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The Black Age Institute

FELLOW - In academia, a member of a group of learned people who work together as peers in the pursuit of mutual knowledge or practice. It may also indicate an individual recipient of a graduate-level merit-based form of funding.

THINK TANK - An organization that performs research and advocacy concerning topics such as social policy, political strategy, economics, military, technology, or culture. (also called policy institute, research institute, etc.)

ENDOWMENT - A financial endowment is a donation of money or property to a nonprofit organization for the ongoing support of that organization. Usually the endowment is structured so that the principal amount is kept intact while the investment income is available for use, or part of the principal is released each year, which allows for the donation to have an impact over a longer period than if it were spent all at once. An endowment may come with stipulations regarding its usage.

FOUNDATION - In the United States a foundation is a type of charitable organization, used as an instrument designed to pool donations into a coordinated investment and grant-making facility dedicated primarily to some form of social improvement.  Foundations provide this improvement by making of grants to other charitable organizations, individuals, and the direct operation of charitable programs. When a person or a corporation founds a private foundation frequently family members of that person or agents of the corporation are members of the governing board. This limits public scrutiny over the private foundation, which entails unfavorable treatment compared to community foundations.

1.) Think tanks vary by ideological perspectives, sources of funding, topical emphasis and prospective consumers. Funding sources and the consumers intended also define the workings of think tanks. Some receive direct government assistance, while others rely on private individual or corporate donors. This will invariably affect the degree of academic freedom within each policy institute and to whom or what the institution feels beholden.

Types of regional and national variations of think tanks:

1. Independent civil society think tanks established as non-profit organisations –ideologically identifiable or not
2. Policy research institutes affiliated with a university.
3. Governmentally created or state sponsored think tanks.
4. Corporate created or business affiliated think tanks.
5. Political party think tanks and legacy or personal think tanks.

2.) The Nobel Foundation was founded as a private organisation on 29 June 1900. Its function is to manage the finances and administration of the Nobel Prizes. In many ways, the Nobel Foundation is similar to an investment company, in that it invests Nobel's money to create a solid funding base for the prizes and the administrative activities. The Nobel Foundation is exempt from all taxes in Sweden (since 1946) and from investment taxes in the United States (since 1953). Since the 1980s, the Foundation's investments have become more profitable and as of 31 December 2007, the assets controlled by the Nobel Foundation amounted to 3.628 billion Swedish kronor (c. US$560 million).

Muhammad Rasheed - The Fellow is the member of the Think Tank. The Foundation is the organization created to pay for the Think Tank, providing members their salaries, the monies needed to fund their endeavors, run the day-to-day administrative operations and expenses.

Muhammad Rasheed - The Black Genre Fiction Institute 
The Institute of Black Heroes 
The Black Hero Institute 
The Institute of Black Age Fiction 
The Black Age Institute

Chris Rullestad - Wow... this is a pretty boring post for you Rasheed.

Muhammad Rasheed - You think so? I've actually been super-excited about it for the last several hours.

Muhammad Rasheed - I think it's a very worthy Project.

Chris Rullestad - Just trying to rattle your cage man. I would be proud to have written all that.

Muhammad Rasheed - I only wrote the last couple of posts under them; this is all just dot-connecting cherry-picking, as I play around with the potential idea it represents to me in the think tank/fellow concept.

Muhammad Rasheed
- The original inspiration is the relationship between the two characters in the film 'Vanilla Sky,' played by Tom Cruise and Jason Lee.

Muhammad Rasheed - Of particular interest are the shear number of different prizes the Nobel Foundation gives out, especially the wide array of those dedicated to science.

I'm thinking of a "Reclaiming the Sciences Award," a sizable grant bestowed upon those Black Americans who have made outstanding contributions to mathematics, technology and science.

Chris Rullestad
- This is all very impressive but , I guess I would be excluded...

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, I saw the model working for other industries, and wondered why it wouldn't work for the cartooning industry, particularly for my own people who are often excluded from stuff disproportionately to our numbers (the whole "integration" idea hasn't really been working that well).

