Monday, November 17, 2014

Playing Yourself "On the Strength"

Grey Williamson - [shared link] Lee Daniels admits Dash put 2 mil on him, then made a fortune on "The Butler"... feels no responsibility to hook Dash up because of what he is liable for on paper. Trash. Dash's "paper", and support got you there... you can't break 'im off? Cretin. ... and then you badmouth him in public? Deserves an "Aubrey"... You took the money, Dude... You accepted the "hand". Yep, a righteous "Aubrey"...

Lee Daniels Compares Damon Dash's Investment Lawsuit to 'Shell Game'

Randolph Rudie Carty - I don't know Dash to care for him or not care for him. This article just makes me wonder why do we (as in black folks, people that look like me) do so much business on the strength? Why can't we call up lawyers and draw up contracts. No more oral agreements. I doubt Lee Daniels will have a hard time finding a backer for his next project. That backer will just come with a proper contract.

Muhammad Rasheed - Yeah, Daniels agreed to it "on the strength" and then spun around and made sure that actual written contract said something very different.  So are we going to blame capitalism for this behavior, or recognize it for what it is as an individual's lack of personal integrity?

Muhammad Rasheed In the Qur'an God says to make sure all of your agreements are in writing. There is no promising "on the strength" of your word. Make sure it is all very clear to both parties involved in a solid written contract. This will ensure solid business practices, as well as maintain your relationships.

Don't tempt people's natural greedy tendencies.

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