Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Choose Life Over Death

Muhammad Rasheed - "There's another side! There's always another side!"

Of course. There's righteousness, truth & peace versus white supremacy.


Ekari Ekari - "Just to play devil's advocate..."

Ekari Ekari - "But you aren't looking at the facts."

Muhammad Rasheed - The fact is, you love your own people and lack any kind of empathy for anyone else. And you do it to the point of psychosis.

Ekari Ekari - "You're sorta being emotional right now, so it's hard to take your point seriously."

Muhammad Rasheed - I express emotion towards you abusing my people, which you lack in every way when you are killing them. You can't take me seriously because when I express outrage that you shot a 12 year old playing with a toy, you literally look at me like I expressed outrage at you shooting a rock.

Ekari Ekari - #derailment

Muhammad Rasheed -   >:(

Radi Lewis - Lol...I need this convo on a Tshirt like yesterday.

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