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In Defense of the Racist Status Quo

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2019 Glyph Comics Award Winner (BEST COMIC STRIP OR WEBCOMIC)!

Rasheed, Muhammad. "In Defense of the Racist Status Quo." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 04 Jun 2019. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Joe Engesser - "The most controversial thing I've done was decide to think with my brain instead of my skin tone." ~Candace Owens

Muhammad Rasheed - "Thinking with skin tone" is not the issue here. Systemic racism is economic in nature, and is directly responsible for the racial wealth gap and chronic poverty in the ADOS community.

Candace is not ADOS, she's Caribbean, and doesn't speak for me. In assuming she was of my ethnic group based on how she looks, you were "thinking with skin tone" without being aware of any of the issues involved in the discussion.

Anonymous - Did some black slaves love their white slave owners?

Tim Rohde - To get some perspective on this it's important to understand that, until abolishionists really started getting heard, slavery was taken for granted across the entire world for millennia.

Being a slave was an unfortunate condition but it wasn't seen as a moral affront by anyone until the enlightenment. The idea that a man or woman shouldn't be a slave to anyone was either unheard of, rare, or new until it became the accepted norm.

So, if a master provided well for his slaves he was looked upon as a good man and being his slave was looked upon as a lucky break. It still sucked to be a slave but, if one had to be, better to be that guy’s.

We look back and think these slave owners were making a moral choice to participate in a great evil. Neither masters nor slaves would be likely to think that. That's the NATURE of moral ignorance. Until human beings CLARIFY a wrong, they don't think about it as wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - The chattel slavery of Western Civilization was the first to permanently delegate chattel slavery along racial phenotype. Before that, no slavery was race-based, and in fact, the concept of "race" as we know it today was invented from the effort to pseudo-scientifically justify why it was okay to do that to Black people. It seems obvious that the armchair philosopher effort to manufacture an "All Slaves Matter" type false equivalency serves only as an attempt to protect the anti-Black systemic racism at the heart of our white supremacy tradition.

Tom Gandley - That’s a lie. There is no white supremacy tradition. Stop peddling hate and lies. The North African slavers (Barbary Pirates) of white children and women from southern Europe specifically targeted whites because they were more desirable in terms of beauty. They were also soft targets. Blacks were brought to the US because they were the easiest to acquire and transport. The reality that they were not Christian might have had something to do with it. Your namesake, Mohammed the false prophet, traded black slaves and the biggest offenders in perpetuating black slavery were other blacks themselves.

Just as an aside, if “Black Lives Matter” sycophants were just a hair more aware, they would start by protesting in their own communities first. 80+% of all blacks murdered in the US are killed by other blacks. That number is in the thousands. White cops might be responsible for about 20 black deaths a year.

Reparations due to slavery is immoral and usurious. And even after slave based reparations were paid, there would still be all kinds of bellyaching that it wasn’t enough or that the recipients burned through the money on stupid things and then had another reason to ask for more from white America.

Nothing would be solved by it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tom wrote: “That’s a lie.”

Meanwhile, it is 100% the truth.

Tom wrote: “Reparations due to slavery is immoral and usurious.”

Meanwhile, they are just and righteous.

Tom wrote: “Nothing would be solved by it.”

Meanwhile, ending the 400 yrs of continuous anti-Black systemic racism and repairing the multi-generational economic-based wrong would be the long-overdue desired result.

Tom Gandley - No it wouldn’t repair shit and would only piss off most white people to hate blacks thereby perpetuating what this nonsednsical idea is supposed to fix. so where’s this Pyhrric victory gonna get anyone?

Muhammad Rasheed - Tom wrote: “No it wouldn’t repair shit…”

Meanwhile, it would repair the Black community that has been deliberately plundered of wealth and land to undergird the white racist aristocracy, preventing Black people from building legacy wealth of their own over the generations, leading to the racial wealth gap. Reparations is justice and it literally fixes the economic wrongs your group has inflicted upon them by returning to the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) what was rightfully theirs.

Tom wrote: “…and would only piss off most white people to hate blacks…”

You already hate us, and have trained your children for generations to subjugate, exploit and plunder us and even convince yourselves that Black people deserve this treatment based on insanities you just made up. It doesn’t matter in the least what you think about it. It’s time to stop the abuse and free ADOS from your oppression right now. #WhiteSupremacyIsOver

Tom Gandley - M. Rasheed wrote: “You already hate us...” 

More lies - and you people tell your kids to hate whites, far more than the other way around I am sure, so what do want to do? Perpetuate it for a few dollars of ill gotten gains?And before long it will be hating on Hispanics too when after all the wallowing in generations worth of self perceived oppression black folks find that they aren’t keeping up because they have put their faith in a system rather than their own strengths. Reparations will steal others’ hard earned wealth and give it to those who don’t deserve it, who have benefited from the system all the while paid for mostly by whites in the first place. You’re a victim alright. But not of anything any white people did to you. “Trained to plunder us” - poetic.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tom wrote: “More lies”

Meanwhile, it’s 100% the truth. Your dedication to willful ignorance of the facts of history to protect your Whitopia doesn’t not affect the truth, Tom.

Tom wrote: “…and you people tell your kids to hate whites…”

I don’t have to teach my kids to hate white people since you go out of your way to subjugate, exploit, plunder and terrorize them every day. Stop your evil and we won’t have reason to hate and resent you for your enduring tradition of anti-Black systemic racism. Take the hint.

Tom wrote: “…far more than the other way around I am sure…”

“Sure” based on what exactly?

Tom wrote: “…so what do want to do?”

Dismantle anti-Black systemic racism, pay ADOS the reparatory justice we are owed, and get to the business of finally making the United States of America free for all instead of just you. The ideals of this country I built are worth fighting for. Especially for me since I know no other homeland outside of these shores. Part of my heritage is the inability to trace my ancestry back pass the Civil War since I was deliberately cut off from my roots to protect the anti-Black chattel slave institution. All I want is to enjoy the fruits of the nation which is my birthright.

Tom wrote: “Perpetuate it for a few dollars of ill gotten gains?”

You’re talking fictions designed to protect the white racist aristocracy. Only use real talk, please.

Tom wrote: “And before long it will be hating on Hispanics too…”

The Trans-Atlantic Slave trade was started by the Spanish and Portuguese, Tom. The Hispanic community are the original anti-Black racists.

Tom wrote: “…when after all the wallowing in generations worth of self perceived oppression black folks find that they aren’t keeping up because they have put their faith in a system rather than their own strengths.”

This is yet another demonstration of your willful ignorance on the subject. The fruit of my strength has been plundered by you. You’re a thief and a slaver. You need to stop and return what you stole. Repent and worship God instead of yourself and money. Repent and save your soul from hell.

Tom wrote: “Reparations will steal others’ hard earned wealth…”

You have no “hard-earned wealth.” You have the wealth stolen from my enslaved Black labor, stolen from my hard work, and stolen from the meager efforts of the U.S. government to repair the wrongs you have done. Repent and save your soul.
MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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  1. Muhammad,you're absolutely right especially with the hard facts.