Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Declaration of War

Gary McCoy[shared photo] Deport their parents. Even if they're legal citizens.

Dan Mathewson - La Raza wants to reclaim the American Southwest.

Al Ochsner - Wansum cookies, sucka?

Dan Mathewson - Are they made out of girl scouts? Girl Scout Cookies

Nancy Landeros - LA RAZA, INC. is starting recruitment at an early age

Bob Lang - Groan.....

Muhammad Rasheed - You're questioning whether teaching children that human lives matter is the right message? Really? How is this a serious question? 

Are cookies and sewing more important than human life?

Christopher Kershaw - These parents should be dragged out in the street an shot.

Muhammad Rasheed - "How dare you teach your kids that it's not right to kill black people???" *POW! POW! POW!*

Muhammad Rasheed - (old school ethics)

Christopher Kershaw - They're glorifying the black panthers, a group of violent, drug dealing, anti-American scumbags.

Christopher Kershaw - And murderers too.

Muhammad Rasheed - The Black Panthers were a group that were formed to protect the black communities from violence they faced both internal & external, and provided food, and financial help to the poorest families. They believed in self-defense in the face of a traditional violent system that was very much anti-Black people for centuries. Some of the comments underneath that post with the kid dancing on the train reveal old attitudes about my people never die, and this is exactly the spirit of attitude that birthed the Black panthers to begin with.

Like any other group, there are members among them that probably were drug dealers/addicts. Some probably lived and witnessed experienced that no doubt even made them feel anti-American. But that doesn't represent the group itself. 

Should I vilify all American Police officers as a group because of the bad apples among them that give the group itself a bad name? Would it be fair to ignore the reason why we have cops, and the good they were formed to provide? This is what you are doing here.

Teresa Roberts Logan - What Muhamed said.

Christopher Kershaw - They were a group of racists who wanted to blame everyone but themselves for their problems.

Teresa Roberts Logan - ^Riiiiiiight. Who's using his EASY button?

Muhammad Rasheed - Christopher Kershaw wrote: "They were a group of racists who wanted to blame everyone but themselves for their problems."

The Black Panthers were formed in the wake of the assassination era in the mid-1960s, when my people were struggling to attain basic human and civil rights legally. This was during a time when the country was still experiencing growing pains from jim crow's stench. Did the blacks perform the jim crow system on themselves?

Christopher Kershaw - So Jim Crow segregaion gave them the right to commit mutiple felonies including drug dealing and extorting protection money from local Oakland bsinesses?

Christopher Kershaw - Not to mention the torture and murder of rival gang members as well as dissenting members of their own criminal gang of thugs.

Roderick McKie - Of course, Christopher Kershaw, your government, over decades, has supported, funded, backed, encouraged, armed, and even used tax-payers money to buy drugs to fund arms smuggling, as it allegedly supported, and supports all the Civil Rights the Black Panthers were asking for. I suppose if you vote the 'thugs' in, you don't consider them to be so, eh?

Christopher Kershaw - Are you retarded?

Teresa Roberts Logan - He makes good points, Christopher. I know that we seem to give our government a pass when it comes to torture, guns, drugs, illegal activities of all sorts . . . and when it's easy to target a specific group we deem too "militant," we do . . .

Muhammad Rasheed - Christopher Kershaw wrote: "So Jim Crow segregaion gave them the right to commit mutiple felonies..."

If those "multiple felonies" involved defying jim crow laws that denied them basic human/civil rights, sure. You always have a right to fight against fundamentally unjust laws. Remember, the Black Panther Party was formed as a direct response from war declared on my people, with all of our top, most effective leaders assassinated less than a decade before. Don't you yourself not believe in arming yourself against a government you feel is unjust towards you? Well, why do you feel my people don't have a right to do so? Why are the rules suddenly different for me when my history in America is far more humbling than what the earliest white Americans dealt with against the Brits?

Christopher Kershaw wrote: "...including drug dealing and extorting protection money from local Oakland bsinesses?"

