Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Stringing Along the Blind

Muhammad Rasheed - [TOON] The Dream of a Consequence-Free Moon

Mike Beckom - I ain't intimidated. I'll pick a fight in a minute. Where I live, most everybody has at least 2-3 guns within arms reach at any given time. If mine don't do the trick, one of my neighbors will......

Beckom Toon01

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Being intimidated isn't the message of the toon, Mike.

Is spamming people with every cartoon in your entire archive folio part of your marketing campaign? I'm going to start doing it to you.

Muhammad Rasheed - I notice that the message of all these toons is composed of the strawmen effigies and partial truths the conservatives believe about these topics. I think I'll spend the next few days or so dissecting them to fuel my own counter message political cartoons.  😏

Thanks, bud!

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... Pray tell what IS the message if not intimidation? You drew an isis member with a gun and bombs menacingly glaring at the hapless white cartoonists. As for your dissecting my toons....good luck with that. I always enjoy our back-and-forth sparring matches. I await your responses with gleeful anticipation.

Mike BeckomBeckom Toon04

I have lots more......

Muhammad Rasheed - How is the 'mocking cartoonist' hand in this one any less "hapless" than the two jokers in my cartoon, since your 'terrorist' figure is also wielding a weapon?

Mike Beckom - my cartoon was directed precisely AT the cowards who murdered some other cartoonists. They thought they could silence all by killing a few. The opposite happened. Cartoonists worldwide joined the collective nose thumbing at these pathetic animals. Correct me if I'm misreading you but it almost appears that you're somehow or for some reason - supporting the crazies who commit murder against innocents. Please tell me I'm wrong.....

Muhammad Rasheed - Go ahead and click on the link included with the cartoon to see the point I was actually arguing with those same cartoonists, Mike.

Mike Beckom - Read the link stuff. You still seem to be defending the crazies. I never once even hinted anything untoward about the religion of Islam. My pen was pointed directly at the cowards who murdered in the name of Islam. I have Muslim friends. I often have them look over my toons and ask if they are in any way insulted by them. To insult a fringe few who commit heinous crimes in the name of religion is nowhere near the same as insulting a religion.On a side note - I HAVE dome cartoons about the pope.He's a little bit cra-cra.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "You still seem to be defending the crazies."

Copy/paste me an example, please.

Muhammad Rasheed - it may be just a miscommunication twist.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "I never once even hinted anything untoward about the religion of Islam."

I'm Muslim. I don't eat pork and I honor the Arab prophet founder of Al-Islam. I'm not a terrorist, and don't do the anti-Islamic things the terrorists do.

In their supposed "anti-terrorist art" they are going after the pork and prophet targets instead of the terrorist trait targets that separate me from them.

Do you see the source of my questioning to them yet?

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "On a side note - I HAVE dome cartoons about the pope.He's a little bit cra-cra."

All I know about him is that he leans left. So your "cra-cra" talk is just partisan-flavored rhetoric. lol

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... I re-read some of the comments further down in the blog. It appeared they were directed more at you and your beliefs. I don't condone that. I never berate anyone for their beliefs nor do I attempt to force my beliefs on anyone else. I WILL make fun of crazies.......and there are some of those in every religion.

Mike Beckom - had no idea you are such a conspiracy theorist........

Muhammad Rasheed - *tacks this comment to my gag idea board*

Muhammad Rasheed - Keep 'em comin.'

You're a goldmine. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Your gag messages on this topic are way more 'conspiracy theory' (your definition) than mine btw.

Douglas E Pendleton - A master cartoonist at work. Great job man. I am loving these.

Mike Beckom - you remind me of the pessimist in the old joke.

seems a mother had 2 twin sons. The boys were identical in every way except one was a complete optimist and the other a total pessimist. She tried in vain to help them become more 'leveled out' and finally called in a psychiatrist. The shrink suggested that she take the pessimist and place him in a room full of the most expensive, most wonderful, most interesting toys and leave him for an hour. She also was to place the optimist in a room stacked to the ceiling with horse manure and leave him for an hour. She agreed to give it a try.

A couple of days later, the doc received a call from the mom who was sobbing her eyes out. The mom explained that neither son was changed. The doc had to see for himself. When he arrived at the home, he went in first to see the pessimist. There in the middle of the room sat the malcontent, whimpering and crying.....'this toy is broke, this one is the wrong color, this one isn't popular',on and on he wailed. The doc was flabbergasted but sure the other son must surely have changed.

He opens the door to the optimists room and finds the child sitting atop the pile of crap happily shoveling away. The doc was stunned. He goes over to the child and inquires....'son, don't realize you're sitting on a pile of crap?' The optimist replies....'yessir, and with all this horse crap, there's bound to be a pony under here somewhere'.

YOU, my new friend, remind me of the pessimist. Nothing will ever please you or be good enough. I, on the other hand....choose to keep looking for that pony. In fact, my mom likes to tell the story that when she was pregnant with my little sister, Mom asked me one day which I'd prefer...a baby brother or baby sister. After a second or 2 of contemplation, I turned to her and replied....'well Mom, if it wouldn't put you too outta shape, I'd rather have a pony'.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "Nothing will ever please you or be good enough."

