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Awakening the Atrophied Eye: DAY SEVEN

A friend did some digging and discovered that Clesson H. Harvey passed away last year in October.  Even though I knew he was elderly, it still shocked me.  I decided not to be sad about it though, because he obviously had a really good life.  I’m honored that he was able to touch me through his work.  He traveled all over the world, and experienced all kinds of amazing things.  He even had that rare spiritual experience that is now the focus of my blog.

He published his latest book, Opening the Door to Immortality, in June of last year which, judging from the description on his website, was clearly his life’s work.  Four months later and he was dead.  “Must… *GASP!* …publish… book…!”  *plop*  That’s deep.  He’s been working on translating the pyramid texts of Saqqara, from his more qualified perspective as an expert on meditation techniques and a follower of second sight, for quite a while now.  Then when he finally finished it, it was ALL over.

Something like that makes me blessed that I’ve found my calling as a cartoonist early in life, and that I’ve found the thread of the tales that I wanted to create pretty early as well.  I’m glad I finished Monsters 101 at 42 years of age as opposed to 82 or 92.  I’ll be starting Wild Hunt: The Aspects of Death, the second part of my greater masterwork saga, at around this time next year, God willing.  I think something like this will help me get off my butt and make sure I complete it in a timely fashion.  I like striking items off of my to-do list anyway.

One day, back in 2005, I decided to reach out to Harvey.  I wanted to probe to see what his opinion was of other spiritual interests of mine, and perhaps draw him into a long-term discussion, and possibly even a friendship.  Maybe I was also looking for a “guide” too since I had been too chicken shit or whatever to just sit and follow through on the correct meditation technique he uncovered.   

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From: "Muhammad Rasheed"
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 7:51 AM
Subject: [Norton AntiSpam] The Scroll of Toth

Mr. Harvey (or is it "Dr.?") [Just Mr.],

Thank you very much for sharing your research in how to attain Enlightenment by applying the techniques for opening the Third Eye.  Your dedication and research are impressive and your findings are AMAZING.  I do have a question, if you please.

I am somewhat disturbed by the fact that those who developed these techniques are gone "without a trace." In the Holy Scriptures God makes it clear that He wiped out whole nations routinely when they indulged in paganism and the subscribing of partners to him. I recognize the "science" within the udjat meditative techniques, but how can we be sure we are not crossing a line that will displease the Creator? What are the parts that show you "science" and the parts that reveal "blasphemy?"

I will appreciate the sharing of your opinion on this matter. Thank you for your time.

Your friend,

M. Rasheed

See where in the response he inserted “Just Mr.?”  That’s actually my first time noticing that.  lol   Not really surprising since his response in the body kind of shook me a bit.   

Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 01:08:25 -0700
Subject: Re: The Scroll of Toth



Unfortunately my Sent box stops in 2006 and I no longer remember what I said in response.  I remember attempting to draw him into a deeper discussion about it, but he didn’t respond back that time.  Maybe my first post offended him or something.  

lol He was clearly yelling at me.  This was a week or two before I started hanging out on message boards and stuff, but even then I knew what all caps meant.  God isn’t part of the illusory world, Mr. Harvey.  

I took the hint and left him alone.  But I’ve been thinking about his response over the years, comparing it with the message of scripture.  “The men on the heights.”  It is unclear whether the men on the heights will be Judged.  Why aren’t they in one or the other groups?  Perhaps they will be Judged first?  Perhaps they were Judged during the process of the Third Eye scrutiny?  

Here’s the thing:  When the Eye opens, it will show you stuff.  Stuff you will need… that your immortal half feels you need… in order to make your journey better in some way.  That’s the reality of it.  In my comic book world, of course, I have all kinds of other stuff happen, too, but that’s just what I need for my action/adventure/fantasy narrative to be more exciting for the genre base.  If you decide not to heed what your immortal half shows you, and reject the message of God and sow mischief in the earth, then things will not go well for you on the Last Day, whether you open the Third Eye or not.  I wonder if the men on the heights represent the righteous believers of God who ALSO happened to be followers of second sight.

I only meditated for about thirty minutes today… I don’t know why I stopped… and this time the blue, glowy thingy stayed behind that grayish veil again, but I could still see it.  I wonder what the veil means/represents?  Are there different layers of fabric I must penetrate in order to finally see?  “Freedom is seeing,” as my mom used to say. "Seeing things as they really are."  

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