Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Exploiter's Oncode Victim-Blaming

Richard Sherman - The face of victimhood.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't know what that means, Rich. The "victimhood" talking point is a Republican line. I never received their glossary of terms.

Richard Sherman - Received, probably not. Lived? Very much so.

Muhammad Rasheed - Care to decode for folks not in your club?

Richard Sherman - Not really, Muh. You'll end up butt-hurt and ranting.

Muhammad Rasheed - So leaving cryptic messages under my cartoon was intended to do what then?

Richard Sherman - [ARTICLE] Almost half of US families can't afford basics like rent and food

Muhammad Rasheed - Does this count as "victimhood?"

Lila W Grant - Good question. Depends on whether or not they're living beyond their means. I don't expect much insight from CNN, just hype.

Muhammad Rasheed - So the charge of "victimhood" is the perception that someone's plight is actually self-inflicted?

Lila W Grant - As someone who raised three kids on my own with little money, I never once thought of myself as a victim. That background, combined with your quotes around "victimhood," and CNN as the source, influenced me to read it as self-pity.

I can't say I agree with "self-inflicted."

Muhammad Rasheed - It seems like the kind of person who would level the term "victimhood" upon you, would say something along the lines of: "Well, she shouldn't have had all those kids! Then she wouldn't have had it so hard! It's all her fault, so why should taxes come out of MY hard-earned money to blah-blah-blah?!?"

Lila W Grant - My response would be that I may have as many kids as I want to. Every child is a gift from God and I don't allow man to tell me how many kids I'm entitled to. Not only that, but it's God who controls the womb, not birth control pills, no matter how much man wants to be in control. I received welfare only one time, when I moved to a town where employers do not hire single women with children, in spite of excellent references. I went thru all my savings and finally had no choice but to receive welfare. I hope I was receiving the tax money of all the jackasses who refused to hire me.

That's one side. The other side is that there are some women who have kids as a business venture, but the govt created that mess, so let the govt deal with it.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm pretty sure your hypothetical "victimhood" critic would get triggered over that one time you were on welfare and skipped the rest. lol

Lila W Grant - Undoubtedly.

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