Sunday, September 15, 2013

Awakening the Atrophied Eye: DAY FOUR

One of my sisters expressed that reading these blog entries was frightening her.  “What do you mean?  What’s scary about sitting in the dark thousands of miles away from my loved ones, taunting mysterious entities hell-bent on sabotaging my very soul, just on the other side of a doorway into Beyond?”

Chicks.  smh.

But maybe she has a point.  I suppose it’s possible that I could accidentally let something in.  My bed is only a few steps away from that closet after all.  While I’m lying in bed, in that vulnerable half-alert state in between wakefulness and sleep, I could feel the weight of some presence pull itself up on my bed. Or open the closet and find that feral little boy from the remake of the Wolfman crouched in there snarling…

It can happen, I guess.*

But no new Great Frontiers were ever discovered by the craven gutless!  Only the brave… those valiant and daring heroes leading the way into Glory… have the gumption and wherewithal to pull the species kicking and screaming into a magnificent new age in which unicorns float above fresh green grass, etc.   You know what I’m saying.  Sure it’s scary.  But bravery is doing stuff despite the fear. 

That’s not the stuff I’m scared of anyway.  That’s not the stuff that has always made me hesitate on following through with this experiment into spiritual science before.  What scares me is the unknown.  What if I DO open my Third Eye?  What will it show me?  What lessons will I be confronted with?  Or worse.

What if my immortal half doesn’t want to meet me at all and is genuinely disgusted with all it has witnessed thus far? 

It can happen, I guess. **

Sometimes the truth about yourself can be far scarier than any Stan Winston FX creation, and at almost 43 years old, I figure I’m about ready for some [more] truth.  And who’s more qualified to reveal the truth about me than myself… the part of me that has personal memories of the paradise described in sacred scripture that it desperately wants to get back to?  My immortal half will not coddle me, or tip toe, or walk on eggshells, or be afraid to damage our relationship by being over-the-top blunt.  The mystic Third Eye will be a mirror.  That’s pretty scary, especially for folk like myself who have a unicorns-floating-over-flowery-lush-green-grass mindset.

So here I am on Day Four of my attempt to awaken my atrophied Wisdom Eye.  My short term goal is to achieve that [“SERENITY NOW!!”] serene state of super-peace I found the other day.  It felt like I could float there forever.  How kickass would it be to be able to meditate regularly for exactly an hour at this early date?  Very!  I certainly didn’t expect to do it as long as I did during Day Three.  Near the end of the month of Ramadan, on the Islamic lunar calendar, is an event known as The Night of Power.  Ramadan is the month that the first verses of the Qur’an were revealed to the prophet Muhammad (May the peace & blessings of God be upon him), and The Night of Power was the very night those first verses were delivered, on the 27th day.  Traditionally the faithful gather in the masjid (mosque) on that night to celebrate it with extra long prayers and lesser meditation techniques and such.  How awesome would it be to be able to do an hour-long session of correct meditation on The Night of Power?  Very!  If anything exciting was going to happen, SURELY it would be during THAT event.  So being able to gain the ability to comfortably meditate for an hour with no sweat this early, means it will be a piece of cake by the time Ramadan rolls back around next summer. 

Unfortunately I didn’t really pull that off for Day Four’s session.

It was one of my longest times though.  Set my alarm at 1:29am, called it a day at 1:52am.  The problem was, remember that day when I said the conditions for being able to meditate correctly involved getting enough sleep beforehand?  Well, yeah.  I did kind of the opposite of that.  The previous night I was up pretty late and I could feel how sleepy I was when I sat on my closet pillow.  I experienced a painful but mild eye strain sensation when I began trying to hold the fovea spot in place, but I tried to power through it, thinking that if only I could reach that state of super peace everything would be fine.  And then I started yawning every freakin’ four seconds, and my eyes started tearing up.  I didn’t experience that breathless hyperventilating sensation (no shit; I was sleepy), but again I thought if I could just power through to the super peace state everything would be fine. 

But the yawning wouldn’t stop.  It was genuinely annoying.  And just before I decided to call it a night, I saw something.  Something like a faint comet of blue light trailing a Tron energy line behind it.   Instinctively I glanced down and to the left, but it stayed put.  According to the pyramid texts “there’s a fine line between enlightenment and illusion” and you can differentiate between the two by which disappears and which doesn’t when you perform that trick.  This comet thingy stayed, and in fact other glowing lines started swirling around that, representing the start of Stage One.  Fascinated I kept meditating, and the yawns stopped, presumably because my change in attitude made me more alert.  But it didn’t last, and I started yawning a lot all over again and the phenomenon abandoned me.  I kept it up a bit longer hoping it would come back, but it didn’t.  I then got up and went on to bed.

I promise I’ll get some sleep before Day Five.

*No.  No, it can’t.

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