Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Racial Contract: Pact of the Managerial Class

Joe Tolliver - Trump supporters are racist!!! So clever.

Muhammad Rasheed - (pssst. one of them is wearing Democrat blue)

Joe Tolliver - I'd love to see u produce something about racism from other groups. Now that would be thought provoking. Other then that every group has bad people in it. Trump voters are good people and it is getting old hearing everyone spread silly lies that undercut a good movement meant to build a better country.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you need to see me do art that's outside of my scope? I'm positive there are legions of alt-right cartoonists producing the art you want to see, Joe.

Joe Tolliver - I want to see fairness that has an opportunity to destroy racism everywhere. If everything is one sided u simply breed more racism. That's why.

Muhammad Rasheed - You don't want to see racism destroyed, Joe. That's why you're getting triggered whenever you see it called out.

The West is built upon anti-Black racism. That's the reason for the white/Black wealth gap and the fundamental inequality of our society. Whites somehow believe that the fight to topple that evil goliath -- which will remove the system that supports their special favors -- is "reverse racism."

The fight against racism is justice and it is a worthy fight. This is the mission of my work. I'm not interested in the complaints of the oppressor class when they contemplate what it would be like if the anti-racism activist actually win and the two races stand as equals. This concept terrifies you, obviously, and why you respond at these cartoons the way you do.

Naturally, I'm open to hearing your rational response that would prove me wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm positive there are more alt-right 'Charlottesville Marcher' cartoonists making the cartoons from the angle you enjoy. You don't need me to do it, too. You just want me to stop.

Joe Tolliver - So how do we fix it. Rather then calling an entire race out for being racist?

Joe Tolliver - Lol. My ? And . Should be switched.

Joe Tolliver - Pay gap isn't going to change overnight. Obviously African Americans are two to three generations behind. But not all whites have any built up wealth regardless. So what is stopping the black community from building wealth?

Muhammad Rasheed - There are many white people who are as offended by the anti-Black systemic racism as I. At no point have I called all whites racist.

We fix it by stopping the plunder of Black communities, stop politically disenfranchising the Black communities, and stand out of Black people's way so they may fairly achieve economic inclusion as a group politic...

...everything that systemic racism prevents.

Muhammad Rasheed - Wealth Gap =/= pay gap

Joe Tolliver - I believe there is an organized and well controlled mechanism with education. school districts based on zip code to control class and race mobility is in my opinion the first step in fixing opportunities for all Americans.

Muhammad Rasheed - That is definitely one of the aspects of systemic racism.

If you recognize that as a truth, tell me your justification for asking me to stop attacking it in my art. Do you think NOT shining a spotlight on evil will somehow make evil stop? History reveals the exact opposite to be true.

Joe Tolliver - But minorities are the only groups that actual get special support with colleges and job opportunities. I don't think any specific job opportunity is being held from any group.

Muhammad Rasheed - No special support comes to the Black people. All the special support goes to the whites (they are the gate keepers of those systems, right?) while whites and their Black cronies have sabotaged those social programs over and over and over again to prevent Blacks from catching up politically and economically.

Muhammad Rasheed - Black business districts were dismantled throughout the last 60 yrs or so, which started the modern "integration era." Without their own business support structure, Blacks are forced to compete with each other to get very limited seats within white-owned companies. Everyone knows that entrepreneurship is how you get rich, not "getting a job." This was done to Blacks on purpose.

Joe Tolliver - I agree. Sorry I'm at work and can't give u the appropriate attention.

Muhammad Rasheed - I am amused that you are unaware of this information, yet your first response was to try to convince me to stop expressing myself from an angle you are unaware of to get me to create more cartoons that support your knowledge void.

People do that to me a lot btw. You need these cartoons of mine, Joe. Perhaps they may inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and research the side of history you've been actively avoiding all these years.

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  1. Interesting interview, I'm curious was the interviewer playing the devil's advocate. Some of what Mr. Muhammad was apparent, and some was not.