Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Risk Managing the Stars

Muhammad Rasheed - I’m an advocate for celebrities being able to keep their personal lives to themselves if they are concerned about that, and don’t believe in the intrusive sleaze of the paparazzi. I understand the enormous pressure they face in the public eye; not only feeling the need to perform at a high-level for their family and friends, but by agreeing to enter the limelight, they also agreed to give a piece of themselves to their True Fans. These are the dedicated members of the public who hold up the celebrity with their fortune and fame. The True Fan reasonably expects them to maintain the standard that they won them over by.

I know it can be hard psychologically. Normal blokes often buckle under the mundane pressures of life, so it’s not surprising at all that famous people fall out of the sky to crash and burn without making it to the stardom they were reaching for. Normal folk usually self-medicate, abusing their bodies with mind-numbing substances to get through the daily grind, so of course the celebrity usually will, too.

For people that aspire to that high-level game, I think it will be worth taking the time to work on a realistic risk management plan for dealing with the super-pressures of stardom. It’s better to prepare and plan upfront with tedious detailed “What if--?” scenarios, than it is to go through the trauma of repair in the aftermath of a devastating crash & burn.

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