American police officers also have a history of illegal dirty dealings. Again, should I also condemn the entire group because of those bad apples, ignoring the good they were formed to do? Why do you have such a problem seeing obvious parallels in favor of your preferred stance to vilify blacks no matter what?

What do you call that tendency, please?

Christopher Kershaw - Why do you support a group that is at best the black equivalent of the klan?

Muhammad Rasheed - The Klan spent over a century hanging black men, women and children from trees and burning them alive.

When did the Black Panthers do that to your people, ever, that they would be considered equal to that group in ANY way? 

Chris, I know you and your bar room buddies have grown used to vilifying the BP over many years because you are offended by the idea of a group getting fed up with a violent and oppressive majority -- even though the exact same situation conjures patriotism in you when it is compared to early white Americans vs British rule -- but try for once to put yourself in someone else's shoes and stop seeing everyone who isn't your specific demographic as the bad guy, please.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me this: If the roles were reversed, and the Black Panthers had been formed first and had a century-long history of lynching whites and burning religious symbols on YOUR lawns, and the KKK was formed in self-defense... would you feel if I treated both groups the exact same and acted like the Klan were just a bunch of thugs stirring up trouble for nothing? Would that seem fair to you?

Christopher Kershaw - You seem to think I am against black equality. I'm just opposed to making heroes out of domestic terrorists.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why is it okay for whites to bear arms against perceived oppression, but when blacks do it over well-documented real historical terrorism and oppression, they are considered thugs and bad guys?

Muhammad Rasheed - Christopher Kershaw wrote: "You seem to think I am against black equality. I'm just opposed to making heroes out of domestic terrorists."

Have you ever heard the saying: "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter?" What does that mean to you? During the era of lynching and jim crow, when the KKK was literally terrorizing and killing my people to "keep them in their place," do you really think arming myself in organized groups was an unreasonable response?

Christopher Kershaw - The klan was a bunch of thugs stirring up trouble for no reason execpt their own narrow-minded racism. The black panthers used past acts of racial violence as an excuse to commit violent crimes, ironically mostly against the very people they claimed to be helping.

Muhammad Rasheed - The klan stirred up trouble because they wanted to protect that racially divided way of life that their own people received so much favor for. The Black Panthers formed from violent acts that were still going on even then, but especially from the deaths of the '60s black leaders the community were still morning. 

Are you talking about this new black panther party committing violence? Where's your link?

Christopher Kershaw - I'm talikng about the original drug dealing, extortionist, murdering, black nationalist panthers founded in Oakland in the 60s. The ones who tortured and murdered Alex Rackley on direct orders from Bobby Seale.

Muhammad Rasheed - All I can can find on this new black panther party... in addition to the original BP members denouncement of them... is that they enjoy public confrontations with the press to build up controversy as a quick flash in the moment. Where is your link to all the crimes they are supposed to have committed?

Muhammad Rasheed - Christopher Kershaw wrote: "I'm talikng about the original drug dealing, extortionist, murdering, black nationalist panthers founded in Oakland in the 60s. The ones who tortured and murdered Alex Rackley on direct orders from Bobby Seale."

Okay, here's my problem with this: the US government, operating through Hoover's FBI, are officially on record as having "infiltration, perjury, police harassment, and many other tactics designed to undermine Panther leadership, incriminate party members, discredit and criminalize the Party, and drain the organization of resources and manpower," for the sole purpose of keeping the black community from being empowered and independent, and they were 100% successful in these efforts. The gov deliberately sabotaged them and criminalized their name and you fell for it, despite the facts of the matter being available. It's not a conspiracy theory. (see: Final report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, United States)

Despite the facts of history, you WANT to believe blacks are "thugs" and have no right to human rights. This is actually painful, Christopher.

Christopher Kershaw - I don't believe blacks are thugs. I believe the black panthers were, and in their current incarnation are, thugs.

