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Whites Over-Eager to Find Examples of Black-on-White Attacks for Fake Socio-political Balance

Rick Drew - [shared meme; from The Comical Conservative "Simply Outrageous! SHARE if you can't stand this crap anymore!"]

Rick Drew - Comments?

Beth Gregory - very true.

So smacking her upside the head several times is the equivalent to Trayvon getting shot and killed for wearing a hoodie? 

This woman lived in their community. They knew her. This was an attack of anger/drama based on something this woman actually did they all thought was pretty foul. By contrast, Zimmerman did not know Trayvon, and attacked him because he was a black kid in a hoodie. Why did they attack the woman? They claim that she attacked one of the juvenile girls and the two were fighting in the streets. "In court Monday afternoon, the attorney for Herring argued to the judge the evidence is thin, and that there is little evidence of who threw any blows."

Basically it was typical low-life drama (she was probably pregnant with a baby she had no business being pregnant with) and the whole neighborhood was salty and tense about it. Jerry Springer bs that turned into a non-lethal, non-fetus threatening, group slap-fest.

And somehow you really think this is equal to Zimmerman killing that teenager because blacks wearing hoodies is a death penalty offense ("thugvon?")? 


Beth Gregory - Absolutely not equal to the Zimmerman case.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Misleading" indeed. smh

John Olchak - False equivalency.

Rick Drew - Yep... I agree.

Chad Skurkis - What about this one?  Police officer, suspect killed in Omaha shooting

Muhammad Rasheed - She helped go after a convicted felon they had a warrant out for, and got into a fire fight with him. She's a cop.

Did anything happen that was out of line considering her profession? An armed police officer got into a fire fight with a known dangerous convicted convict and gang banger and she was shot.

That's a reasonable expectation for her line of work. "National outrage" wouldn't make any sense. That's like a national outrage resulting from a fire fighter getting 3rd degree burns.

Chad Skurkis - Sorry, I disagree. There is no reasonable person who would say the felon was within his rights to shoot anyone.

With your logic then a criminal can be shot because that is part of the consequences of the behavior they chose.

John Olchak - "False Equivalency for $200 Alex"

Chad Skurkis - Where was the outrage and media coverage when Dillon Taylor was shot and killed?

Muhammad Rasheed - Chad Skurkis wrote: "Sorry, I disagree."

I genuinely don't understand what you are supposed to be disagreeing with. Are you outraged because a pregnant white woman was shot by [I'm going to assume] a non-white? Is that what the "What about this one?" meant?

Chad Skurkis wrote: "There is no reasonable person who would say the felon was within his rights to shoot anyone."

That's a strawman. What I AM asking is why would there be a national outrage if a cop was shot doing her job which is a normal risk associated with that job that even children are aware of?

Chad Skurkis wrote: "With your logic then a criminal can be shot because that is part of the consequences of the behavior they chose."

That's a reasonable and normally understood reason why a criminal would be shot by a cop. At this point I need to to explain what you are arguing exactly so i can understand your point. I want to lean towards a racist assumption, but I'll withhold that until I know more. Please explain.

Chad Skurkis - Of course you're leaning to racism. That's the crutch you use if someone has a different opinion?

My point is there are multiple examples of innocent people of all races being shot or beaten. I don't think it is covered the same for all races.

Muhammad Rasheed - If only racism was really just a crutch. I actually wouldn't be arguing this, and would live in La-La Land with you and your ilk. But alas.

This is a racism topic specifically. Take a glance up at Rick's shared meme and read it if you are confused on that matter. Talking about racism in a racism related subject is a crutch now? Are you used to simply calling racism charges crutches as your thing? Don't do that. It's weird.

Muhammad Rasheed - You are quite correct. It's NOT covered the same, and that is an issue. It's why people are comparing that biker gang incident with the typical cop response to black folk.

Chad Skurkis - Playing the race card is a joke and shows me not to take you seriously. I have friends and family of different races and all are welcome and treasured parts of my life. Maybe instead of labeling people you should get to know them otherwise you're just stereotyping them.

John Olchak - Chad, you need to do some research on understanding the concept of "White Privilege" and "White Fragility" before you start thowing around "racism as a crutch" accusations.

On Racism and White Privilege 

Muhammad Rasheed - Chad Skurkis wrote: "Playing the race card is a joke..."

In my experience, people that use the term "the race card" are the joke. Are you going to prove yourself the exception today, Chad?

Just because there are other races of people in your circle doesn't mean there is no racism in the country experienced by people all the time.

Chad Skurkis - Those bikers are thugs and outlaws, I have not nor will I ever defend them.

Do you know who Dillon Taylor was or will you have to search the Internet?

Chad Skurkis - John, and you need to know a person and their actions before judging.

Muhammad Rasheed - Chad Skurkis wrote: "Those bikers are thugs and outlaws, I have not nor will I ever defend them."