Not so. I would be quite pleased at the dismantling of systemic racism in the land of my birth, and for the Black American to achieve full citizenship, political enfranchisement, and economic inclusion. True and practical equality between our peoples would indeed be 'good enough' for me as far as the secular aspect of our society.

These are things worth fighting for and worth dedicating my art to making a stink over to me. Not to say or do anything only encourages the dominant oppressor class to continue as they are, which of course is unacceptable.
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~Edmund Burke
Mike Beckom - let's take this one at a time......dismantling systematic racism.....racism is no respecter of persons. No one race is totally immune or guilt-free. We as humans can only affect change to those around us.....realizing full well that we will never change all.

Black American to achieve full citizenship - umm...I think that matter was resolved a LONG, LONG time ago. There's documentation and everything.
Political enfranchisement - umm...huh? I vote, you vote, he, she, they vote. When we vote and or run for political office, we have done what we can to be 'enfranchised'.

Economic inclusion - same answer. How are any of us NOT included? True, the top 1% call the shots and have all the money. It is what it is. Rich get richer, poor get poorer.

True equality between our peoples - never gonna happen. I do not believe everyone WANTS to be equal. There are some who want more for their lives, some who are content with their lives and some who are miserable. Can't please everyone. I personally see the content of a person's character, the way they take care of their family (or don't in some cases), their work ethic, honesty, integrity, loyalty. These are the things that matter to me and the scale I measure people by.

As long as we're sharing quotes - there's one I like, thought I'm not sure of the goes....'you can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you will never please all of the people all of the time'.

We are not so different, you and I. Not as much as you might think. We both love our family, work to take care of them, use our God given talents to try to affect change or to influence opinions, try to do no harm but good. We just see things differently. You see the world as a dark place, intent on destroying you and all those who look like you. I see this as a wonderful and amazing place....a place given to us by our creator for just a little while...a time that zips by at an incredibly quick pace. We are here for a visit. We should do what we can to help each other, encourage each other, teach each other and care for each other. Not everybody thinks that way, and it's ok. Our lives are but a puff of smoke...gone in an instant. You go on crying over all the toys....I'll keep looking for my pony.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "No one race is totally immune or guilt-free."

The specific systemic racist system of western civilization is of the "White Supremacist Ideology" form in which a white racist aristocracy was built and maintained into the modern day by the subjugation and exploitation of Black people. The Trumpian "on both sides" angle is a gaslighting grifter scheme.

Mike Beckom - ok, I'm not hip on all the lingo. Explain to me, if you will....exactly how it is you came to be subjugated and you, I mean YOU personally.

Muhammad Rasheed - The attempt to find one individual among the masses of exploited to prove a false narrative is a logical fallacy, Mike. There were financially successful Black people during the height of the slave era. Did that magically mean slavery wasn't real?

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... no, but it certainly disproves your narrative that all black people were exploited and sunjugated

Muhammad Rasheed - Your idea of "proof" is ridiculously flawed. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "Political enfranchisement - umm...huh? I vote, you vote..."

Your casual dismissal of the ample evidence of anti-Black voter suppression I posted the other day is offensive, Mike.

Mike Beckom - requiring proof of citizenship is not voter suppression.

Mike Beckom - and do you actually believe that some voting districts are not constructed in such a way as to yield the desired candidates (of all colors) are elected? Happens in every city on the country.

Muhammad Rasheed - Redlining & gerrymandering are part of the voter suppression technique package listed in the article I linked to the other day that you casually dismissed.

Muhammad Rasheed - smh

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... explain then, the likes of Maxine Waters and the hat lady. Do you think the average white guy voted for them?

Mike Beckom - like I happens all over.....the votes and districts are constructed to favor certain candidates. Period.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "like I said..."

lol dude...

Muhammad Rasheed - What are you using exactly to support your opinion on these topics we're discussing, please? Bearing in mind you casually dismissed the hard-won evidence compiled and reported by a dedicated investigative journalist.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "Period."

hahahaha wth....? hahahaha

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... I refer to personal experience. Right here in my hometown. There are black voting districts - same as white voting districts. In the black districts, a white candidate has never and most likely will never win election.Same for majority white districts. In one district in particular, a certain black candidate has won election after election, year after year....based on their skin color. There have been more qualified candidates.....but they weren't black.....same for certain areas where white candidates win year after remind me of the fable of Sisyphus. You drone on and on, day in and day out.....same thing, every day............and it isn't gonna change anything. Keep pushing that rock, though. I may not respect the message but I respect your dedication to it.

Muhammad Rasheed - You were better off continuing the "When life hands you lemons make lemonade!" angle you started with. I have no respect for the "These are not the droids you're looking for" gaslighting technique from the criminally uninformed. It's genuinely offensive. I'm letting you know that for the sake of our new friendship, please.

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... for the sake of our friendship, I'll ask you to speak in language I understand. I have no comprehension of gaslighting, caping, or any of the other words you casually toss about. Might as well be speaking french. If the things I say offend you, the best I can offer is to say I'm sorry you're offended. You've said things that I find offensive as well. It's part of who you are. Ironically, it's also part of what I find interesting about you. I'd rather be friend with someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind than with someone who only told me what I wanted to hear.