Muhammad Rasheed - The BP weren't thugs. They were actually doing good for their communities and were deliberately sabotaged and destroyed by Hoover's FBI. The BP -- and the black community -- lost the war.

Muhammad Rasheed - Christopher Kershaw wrote: "You seem to think I am against black equality."

It's your refusal to see history from the other guy's position that gives me that impression. It means you don't care.

Muhammad Rasheed - Every other ethnic group was allowed to get their legs under them and become economically empowered in their own communities except mine. Our leaders slaughtered, our grassroots organizations sabotaged and destroyed. 

The feeble and ineffective leaders that are left? You make fun of them. My broken and smashed communities left in the half-finished position they were in when Hoover destroyed our organization? You mock and blame it on me. 

We WERE fixing our own problems and my own government sabotaged our efforts, and you make fun of me for it. And you say that racism is a myth, and that I'm "playing the race card" when I point out these historical wrongs that have never stopped.

Christopher Kershaw - I won't disagree that leftist policies instituted by our government have done no favors for the back community. Government welfare programs and public education have created a permanent underclass dependent on the government for their livelyhood.

Christopher Kershaw - And as true as it is for poor urbal blacks, it is also so for poor rural whites.

Muhammad Rasheed - I know you demonstrate that you have no issue seeing the sabotage in your own communities, but when you look at me it's different. I see that stuff on Gary's Timeline. How you all said that one kid "learned his skills in the jungle," and a lot of other things often said. 

I'll tell you this: It's very difficult not to get bitter and feel hatred over hypocritical standards, and the continuous vilification of my people while pretending I'M the one that's the racist somehow.

Muhammad Rasheed - Watching how you all operate as standard procedure makes me very angry, and very tired.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me how racism will ever be cured if your proposed solution is for me to ignore the evils done to me? How is that supposed to work exactly?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I know I'm putting a lot on you, acting like you are the official spokesman for your entire people. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Don't worry about it, it's just a rant.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't expect anything to actually change. It wasn't lost on me that the election of the first Black US President actually brought out the very WORST in you, as a casual glance at Gary's and his brother's cartoons will reveal.

Christopher Kershaw - It's not about him being black. If Kamala the Ugandan Giant were running as a republican with a platform that would make Bill Buckley proud, I'd support him 100%.

Muhammad Rasheed - I fully expect you to start lynching us again. I really do. And again you'll find someway to justify why it's okay, which is apparently easy for you. Gary thinks it's perfectly reasonable to beat up a black kid for dancing on that train after-all.

Christopher Kershaw - And just for reference, this is a picture of Kamala:

Muhammad Rasheed - Kamala was tool for Vince McMahon and did PRECISELY what he was told. So of COURSE you would support him. 

But if he was on his own program, and sought to use his influence to empower his people? The FBI would destroy him and tell you any kind of story that you would eagerly believe.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm 44 years old, Chris, and grew up on the WWF. Why wouldn't I know who Kamala was? He had his legs amputated from diabetes recently, I believe.

Christopher Kershaw - He did. Very sad.

Muhammad Rasheed - Yeah, that was a hard life. Most of the superstars from that era are dead now. The incredible Hulk is one of the few hold outs.

Muhammad Rasheed - After all these years he's still my favorite. Call it the patriot in me. lol

Christopher Kershaw - We have wresling a couple of times a year at my Elks lodge. We had Greg "The Hammer" Valentine once, and he looked awful.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm sure.

Christopher Kershaw - We had Tony Atlas once and he was still in tremendous shape, even at almost 70.

Gary McCoy – Muhammad wrote: "Gary thinks it's perfectly reasonable to beat up a black kid for dancing on that train after-all." 

Your necessity to see everything as a racial issue, even a joke about punching annoying teenagers using mass transit as their jungle gym, is troubling.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your penchant for "joking" about attacking black youth is also troubling. In kind of a Zimmerman way.

I guess that makes us even, hm?

Muhammad Rasheed - Christopher Kershaw wrote: "We had Tony Atlas once and he was still in tremendous shape, even at almost 70."