That's not the point. The point is that the white cops have zero problem recognizing separate categories of classes and behaviors among their own kind, but routines treat ALL blacks as if we are of the criminal class. The cops were even able to discern "dangerous" and threatening individual bikers from among that group! They don't treat my folk that way.

Chad Skurkis - Do you know who Dillon Taylor was? This is my third time asking.

Muhammad Rasheed - I had to look him up after I was finished responding to the above posts.

He's the dude that died in the Salt Lake City incident. I started not to respond at all after your "This is my third time asking" comment, considering all the questions from me you conspicuously ducked.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's one hypocrisy point for you btw.

Chad Skurkis - Yes the unarmed white dude who was killed by police.

You just got your hypocrisy point too.

Muhammad Rasheed - Chad Skurkis wrote: "Where was the outrage and media coverage when Dillon Taylor was shot and killed?"

Tell me why should there be outrage. What happened during that incident that would make the populace suspect foul play from the police?

Muhammad Rasheed - Chad Skurkis wrote: "You just got your hypocrisy point too."

Not until you answer the above. Don't make me ask 3 times. wink emoticon

Chad Skurkis - An unarmed white man shot by police when he never touched the officer at any time nor did he rush or threaten the officer. He had headphones on and did not hear the officer.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Both the suspect and the cop were white. There was no reason to believe the cop operated out of any kind of unfair bias ("He was like a demon!") in the situation.

2.) The people who called the police told them that the suspect WAS armed, and the cop responded to the scene as if the suspect was indeed.

3.) Ear phones or not, the suspect wasn't responding to the cops VERY loud instruction. The cop was already tense and on edge when he showed up.

4.) When the suspect turned around, his hands were absolutely in his waist band as if he were indeed armed.

Nothing happened here that seemed out of order. Even if the suspect had been black, it would still look as if the cop operated in standard procedure that wasn't out of line.

John Olchak - Chad, since you are exhibiting some of the markers of White Fragility it's a perspective you might not have about the race discussion in America. That's all: "White people in North America live in a social environment that protects and insulates them from race-based stress. This insulated environment of racial protection builds white expectations for racial comfort while at the same time lowering the ability to tolerate racial stress, leading to what I refer to as White Fragility. White Fragility is a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves. These moves include the outward display of emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation. These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium. This paper explicates the dynamics of White Fragility." - The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy Vol 3, No 3 (2011) > DiAngelo

Chad Skurkis - Do you know who DeAndre Joshua is?

Muhammad Rasheed - Wait... were you finished with the other kid? You're not going to give me any pushback?

Chad Skurkis - That's cute John, next time get to know a person before judging them.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol He's judging you based on your documented behavior in this very thread. It's not like you're subtle at all.

Chad Skurkis - What's the point, I can see by your response that you have a very closed mind. Dillon Taylor is shot and it's justified though he was unarmed.

Chad Skurkis - I can say the same of you but honestly a few replies on a thread is hardly enough to analyze a person, unless of course you're into stereotyping.

Chad Skurkis - This is pointless, I wish you well and hope you have a great weekend.

Muhammad Rasheed - A demonstration of a closed mind is one in which you proclaim that it was unfair without analyzing what happened during the event. Like you are doing. All the points I listed were factors that led to him being considered not out of line, but you dismissed them out of hand. That's what a closed mind looks like, Chad.

Muhammad Rasheed - Chad Skurkis wrote: "I can say the same of you..."

It wouldn't bother me since I don't respect your opinion on this topic. I don't trust you enough to take ownership of your opinion of me. No offense.

Chad Skurkis wrote: "...but honestly a few replies on a thread is hardly enough to analyze a person, unless of course you're into stereotyping."

Do I need to stereotype? The point of Rick's found meme was that the Sanford FL woman and the Trayvon incident were the same, yet they absolutely were NOT the same. When I pointed that out you were disappointed, and immediately dug around for similar incidents to fill the void of your false equivalency bag. This is what you are demonstrating with every post.

Muhammad Rasheed - Let me look up this DeAndre Joshua (speaking of stereotypes he sounds like he might be a mixed race Black/Jew).

Chad Skurkis - So asking a question is out of line, good to know. Next time I won't ask "What about this one" because that is a false equivalent.

Chad Skurkis - He was a young black man murdered because he testified to the grand jury.

Muhammad Rasheed - Wait! I want to look it up for myself.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Asking a question is out of line" is another strawman.

Are you even going to try to support your actual point, Chad? Why are you upset anyway? Tell me.

Chad Skurkis - Have a great weekend Muhammad and be safe over the holiday weekend.

Chad Skurkis - Have a great weekend, I have things to do.

Muhammad Rasheed - [notices that has a DeAndre Joshua article near the top of the search link list]


Muhammad Rasheed - uhhh... Is THIS the thing that you brought his name up for?

Were Deandre Joshua and Shawn Gray Murdered After Testifying Before a Grand Jury in Ferguson? (

Muhammad Rasheed - If so you may wish to let that go.

Muhammad Rasheed - Is that the extent of your false equivalency item list then?

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