Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bad Science Example: The Ridiculous Return of Eternal Universe Theory

Muhammad Rasheed - Look at this craziness: No Big Bang? Quantum Equation Predicts Universe Has No Beginning

In other words, it's a recipe for "How to transform the old, pre-Big Bang eternal universe model into the evolutionary theory model."

Ingredients (from Bad Science grocer):

#1 Sensationalized Headlines
#5 Speculative Language


Combine ingredients. Stir. Serve luke warm with a fake-ass smile and a sly look at your friends.

Repackage leftovers with label "not just a theory." Have a true-believer charismatic asshat present to the gullible and develop a cult following. Insert in all popular speculative fiction and have all characters casually refer to it as "real" to indoctrinate masses.

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