I guess that proves that Atlas wasn't juicing then. Good for him.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... you're the one that brought race into it. I simply saw them as annoying teenagers flailing about a subway car. But to you, as always, it was about an evil whitey looking to lynch some blacks. Get help.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, if I ever come across one of those comments from you that ISN'T directed towards blacks, I promise I'll change my mind about that. Deal?

Gary McCoy - Well let me help you out. Start changing...

Muhammad Rasheed - Slow down. You stop being racist first. I'll give you a month.

Muhammad Rasheed - I know, I know...

Somehow you're not racist because you've used your white privilege to bed every exotic brown beauty in the world. Don't take it personal.

Muhammad Rasheed - We'll see how you do by the end of the month. 


Gary McCoy - It's good to know I'll be being monitored by a racist himself. Keep a pencil sharpener handy. You're going to need it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Notice how nowhere on my Timeline am I threatening to beat up any white kids? Yet somehow I'm the one that's the racist because the White Guy proclaimed it so from the privilege of his superior white force? hahaha

Muhammad Rasheed - (it's kinda like a super power really...)

Gary: "I pronounce you as a RACIST!!"

MRasheed: "Me??? Wait... how am I the racist when you keep threatening to beat up black kids and calling them monk--!"

Gary: "SILENCE!!!"

Bob Lang - Maybe Rasheed should be more worried about the thousands of black babies aborted (with no end in sight). Oh that's right, killing black babies doesn't matter.

Mitchell Berger - Oh my gosh! Young black and hispanic girls with their fists raised in the air! Clearly some over-reaction is called for! But Cliven Bundy's followers point loaded weapons at law enforcement officers so he can keep being a deadbeat and they're heroes? Another Brietbart-to-Fox-to-the hot-and-bothered-crowd story.

Muhammad Rasheed - Bob Lang wrote: "Maybe Rasheed should be more worried about the thousands of black babies aborted (with no end in sight). Oh that's right, killing black babies doesn't matter."

This is clearly related to the topic. Don't you see if my own efforts to organize and empower my communities are sabotaged, it leaves me vulnerable to items just like this one, as well as a for-profit Prison Industrial Complex? Bob, tell me how is "black babies don't matter" unrelated to the "black lives don't matter" message those little girls in the link above are advocating?

You are very weak in your efforts at misdirection. Try harder.

Gary McCoy - @Mitchell, at least Cliven Bundy didn't use children to advance his cause -- a ploy often employed by the liberal left. In fact, it's just this cheap tactic that ticks me off. When it comes to the liberal's, there's no cause too selfish not to bring in the kiddies and put them to work. Whether it's filling their mouths with f-bombs for feminism, or making them little "Black Panthers" (or in the case of Nancy Pelosi, using her 5 year-old grandson to push for war with Syria.), liberals are the top casting agents when it comes child labor for the sake of advocacy. Hell, if they can't kill 'em in the womb, they'll make them pay the price by working overtime.

Martin Roules - Sure, they thought of this crap all by themselves ... Why didn't their parents draw the line and say NO?

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary McCoy wrote: " least Cliven Bundy didn't use children to advance his cause ..."

Seriously, Gary, do you ever get tired of being full of shit, or is that part of your brand?

Everything You Need to Know About the Long Fight Between Cliven Bundy and the Federal Government

Gary McCoy - Oopsie. My mistake, Muhammad. I guess that just leaves you as a race-baiting attention seeker. Quite the step up.

Muhammad Rasheed - [stopped reading @ "Oopsie. My mistake"]


Muhammad Rasheed - All cartoonists are attention seekers. That's not an insult. lol

Mason Mastroianni - Children will, sadly, always be subjected to the social priorities of their parents, including religion, and those inclinations, agreeable to some, will offend others.

Deporting parents on the grounds of offense to another's social priorities will leave the population of the country somewhere in the neighborhood of zero.

See Also: "In Whitest Day..."

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