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Awakening the Atrophied Eye: DAY EIGHT

Correct meditation.

I keep calling it that because the meditation technique I’m using here is very old. Old enough to be the actual source of meditation in the world.  At the time that group of five pharaohs initiated the project for permanently recording the ancient data upon those groups of granite stele in Saqqara, the papyri scrolls they were transferring the knowledge from were already ages old... old enough for the papyrus to crumble, and you know how long that stuff holds up.  It’s highly probable that the information had already been recopied onto fresher papyri numerous times even at that point.  With a greater respect for the data than their forebears, these pharaohs finally had the knowledge writ upon more durable stuff.

And for many centuries, adepts from all over the world traveled to glorious Egypt to learn those secrets -- that were available only to the kings, high priests, and other privileged classes -- and took them back to their distant lands where they also carefully guarded them within the walls of secrecy.  They would set them at the very top of mountains of long, tedious, and difficult rituals, wrapped within exclusive secret societies with initiation rules so difficult and crazy, that few in their right minds would wish to subject themselves to it.  Everyone who brought the knowledge back from Egypt did this.  Consequently, not only have few people ever opened their Third Eye over the aeons, but the meditative techniques that are commonly known in the world are but various versions of the secret society techniques at their different stages, as the groups deliberately hid not only the correct way to do the Egyptian technique from the lower ranks, but of course hiding the very purpose of meditation itself, until the hopeful adept reached the top of the rank structure ladder.

So common meditative techniques are not the real thing, despite having some ancillary value such as enabling the focused practitioner to achieve calm, relaxing states of stress release.  But without the true point of performing what meditation is actually for, it’s really just busy work. 

Very, very few of the followers of second sight throughout history have generously recorded their spiritual experiences for posterity, but even if they did, without a straight forward terminology base to describe the experiences with, the unenlightened hopeful would struggle to puzzle out what those “deep” sounding descriptions were trying to say anyway.  In The Short Path, Clesson H. Harvey demonstrated how one who actually had the experience could decipher the descriptions in the old texts and reveal their meaning, while also comparing them to what the pyramid texts describe.  He was also able to point out examples in other texts that were written by adept hopefuls who had not opened their Third Eye, but were using source material from the other guys to compose their own indecipherable “deep” works.  

According to the pyramid texts, in order to meditate correctly, one must do the following:

  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Relax in a comfortable place that is quiet and without distraction.
  3. Breathe through your mouth and nose at the same time, slower on the inhale, faster on the exhale so that the noise your escaping breath makes sounds similar to saying the nonsense word “sah.”
  4. Then you focus on an area roughly six inches in front of your brow, where the fovea spot is located... the pinpoint-sized area where the field of vision at the center of each eye crosses into the other.  You will recognize it as a faint, glowing dot that gleams like a pale star even in total darkness.  The novice may have trouble pinpointing it exactly because of the interference of surrounding visual purple cells and regular eye “tv noise” dots in the way, but simply focus in that general area… grab a small chunk of the cells you find there with your focused vision… and begin just trying to will the cells still with your eyes alone.  One of those small white dots will take offense at this rough handling and will skip away.  THAT will be the fovea spot.  Spend the next hour grabbing it with your eyes and attempting to hold it still, and continue to do that every time it skips away.  

And don’t forget to breathe.

To be clear, your eyes are open during the performance of correct meditation, as you’ve no doubt surmised from reading the posts thus far.  It’s not a staring, death trance or anything; you are allowed to blink, but your eyes are quite open.  It is a very active LOOKING.  I used the phrase “Power of Perception” in an earlier post, paraphrased from the old anime Fist of the Northstar, and that’s what it is.  It’s not a passive meditation technique at all like the common, lesser ones widely available, and it is very mental.  You have to get enough sleep beforehand because it does require concentration.  That’s why when I tried to meditate that one time when I was sleepy, my exhausted mind rejected the attempt, and I actually felt the discomfort of eye strain.  

So again, to be CLEAR, your eyes are OPEN while performing the correct meditation of the followers of second sight.  The truly remarkable fact about all of this is that… finally… the stranglehold that the monopolies and cartels of the ancients, who had long prevented this knowledge from being placed in the hands of the common folk, is now broken.  Thanks to the power of the Internet, anyone can have access to this information, and any and everyone can become enlightened if they want to.  Despite the trickery of the world’s secret societies, it turns out the technique to have the most remarkable spiritual experience possible is actually extremely simple and easy, and achievable by anyone at all.  That is a blessing that should be obvious to everybody.  The raw simplicity of it implies that it came from God… possibly part of the revealed scripture given to Adam, the patriarch himself.  How awesome would that be?  Very!

As a side bar, in that same anime mentioned above, when the character Ryuken said “Perception is the key for unlocking the intangible power of the spirit!” I was totally like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!  The writers of this thing found the secret!!!”  But then the same character said, “Power without perception is spiritually useless, and therefore of no true value,” giving a different meaning to his usage of “perception” revealing it was just “deep” talk, and not the straight forward language needed to get to the friggin’ point by someone actually in the know.  

Anyway, Day Eight’s session was successful in the sense that I meditated a full, true hour interrupted only by my cell phone alarm.  “You can go now, Ed Harley.  Now it begins,” to quote Haggis from the movie Pumpkinhead.  lol  Now I can start making REAL progress.  It’s ON.  I’ve reached my biggest short-term objective.  Now the only objective left… other than consistently doing this until The Night of Power next year… is to reach the event horizon of the stage just prior to the Third Eye opening or when/if it actually opens for me.  But the blue swirly-do didn’t appear for some reason.  I have no idea what that means.  I’m not sweating it though.

Maybe it'll appear on Day Nine.

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