I'm not.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your actions show that you are.

Alan Groening - my actions are that Im sick as a dog on the couch under two warm blankets dude.

Muhammad Rasheed - I HEARD/READ your advice, and politely declined it.

The. End.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're sick because you're harassing me. lol Probably.

That's what you get.

Alan Groening - Im sick because my nephews got me sick on Christmas day.

Muhammad Rasheed - Noooo...

You're sick because you've been reading my stuff and getting all white conservative red-faced. Let it go. Get over it.

Then you'll feel better.

Alan Groening - damn. I am honestly stunned.

Muhammad Rasheed - Then why are you attacking my right of Free Speech when this is stuff I do know about? This is MY history.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your ignorance doesn't negate my Freedom to Express my OWN history in my art. Sir.

Alan Groening - wow, I was born in 1969 California and it wasnt covered in schools out here, so you can call me ignorant. Fine.

Muhammad Rasheed - Stop attacking my right of free speech because you don't like looking at the subject material. Thanks.

Alan Groening - and just to set the record straight, I'm not "attacking" you're right to free speech.

Muhammad Rasheed - Sure you are. Where'd my cartoon go then?

Alan Groening - I dunno... I didnt remove it.

Muhammad Rasheed - How is honestly telling my ethnic group's own history considered "hate speech" towards someone else exactly?

Can you explain that oddity using normal plain speak?

Alan Groening - hate speech? WTF are you going off on this time Rash?

Muhammad Rasheed - That's the message I got from FB when it was flagged. FB said "Hate Speech" was checked.

Muhammad Rasheed - Since YOU are the one that wrote "OKAY WE GET IT!!!!" obviously that was YOU.

Alan Groening - dunno... wasnt me that reported it.

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahaahaha

Alan Groening - not me dude.

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahahaahaha

Muhammad Rasheed - Please explain how is honestly telling my ethnic group's own history considered "hate speech" towards someone else. Because I don't understand that point of view.

Muhammad Rasheed - Is this part of the "Get over it!!!" thing regarding your feelings about anti-Black racism?

Alan Groening - no. (its not part of the "GET OVER IT" thing.)

Muhammad Rasheed - "No" what?

Alan Groening - honestly dude, I did not report your cartoons to facebook, didnt push for them to be removed, didnt ban anything... I was at work all day

Alan Groening - when i got home from work, it was gone... but I had nothing to do with it.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm tired of people pretending to be "patriots" when all they what is special rules for their group alone. The MOST un-American of all US citizens are the ones who do the MOST parading around with the ole Red, White & Blue.

It's offensive.

Freedom of Speech is for all Americans, not just you. You are not the only American citizen, even if you wish it to be.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hypocrisy is evil. Please improve.

Alan Groening - I really hope these comments aren't aimed at me personally because I had noting to do with your cartoon getting reported and removed or whatever else happened. and by the way I dont know what "smdh" means, remember, I'm ignorant?

so what you're saying is that the vast majority of the flag waving Red, White and Blue patriotic US citizens out there are un-American (in your eyes) ? Isn't that just a wee tad judgmental, Rash?

That's just harsh, you cant say they're un-american just because they wave a flag...

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) It's directed to whomsoever it applies to.

2.) What I'm saying is that I'm tired of people pretending to be "patriots" when all they really want are special rules for their group alone, while wishing they could still legally throw balls at the heads of other groups' babies and are actually resentful of the fact they can't ("Make America Great Again!").

Muhammad Rasheed - Remember during Charlie Hebdo Gate, when this entire group filled up with offensive caricatures of the founder of Al-Islam, supposedly in solidarity for the right of free speech? Not once did I ask anyone to take them down, but I did ask how were those cartoons supposed to be helping anything. Just trying to engage in dialogue to understand the mindset involved got me banned from the group. I didn't flag anybody's drawings -- because I actually believe in Free Speech -- but I wanted to know what the message these guys were expressing actually was. I created cartoons that represented my interpretation of what they were actually telling me and I was banned for it.

While the actually offensive cartoons remained.

So with this blatant hypocrisy from this group in the record, don't preach at me about "wee tad judgmental," because the very group you are defending looks BAD. REAL BAD.

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