Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sacrifice to the Snake God!

Muhammad Rasheed - [shared photo]

Muhammad Rasheed - Yeah, okay. They knew they didn't want that kid the very second they laid the newborn baby next to the apex super predator.

"Did it eat him yet?"
"No. What do you think is wrong?"
"Fuck. I don't know. I guess it's a sign from the gods."
"oh noooo..."

Abdur Rasheed - The kid must taste like pure curry.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do they use curry in China? I don't think so...

Abdur Rasheed - Oh. Well he must emit a powerful and distinctive smell of strong Kung fu.

Josh Smart - This is wrong on levels I can't even think about. Yuck.

Muhammad Rasheed - Josh they were trying to kill the newborn, and when they returned from dance class or whatever, were like, "Oh, the snake is an old friend! I KNEW he wouldn't hurt him!"

Abdur Rasheed - No they were NOT.

They were all like, "For the final stage of your training..."

Muhammad Rasheed - Psh. 

"We cannot afford condoms, but let's pray to the great snake gods we won't get pregnant. If we do, it just means they are hungry."

Abdur Rasheed - You make a compelling argument.

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