Thursday, May 3, 2018

GOP Tough Till They Cry

Gary McCoy -

Muhammad Rasheed -

Gary McCoy -

Muhammad Rasheed - Did you notice that my image post wasn't a fabricated propaganda poster but just a photograph of the same people butthurt over Wolfe's stingie-ouchie jokes?

Muhammad Rasheed - I must admit that the GOP does come up with the best slogans. :)

Gary McCoy - You got a photo of two people wearing t-shirts, and that's supposed to represent the people on the right and left who are in agreement that Michelle Wolf's "jokes", including laughing about killing an unborn baby?

Gary McCoy - Fabricated propaganda poster? You mean like fabricated t-shirts? What isn't fabricated?

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm pointing out that the right responded with "Fuck your feelings!" while they were strutting around having their way, but started crying like butthurt babies when a comedian roasted them during a White House dinner established for that purpose.

That's pretty typical.

Muhammad Rasheed - I posted a casual photo from a Trump campaign event versus you posting a designer's photoshop creation made to force a political view. Why do you think your post made the stronger point?

Gary McCoy - Of course it's photoshopped. You mean Bush doesn't really have a Hitler mustache?? It's created, just like the t-shirts were created by the guy who silk screened them. What are you missing here? So you're still insisting that those two people are ALL Trump supporters? Maybe you missed all the mainstream media people on the left Monday who were expressing shock at how offensive miss wolf was.

Gary McCoy - Those poor butt hurt republicans....

Muhammad Rasheed - So are you saying you strongly condemn the "Fuck your feelings!" message from this proud Trump campaign event photo, and personally never partnered with it at all from your own very public, hypermasculine, white conservative "Fuck your feelings, libtards!" position? *thoughtful*

Gary McCoy - I don't engage in that kind of discourse on social media. Engaged in it when I was in bars before I got married and had a family to whom I was responsible. Should I associate you with antifa and all the rioting lefties out there?

Muhammad Rasheed - So are you saying I CAN'T find a bunch of cartoons drawn in these 'family man days' by Gary McCoy with an obvious "Fuck your feelings, snowflake libtards!" message in them? *thoughtful*

Gary McCoy - You could find my cartoons and ascribe any far-fetched notion You may wish I suppose. That doesn't necessarily mean that my cartoons automatically become what you perceive them to be.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm learning a lot in this thread. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - I think you missed your true calling as a defense attorney.

Muhammad Rasheed - It does appear as if you've admitted that you absolutely partner with the "Fuck your feelings, snowflake libtards!" Trump message, but have learned to cover it up since you've become a family man.

Gary McCoy - Not necessarily. I think that sentiment a lot in my mind. It didn't just come into being with Trump. There are a lot of people in society who's feeling deserve being given the proverbial purple nurple. Being a family man just means I have to pick my real life battles more wisely. But I'm always able to craft a written expression of what may be much less diplomatic if portrayed through physical means.

Muhammad Rasheed - Maybe you could practice law WHILE cartooning...?

Gary McCoy - Keep me in your Rolodex should you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Muhammad Rasheed - According to the law, I'm on the wrong side by default. Maybe I should keep a 1/8 sized clone of you in my briefcase...

Gary McCoy - I should mention, my rate is a lot higher for Perpetual troublemakers like yourself.

Muhammad Rasheed - stupid racism. :(


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