Saturday, September 14, 2013

Awakening the Atrophied Eye: DAY THREE

Set my alarm at 8:25pm.  Called it a day at 8:54pm.

That’s a lot.  For me.  I’m kind of impressed by it.  lol

I was a little upset when I started.  I thought that I should meditate to calm me down, and then it occurred to me, “Why not?”  So I got up and put the pillow on my closet floor, set my alarm, turned out the lights, shut the door (left it open a bit to keep fresh air coming in there so I don’t end up on the news), and started “reciting the great word ‘sah’” as the pyramid texts so eloquently put it.  I entertained an amused thought at how older, more famous translators of the Egyptian hieroglyphs had no idea what those Utterances were talking about.  Clesson H. Harvey’s knowledge of meditation techniques gave him a serious leg up, though one probably wouldn’t see how the two interests would correlate normally.  Would you?  That’s evidence right there that there should be more cross domain training throughout the different fields of knowledge in our society.  How much further advanced would we be if the different specialists were more aware of what their counterparts in other fields were working on?    I’ll bet it would be CRAZY far.

The threshold visions were waiting for me again.  Kinda creepy.  What does that mean?  Whatever.  They are no match for the Powers of Perception at my command.  *glance down to the left and back* Take that!  What?!  You like it, huh?  Well, take THIS!  And THAT!

Hmph.  That’s what I thought.   

But what’s this?  That funky breathless/hyperventilating again.  But I’ve barely started!  The door IS open about four-five inches.  I can feel the air on my neck.  What IS this?  I don’t know.  Perhaps it’s the secret weapon of the threshold visions in their lame ass attempts to thwart my goal of meeting my immortal self.  Well, it’s not going to work on me.  I’m going to power through this. 

It WAS disturbing though.

For a while it seemed like it was getting worse.  But I kept my focus on the fovea spot, didn’t let it get away from me.  And then my eyelids started involuntarily fluttering really fast.  And then my eyes started watering a bit.  And then the threshold visions started up again.  I performed the old trick a couple of times and they stopped.  The fovea spot then seemed uncharacteristically calm… moving around a bit, but not as frantic as usual.  And then I noticed that my breathing was normal.  More than normal, kind of serene.  I felt VERY peaceful.  I kept on meditating in that new state for a bit and it was quite pleasant.  I would’ve kept going, but I had to get back and monitor something going on in the real world. 

I stopped, saw the cell phone alarm and felt myself grin.  I may not have got to Stage One again like I really expected to when I started this, but I’m definitely making some kind of progress.

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