Friday, June 17, 2016

Deep Trigger: The Personal Turmoil Beneath the Stage

Gary McCoy - It's strange that the media seems to be relishing the opportunity to "out" the Orlando shooter postmortem.  Ex-wife’s bombshell claim: Club shooter was gay

David Hitch - Not only that, Gary, I'm seeing stories in our local paper about victims of the shooting who are from around here, and my first reaction was, are they being outed against their wishes by reporting this?

Mitchell Berger - It's not gratuitous, it's a major part of the story - just as his complete ignorance of who the players among the terrorists is. It's beginning to appear that this was much more about his struggle with his homosexuality than his alleged radicalization.

Rick McKee - That's what they want you to believe. He wanted to shoot up Disney World, but the security was too good. Does that mean he was a Goofysexual?

David Hitch - He wasn't on the FBI'S watch list for his sexual preferences.

Mitchell Berger - He wasn't on their list at all when this happened, because as far as Jihad went they determined that he was talking out of his ass.

Gerry Harris - They were so you're talking out of yours.

Muhammad Rasheed - His claims of allegiance to known terrorist groups were contradictory, that's why he was let go.

Mitchell Berger - @Muhammad Rasheed… Exactly, it was if he said "I'm rooting for the Yankees and I'm Red Sox fan too."

David Hitch - He did at one time get the attention of the FBI, which was the point I was making. Mitchell, why must you always split hairs?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Because "getting their attention" didn't mean what you are implying through the lens of your bias.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's literally the difference between what actually happened, and what the partisan talking heads want to have happened for their narrative agenda.

Gary McCoy - He could have been both, gay, AND, a follower of ISIS' radical Islamists ideology. Which, by his own pledge of allegiance to them, he obviously was. But who are you going to believe... the deflectors of truth, or your lyin' eyes?

David Hitch - And what bias exactly are you accusing me of?

Muhammad Rasheed - You're the one that thought he was on the FBI watch list when he wasn't, right? That was you, right?

Muhammad Rasheed - What bias do you THINK I meant?

David Hitch - Um, I heard on the NEWS he was on the FBI watch list. I don't get information from voices in my head.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, considering he wasn't on the watch list, we now know that the "news" you watch is completely worthless. You might as well listened to the voices in your head.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary McCoy wrote: "Which, by his own pledge of allegiance to them, he obviously was..."

Oh, it's "obvious," huh? He "pledged allegiance" to both the Hatfields AND the McCoys, demonstrating his attempt to pin his personal issues onto those groups was full of crap, and that's why the professionals let him go. But to YOU it was "obvious." lol

Gary C Li - I thought Mateen went to Pulse just to case it and get familiar with how to kill people.

Muhammad Rasheed - He'd been frequenting the bar for years because he was the clientele.

David Hitch - Muhammad, what's your frickin point?

Muhammad Rasheed - The same as yours: sharing my opinions on the Internet.

Problems, David?

David Hitch - No problems here.

Muhammad Rasheed - Muslims aren't allowed to do that now?

I was never on a watch list either if that helps with the authorization paperwork.   ;)

David Hitch - Muslims aren't allowed to do what? Share opinions? Please tell me where you come to that conclusion from what I said.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, it might help if you try to put yourself in my shoes, and try to imagine how "what's your frickin point?" may have been received. I took it as hostile btw.

David Hitch - You say I was biased.
I took that as hostile.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol You shouldn't considering that's normal. Having a bias towards your preferred partisan ideologies is what most people do. It's not inherently wrong.

It's only wrong if you ignore deeper research and studies to hold onto biased opinion circulated as fact by the talking heads.

David Hitch - So you're assuming what my bias is? You know me that well from a couple of FB posts?

Muhammad Rasheed - No, I'm assuming it from both that and the content of your editorial cartoons.

Muhammad Rasheed - ...and your agreement with Gary percentage. lol

Mitchell Berger - @David Hitch… I wasn't "splitting hairs" I was responding to a substantial factual error in your statement. The point is that the FBI investigated him out of concern that he was a potential terrorist, instead they found a weird blowhard, who didn't know enough about the terrorist groups to have formed a serious allegiance.

I know how important it is for both sides of this issue to have Mateen fit one meme over the other. We're still waiting for the investigation to be completed. The way it currently looks, Mateen was mentally ill and was at least experimenting with homosexuality. He may have assumed some of the trappings of ISIS out of self-aggrandizement that is a hallmark of mass killers.

But as I said, the facts are not all in yet. Before we all "know" what happened, why don't we wait and see?

Muhammad Rasheed - Political cartoonists can't afford to wait & see! The editor's deadline is a harsh mistress!

Mitchell Berger - @Muhammad Rasheed… Oh yeah, but clearly there's no editors here, and all the deadlines are self-imposed.

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, but once the idea pops up in their heads, from an oft practiced partisan-slanted way of interpreting the news, they must draw it up and add it to the Outbox.

Mitchell Berger - I know many cartoonists and they are all capable of surprising the reader with cartoons that defy the left/right paradigm.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm sure.

Though if Gary manages such a feat I would die from shock.

David Hitch - I'm game, Mitchell. Name some.

Mitchell Berger - But sometimes Gary is so funny it transcends partisanship.

Muhammad Rasheed - He IS funny though, if sometimes philosophically infuriating.

Muhammad Rasheed - And David here is a wonderful draftsman.

David Hitch - ^Thank you Muhammad.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're welcome. I've been admiring your lines for a while now, though the content will sometimes make me want to throw my shoe at you like you were George W.   :P

David Hitch - ^I can live with that.

Muhammad Rasheed - (i wear soft nautical moccasins, sans-bomb apparatus, so you're safe)

Gary McCoy - Mitchell and Muhammad, considering your conciliatory tones, I'm temporarily taking you both off my 'yard-job' list. But I'm not yet washing my truck... just in case.

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