So my priority is to solve the problem involving the black cartoonist, and then branch out from there. Naturally the resource and prestige heavy mainstream wouldn't need my help to solve their problems, while their groups have been rejecting my membership requests for the last 11+ years. I'd now like to build our own prestigious cartooning group, with our own highly-coveted, merit-based prize, and recognize our own accomplishments that are often overlooked and/or downplayed by the mainstream. Enough is enough.

Chris Rullestad - I did not realize you were so interested in comics and cartoons. This is great. Please go to my home page and take a look at my comics. Oh, by the way, the same groups that have been rejecting you have also been rejecting me.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I'm already familiar with your work; that's why we are connected. ;)

Chris Rullestad wrote: "Oh, by the way, the same groups that have been rejecting you have also been rejecting me."

I understand. I'm talking about the fact that there have only been a handful of Black Americans allowed in the mainstream cartooning industry sacred halls (with contemptuous whispers of "affirmative action" whispered behind them), while you ARE "mainstream." I long for a situation where my people can just be ourselves, expressing ourselves to the top of our abilities, and genuinely appreciated for it by our peers. We need our own Home. The "mainstream" is your home, Chris.

Muhammad Rasheed - Chris Rullestad wrote: "I did not realize you were so interested in comics and cartoons."

The Official Web Site of Cartoonist M. Rasheed

Chris Rullestad
- This conversation depresses me...

Muhammad Rasheed - Why? I think the model can work for artists. If it spreads, then we won't have to worry whether the non-artistically invested will continue our funding or whatever, in those institutions where the arts seem only barely tolerated. we can sustain ourselves, and thrive.

I think this is specifically the type of model we need as artists. It will enable you to simply CREATE! without worrying over your bills because of the uncertainly of the inferior freelance model ("If I don't create XYZ numbers of cartons in a month I'll be homeless!").

Muhammad Rasheed
- It's not a depressing topic, it's a topic of Hope & long-overdue Progress. That's why I've been excited about it. Cartoonists in general have been FAR behind the security/prosperity curve, and my people woefully further back still. I think this Project can fix it.

Muhammad Rasheed - You should practice optimism. lol

Chris Rullestad
- Your project sounds great. It's all this talk about separatism that bothers me. Your people, my people, your home, my mainstream home... I don't like it one bit and we'll have to just agree to disagree on that.

Muhammad Rasheed - It'll be more constructive if you take the time to tell me why you don't like it.

Muhammad Rasheed - God said He made us different so we will learn from each other... each building a unique body of knowledge inherent in solving our problems. This think tank/fellow concept is a perfect example; a problem already worked out by others that I believe we can use for our own rise up the socio-economic ladder. That's a positive thing. There's nothing wrong with being different, or acknowledging differences. The problems come from hurting people because of their differences. Love, admire, and learn from each other, and celebrate the things that make each other "us."

We'll be fine as long as we don't hate, attack, vilify, etc.

Chris Rullestad - Ok, try this out. My heritage is Norwegian. Let's say I'm stranded in a Norwegian airport and I see a black family across the room and I can tell for whatever reason that they're Americans. This is the family that I gravitate towards. These would be the people I would feel the most comfortable with. Does this scenario make sense to you?

Muhammad Rasheed
- It doesn't seem like you got to the punchline yet...

Muhammad Rasheed
- I'm tracking. Then what happens?

Chris Rullestad - The fact that we're Americans trumps all else

Muhammad Rasheed - "We're Americans trumps all else" couldn't work outside of the narrow confines of your stripped-down scenario. It's never worked that way in all of American history, and actually doesn't reflect how we function as a species. Are you longing for an unnatural state that doesn't even represent an ideal situation? My nationality doesn't represent the best part of me, my status as a believer in the One God of Abraham does. Nothing trumps that. That's number one.

My self-identity as Muhammad Rasheed is next in importance to me, as the individual.

My family… my status as a husband, father, son, brother, etc., comes next.

And then my ethnic group, the Black American. My bare nationality is after that in importance.

Muhammad Rasheed
- In your scenario, the nationality connection would be what trumps all else because it would be the only connection you'd have. If they weren't there, and one of the Norwegians was listening to your favorite song, that would be the connection that would draw you into a conversation.