Muhammad Rasheed - 'Caping' isn't a term directed towards you, but for those specifically using that term for the sake of previous arguments. lol

"Gaslighting" is something you and your specific demographic uses to casually dismiss systemic racism. "What??? You liberals and your silly conspiracies! That's not true because [insert nonsense pulled out of butt]"

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "You've said things that I find offensive as well"

Tell me.

Mike Beckom - no sir. not my style. were I to be upset enough to mention, I'd send you a PM. I prefer to speak man to man rather than FB to FB. The things you've said that were offensive were not enough to cause me to not be friends with you. I had a boss once who, after I told her I was offended by something someone had said, told me...oh grow some hair on your ass. I took it to heart. As I said, the things you say or speak out on are what makes you, you. I may not agree with the message but I respect the dedication.

Muhammad Rasheed - Did we magically stop being men because we're expressing our views electronically? Is that a thing?  🤔

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me what I said that offended so I may have the opportunity to reflect on them to see my error. My goal is to speak truth, not to attack. If I am doing the latter and not the former, I'd appreciate the feedback.

Mike Beckom - Muhammad... your truth is not my truth no more than mine is yours. Your speaking the truth may seem to you to be just that. To me, it is an attack on my beliefs, convictions and sometimes my race. You make generalizations in the name of 'speaking the truth' while imitating the same racism you claim to eschew. None of it is enough for me to get bent outta shape about. On the contrary, I find your enthusiasm to be inspiring - even while I think your message may be off base. As I told you before, it's part of what makes you, you. I tell you this not for you to reflect on or change. I am merely pointing this out because you asked. In fact, others pointed out the same things on that first post in the Cartoonists Cafe. They were just more direct and attacking about how they said it. I would never belittle or attack you for your beliefs - whether I espoused them or not. I'm not sure you can truthfully say the same.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "...even while I think your message may be off base."

I'm genuinely interested in what metric you are using to determine what is "truth" and how you know my message is "off base."

Tell me.

Muhammad Rasheed - So far you've demonstrated an enthusiastic penchant for dismissing facts/evidence as a prerequisite for formulating your "truths." A trait associated with partisan political rhetoric.

Mike Beckom  - and you have zeroed in on a couple of incidents and painted a large number of folks with the same brush. Not all cops are racist or out to get you. Not all politicians are corrupt. Not all people who disagree with you are bigots, racists, ignorant or any of the other adjectives you've used verbally or in your imagery. Your generalizations are your truth. They are not mine. Have there been truly horrific acts committed by cops, politicians, etc that have been documented? Sure.There are terrible people in this world who do terrible things. Some are documented and brought to light, some are not. The difference between you and I, my friend is you zero in on and focus on the negative actions of a few. Your glass must be perpetually half empty. Mine is half full. I've told you that I respect your opinions even when I don't espouse them. I respect your dedication to wanting to be a social justice warrior. Frankly though, your incessant lumping all together in one group is kinda tiring. I'm not arguing politics with you. You will never change my mind and I have no desire to change yours. I appreciate your art and business acumen. I consider you to be a peer. I enjoy talking shop with fellow artists. Could not help but notice that you focused in one 1-2 key sentences in my last few posts, rather than address the rest of it. No worries. As with other things, we'll agree to disagree.

Beckom Toon

Muhammad Rasheed  - Mike wrote: "and you have zeroed in on a couple of incidents..."

No, I didn't. "Systemic racism" is more than "a couple of incidents," Mike. It means the evidence shows that the entire system is slanted in a pro-Eurocentric/white supremacist direction because the gatekeepers are doing that to the populace as culture (see: DoJ report on Ferguson, MO PD). The "zeroed in on a couple of incidents" line is how people think when they list "experience" as their metric for determining that their subjective opinion trumps the body of factual evidence they casually dismissed (see: "confirmation bias").

Mike wrote: "Could not help but notice that you focused in one 1-2 key sentences in my last few posts, rather than address the rest of it."

I like to get to the heart/root cause of the point early since that's where the insights lay. I don't always have the leisure time to pick apart the fluff of you all's submitted storytime tales (not that I don't appreciate the read). For example, the majority of this latest post of yours consisted of strawman effigies (I know that not all people XYZ) and appeals to 'turn the other cheek' type talk that lacked value to me within this particular topic. I called myself zeroing in on your post's core message.

Mike wrote: "Your generalizations are your truth."

Inside of the problems of the system, you will find people of all demographics with varying levels of dedication to doing the right thing and not willingly going along with our tradition of anti-Black systemic racism. I never said that there weren't "good white people" in the world, fighting the good fight at whatever level they stand in it. Showcasing those individuals is not my focus.

Mike wrote: "Your glass must be perpetually half empty."

lol You remember Burke's quote I posted earlier? How will the bad guys ever be checked if everyone is deliberately looking the other way because of some foolish LaLa Land philosophy that is 100% divorced from reality? If we never address the wrongs of society, how will we ever be cured of them? Naturally, I will expect your response to be something like: "What 'wrongs?' That's all in your head!"

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