Thursday, May 14, 2015

Manny's Failure

Crim Roll - Boxing News :: Just Face It, Manny Pacquiao Ruined The Mega-Fight For Boxing

Jahnell Parkinson - Exactly!

George Winbush - Hey this is the god honest truth accept it and move on

Jahnell Parkinson - Maidana, Cotto, Hatton and even Ortiz stayed in floyds face all night and that's why thoses fights were all exciting. We thought Pacquico would bring even more fire power... We were wrong! All them fighters fought with way more heart than Pacquico did, they even showed more skill.

Dwight Kincy - Be a man dude

Maurice Lao - its manny's fault for being too slow to catch him? lol floyd got permission to run away from his opponent? is this writer paul malignanni? magno for short? the same paul that said pac will get knocked out? u guys are retarded

George Winbush - Pacquiao lost get over it

Maurice Lao - who cares.. screw pacquiao.. floyd is a coward and nothing will change that

Jahnell Parkinson – Precision Hits – Rounds 6 thru 12

Does this look like running or give a lesson!

Muhammad Rasheed - It was his fans' fault for blowing this little dude up into the mythical Chosen One figure. It wasn't his fault he couldn't live up to it.

Misha SF - Same ppl same be consistent: Floyd won and schooled Manny.

Good article though.

Maurice Lao - jahnell and those are floyd's best punches throughout the fight, how sad. wheres the rest? ha!! running ffrom pac... oops muhammad rashid and the floydtards are back

Jahnell Parkinson - Pacquico landed only 19% of his punches, was off balance all night and stayed at bay for 90% of the fights how the hell u think he won that fight?

Misha SF - Here's the rest. Let's give this topic a rest.

Maurice Lao - yeah and floyd only fights if everything goes HIS WAY. his hometown, hisref, his purse, his ring, his scheduled date may 2... AND STILL RAN AWAY DURING THE FIGHT... What a shame.. pac lost, floyd is a coward scam artist.. moving on

Jahnell Parkinson - Pacquico and Roach both looked like amateurs that night. Floyd made Pacquico look the worst he ever looked can u say the same about Floyd?

Misha SF - Yes, Floyd got his terms, made more money and for a guy who can't read was able to fill out his paperwork correctly instead of lying to everyone.

Jahnell Parkinson - He's at that point, besides Pacquico never had a problem fighting in Vegas before did he?

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm trying to figure out why maurice joined a boxing group. Dude, the pokemon group is down the hall to the left.

Misha SF - Floyd did what we all knew he would do. Everyone was hoping for Manny to force the fight. Instead he looked like stepping and cutting angles was new to him.

Maurice Lao - pac lost and floyd is a scam artist coward... anfd theres 20 floyd die hard fans here... we all get it, its not running, its 'work of art' right? suuuureee... moving on before im bombarded with floyd photo memes

Misha SF - I think you are the only hardcore Pacman fan here we hear. I like Floyd because he is master of his craft and I like to watch him make fighters look ordinary, but gimme a GGG like style and I watch that any day.

Maurice Lao - muhammad rashed, its you who is a floyd far more well versed in the art of fighting and in over 10 years of training, i never knew running being a skill until i ran into you guys... LOL! Work of art, 'masterpiece' shut up.. hugging and running is called being a pussy.. stop it

Misha SF - Explain to me why there is a double standard here. Floyd is the scam artist, but Manny is the one who lied???

Muhammad Rasheed - Manny's camp put all their money on him being able to get his toradol shot before the fight, enabling him to walk through his opponents' punches (which is where the juicing rumors came from). When the shot was refused they were stunned & confused. Even though Floyd isn't heavy-handed, Manny was further disappointed and angered to discover he couldn't power his way through the champion's counter right hands without his magic shot.

Too bad, so sad. Stay in your lane and know your role, li'l guy.

Maurice Lao - pacman fan? read above, i said screw pac, he lost, and floyd is a chicken

Maurice Lao - floyd is a pussy

Maurice Lao - coward... vagina.. fake... scam artist... everything must go his way.. and pacquiao lost.. done

Eric Stone - hahahaha, kick yourself Muhammad.. since when does becoming the only boxer in history to climb up and win 10 world titles in 8 weight divisions not constitute being talked about as a great boxer? your hatred runs deep for the Pacman.

Muhammad Rasheed - Amazed @ maurice's demonstration of expert boxing analysis.

