Monday, June 8, 2015

Swing of the Pendulum

Riley Freeman[shared meme]

Riley Freeman – Well?

Jules Hernadi - Cute pic.

Tarais Parker - Yea what about the other million

Muhammad Rasheed - Flawlessly protected them from what? Because the bad apple cops are still out there fuckin' up. Clean THAT up.

Riley Freeman - If you were aware of what you had been protected from then they wouldn't have done their jobs. Sleep well knowing this.

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile, in direct opposition to your belief system, the police only function as "heroes" to the wealthy and powerful that they work for. If they help the poor and disenfranchised it was by accident, or because they were bored.

Riley Freeman
- By your logic, when people believe that all blacks are ratchet, on welfare, uneducated, dead beats, and completely ghetto that they are in fact correct because there are black people that exist like that right? There is good and bad everywhere in this world. There are far too many bad and corrupt police out there, but corruption is a universal vice that spans across anything and everything, even soccer and art . But does that represent each and every thing in this world? No. But it's corruption news worthy? Yes.

Muhammad Rasheed
- Ironically, my ideological enemy believes all blacks are "ratchet" and inherently inferior while he seeks to drown out my angry protests over his cops using their authorized discretion to kill my people dead over minor and imaginary violations of the law. He wants me to understand that his people are human beings... some bad, most good... while wishing the savage and inferior black man would go back to Africa.

By my logic, western society is fundamentally slanted to stomp on blacks while upholding whites, and in general, it isn't ready to treat everybody equal yet. First, the scales must be balanced. White people are not going to be injured if I don't give them the benefit of the doubt. Their stockpiles of privilege will cushion them from any butthurt they might feel when I don't trust them with my life as a matter of principle.

Riley Freeman - Then, by your logic, resistance is futile. But I refuse to belive that.

Muhammad Rasheed
- First the scales must be balanced. Then we can get on equal footing.

Muhammad Rasheed
- The pendulum must swing past the middle first before it can stop at the center in balance.

Muhammad Rasheed
- They may take comfort in the fact that, as it swings to the other side, they will never have to experience the worse of what we experienced.

Muhammad Rasheed
- (a pity.)

Riley Freeman - I never said it was equal footing. But, in order for us to get back on track, we have allot of internal affairs to get in order.

Muhammad Rasheed
- lol Yes, a lot of psychological damage caused specifically by THEIR bullshit. At least half of it won't be fixed until those scales are balanced, or only more resentments compiled on top of that generational damage will result.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not precisely sure what the ultimate point is to these kinds of posts from you are, Riley, but I'm never going to sign up to the "All Lives Matter" kumbaya of that version of the "color blind" narrative while they are still calling me a gorilla from the other side of their legendary forked tongue.

Riley Freeman
- Our own bullshit has caused us to lose focus and stray from the path began by brothers malcolm and Martin. Only then can we truly hope to get equality.

Muhammad Rasheed
- We certainly had help in losing that focus. Dr. Thomas Sowell was an eye witness to when it happened and correctly called out the white liberals for having a direct hand in the derailment. The goal changing dramatically from the black empowerment of desegregation, to the flighty "Integration" is what's responsible for our current unfocused mindset.

Riley Freeman
- Color blind narrative? Lol. I laugh at that. The lives in law enforcement that matter to me are my family who are law enforcement. Do they do everything right? Yes. Are they corrupt? No. Do they go bust their ass so people can sleep at night? You bet your ass they do. Anything else is either irrelevant or in your head as far as what your believe this post is about.

Riley Freeman
- The problem is that we let every distraction that comes along pull us back to square one. We let the media tell us who our role models are. We let ratchetness be glorified to a beat. We let our kids fall behind. We let others fights become ours. That's the bullshit we gave every day.

Muhammad Rasheed - Riley, I'm uninterested in minute, individual cases of people who do the right thing, because those people have always been around, and yet they can't do anything to help on the institutional level (not without coming together to help as a cohesive, powerful force). Am I abstractly thankful for the white abolitionists, white policy makers, and altruistic white souls that individually helped our people over the centuries? Sure. Of course I am. But slavery STILL happened. The KKK terrorism repealing reconstruction STILL happened. Jim Crow STILL happened. Sharecropping STILL happened. Whole black towns burned to the ground while the gov watched STILL happened. The unfocused derailment in the wake of the Civil Rights Era STILL happened. Individual actions clearly are not helping on the nation-wide institutional level when the real bad guys cause untold destruction with the stroke of a pen right over that little bit of scattered good. My rant is a general philosophical contention beyond the individual level.

Riley Freeman - You know, it's funny that you mention that because I was just talking to someone this very day about how people glance over events in the past like slavery and the native American massacres like they were small tiny afterthoughts in history. I mean seriously?

Muhammad Rasheed - That's because most people make a casual note of those things, but usually don't dig into it to really KNOW it because it makes them uncomfortable. Consequently they only ever attain a surface level impression over those major events that have generational effects.

Muhammad Rasheed - Granted, knowing it until you find yourself shaking with fury isn't helping either, unless you can find something constructive to channel that energy into...

Muhammad Rasheed
- Obviously I need to find something more potent than just comics.

Riley Freeman - Have faith my brother. Have faith. One day, eyes will open. Perhaps not in our lifetime but let's prepare the next to go forth and fight the good fight.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, first they will need to be properly prepared so they will have the tools to do so. Pretending that my ideological enemy's flaky, kumbaya, retcon-of-history-to-make-himself-look-like-the-good-guy is true is not the way to prepare them for the good fight. It would be a sabotage to condemn them to more of the same.

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