Chris Rullestad
- Yes, it's the only connection we have and it;s a very good one.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's a good one in a limited way. If it was a "very" good one then we wouldn't have had the historical conflicts between the two groups.

Chris Rullestad
- ...and yes it has worked that way in all of American history. In fact, It's the reason we're the greatest nation on earth. I hope that doesn't sound to hokey.

Chris Rullestad
- sorry but you type faster than me

Muhammad Rasheed - I agree we are the greatest nation on earth, but that status comes from the socio-economic opportunities the country is famous for, not from any artificial concept that we all appreciate each other as Americans.

Muhammad Rasheed
- hahahah I'm typing with two fingers!

Chris Rullestad
- and you're telling me to be more optimistic???

Chris Rullestad - I suppose you think Pollyanna is my mistress...

Muhammad Rasheed - That doesn't have anything to do with optimism. I don't WANT nationalism to be the highest form of connection between two humans. That sounds pagan and perverse to me.

Muhammad Rasheed
- Will God judge us based on what nation we lived in? The concept is absurd.

Chris Rullestad
- Leave God out of this. I never said that nationalism should be at the very top but I realize that I rate it higher than you do.

Muhammad Rasheed
- Chris Rullestad wrote: "...and yes it has worked that way in all of American history."

Dude... do I need to post those evil photos from the other thread again? Come on.

Slavery? And then when I was finally freed, those other guys literally got angry at my progress, donned their infamous hoods, and took that progress from me?

Muhammad Rasheed
- Chris Rullestad wrote: "Leave God out of this."

NEVER. Are you the devil???

Chris Rullestad
- Laughed out loud

Muhammad Rasheed - Chris Rullestad wrote: "I never said that nationalism should be at the very top but I realize that I rate it higher than you do."

It sounds like that's exactly what you are advocating.

Muhammad Rasheed - JFK's quote about asking what I can do for my country is key here. If I don't build myself up to my ultimate form, what can I possibly contribute to the nation?
Muhammad Rasheed - The individual is the basic unit of civilization and our society. If he is weak, then the nation is weak.

Chris Rullestad - Family first, then comes Jesus Christ, my lord and savior, next would be nationalism

Muhammad Rasheed - God bestowed your family onto you. He gave you the gift of life itself, without which, you would not be able to enjoy the other bounties He provides.

God should ALWAYS be first, sir, or you are at risk of paganism.

Chris Rullestad - I know, that really is a close call

Muhammad Rasheed
- ^You think that because of the concept behind the quote: "'Mother' is the word for 'God' on the lips of all children."

The Agape Love you feel for your family is the connect you use to the divine. I understand. But you MUST recognize the clear line between the two. God is always first.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do not jeopardize your soul by giving God's devotion over to the creation. That will not end well for you, despite the warm love you feel for your family. Everything on earth is a test. All of it. We are tested with both adversity and prosperity. Belief in God is the reason you are here, not the pleasures of creation.

Chris Rullestad - I think that you are more devoted to god than I am

Muhammad Rasheed - Just be careful. You may wish to meditate on that more.

Chris Rullestad
- Unfortunately there are too many people asking what their country can do for them

Muhammad Rasheed
- Well, if you give your all to the abstract nationalism before you build yourself up, and the worst happens and you comeback horribly mutilated to a low quality of life you no longer have the strength to rise up from, you are now no good to yourself, nor to your country. And the government bureaucrats will probably treat you like dirt on the other side of it. Nationalism will not save you.

Chris Rullestad - Sounds like you're describing a wounded veteran

Muhammad Rasheed
- Yes.

Chris Rullestad - some people actually die for their country...

Chris Rullestad
- I admit, I don't really want to do that, but then again, I'm 60 so...

Muhammad Rasheed
- Chris Rullestad wrote: "some people actually die for their country..."

Do they? Or did they die protecting their right to worship their Lord, their families, their lives, their homes that reside on the national soil?

Dying for abstract nationalism is paganism. There won't be any reward on the other side of that death. How could there be?

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