You're lucky I'm not a mod, doc.

Misha SF - Floyd is the guy ppl love to hate. Your posts are case and point. He gathers traction with his marketing and annoys most, especially those who don't appreciate good defensive boxing, with his super safe style.

I'm sure every boxing fan secretly wanted for Manny to pop Floyd real good at least once, worse than Shane did, but he couldn't. Floyd is that good at playing the game.

Maurice Lao - manny cannot go through floyd because floyd won the fight already through negotiations, everything must go his way or hes not fighting... thats it... and even when EVERYTHING went his way, he STILL RAN AWAY DURING THE FIGHT... what a chicken.. he should have ko'ed pac.. in fact, i think he lost.. but i dont want to hurt u guys feelings.. so ill just say pac lost and floyd is a coward.. fair enough

Misha SF - "Floyd is that good at playing the game"

Manny/his camp/Arum should know all about playing games, making Oscar and Cotto drain down.

It's the business of boxing.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Eric… I say let him do it again without the toradol and see how well he performs.

Misha SF - I say give Manny as many shots of the shit he was taking when he beat the crap out of Oscar, Cotto and Maragarito. Double dose in fact. Maybe the he has a shot.

Eric Stone - I'm over the fight and a rematch both past their primes when it would of meant something and/or shook up the welterweight division.. too much young talent comin up

Misha SF - Maybe he can drink Marquez's piss, too. Give him that extra edge.

Muhammad Rasheed - After 5 years of telling the Floyd fans that the champ was ducking this li'l guy, I'll be over it when the 5 year shit talking balance has been paid in full.

Misha SF - Maurice does have a subtle point in his own right. Both these guys failed to produce the fireworks. F-em. Like Eric said, let the guys who want to entertain fight. Focus on them.

Martin Schlander - I think you have to give Manny some credit for Floyd not staying in the pocket as much as he did against most other dudes in recent years. Shows you Floyd had some respect for Manny and didn't want to play around.

Muhammad Rasheed - Five years ago that fight wouldn't have meant anything. The "Manny is the Chosen One!" hype-machine hadn't started yet, and Floyd was younger & faster. 5 years ago the fight wouldn't have been as fun as watching the manny fans build themselves up to a giant optimistic tower, only to see them fall on their faces to realize... in front of the whole world... their guy was NOTHING compared to mayweather.


Misha SF - Floyd is clearly far superior. I don't think anyone can question that. Floyd just didn't take the risks needed. As you said, a younger Floyd would have.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Martin... Floyd didn't stay in the pocket because, as a southpaw, Manny was "awkward" and the risk was higher. That's all. If manny was an orthodox stance fighter, Floyd would have treated him EXACTLY the way he treated marquez.

Misha SF - Floyd should blasted Manny's liver and left eye...but he just picked him apart.

Muhammad Rasheed - The bottom line is that Manny's fans convinced themselves that Manny was a better infighter/brawler than Floyd was a Classic Boxer. They INSISTED that Manny had exactly what it took to power through Floyd's celebrated defensive skills and force the champion to fight the way he wanted him to fight and score the upset.

Meanwhile, Manny ended up proving that he was just an average infighter/brawler that Floyd had zero problems neutralizing, and the retarded Manny fan's now create the false narrative that somehow Floyd was supposed to lessen his skills and fight down to the inferior fighter's level in order to appease Manny's fans. "Coward" indeed.

Muhammad Rasheed - They deserved to lose that money. For being stupid.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Misha… That was part of the fun; that he treated the Chosen One like he was nothing special, picked him apart in the most mundane way, and there was NOTHING he could do about it. In front of all his true believers.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's why their butthurt energy is strong enough to power the Deathstar.

Larry B. Fortner - Yep...Pac didn't live up to what he and Roach said they would live up to

Charles Greaves - FUCKKKKKKKKKK!

Ronnie Richardson - Maurice Lao is at it again I see..

How would you describe Ali's style?

And I'm still waiting on an excuse for the lie you told about round 1 and 2 'hug and Run' hahahahaha.

I'm sorry I'm just a purist

Ronnie Richardson - Misha SF.. A younger Floyd would have taken risks, but a younger Pacman would have too IMO, resulting in a stoppage for Pretty Boy

Jahnell Parkinson - Lmao

Muhammad Rasheed - A younger Pacquiao would not have gotten past a younger Mayweather's jab. He simply wouldn't have allowed him to.

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