Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Great Divider

Gary McCoy – 

Sandy Brown Zumbro - Worst President Ever.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'll admit to genuine confusion as to how Obama divided the country exactly. 

As close as I can tell, it may be the suggestion that a Black person deciding to run for that office... and winning... caused a lot of race-based dialogues. Or maybe it's because of the false idea that racism was cured when he took office, freeing racists to be more vocal than they would have been otherwise? Or are we blaming the GOP's commitment to becoming the Party of 'No!' so they could block the president from achieving his goals (as heralded by Mitch McConnell's infamous comment) on Obama?

Jake Fuller - Maybe it's by Obama politciizing the DOJ and constantly jumping the gun and blaming the police for perceived racism, or refusing to prosecute New Black Panthers for voter intimidation, or buddying up to race pimp Al Sharpton and the racist Black Lives Matter group, etc.....It's the Alinsky model of dividing citizens and creating racial animosity as a means of control!

Sandy Brown Zumbro - Spot on!

Gary McCoy - Thanks, Jake. I couldn't have put it any better.

Muhammad Rasheed - Unfortunately nothing Jake typed explained how Obama is dividing the nation. He did regurgitate a bunch of unsubstantiated GOP propaganda talking points though. What an interesting world it would be indeed if those things actually possessed the ability to cure confusion. 

But I'll bite. I'll need more clarification on Jake's items so I can at least pretend what he posted actually held weight & substance.

1.) Give me a measurable example of how Obama 'politciized' the DOJ, please.

2.) RE: The President "jumping the gun," did you see that FBI report where they found the white supremacists infiltrating the nation's police forces and military (presumably so they could kickstart their beloved Turner Diaries scenario)? If not, then please read it and tell me if it alters your opinion on this item.

3.) lol What's this NBP "voter intimidation" that you feel requires fed "prosecution?" Please explain further so I am clear.

4.) Any white person who considers Al Sharpton a "race pimp" is a racist. Why do I think that? Well, because Black Americans are of the exploited class, and have weak political protection compared to other ethnic groups. They are disenfranchised. Because of this, no one comes to their defense when they are attacked by stronger groups. Sharpton has stepped up to provide a measure of political protection and societal awareness for victims who would otherwise get swallowed up in the machine. Anyone who gets upset when he shows up is on the wrong side of history. I look forward to how you plan to support your 'race pimp' stance. 

5.) How is the 'Black Lives Matter' group racist?  Because they don 't believe that the lives of their people should be casually destroyed? Or do you believe that it is impossible for them to celebrate and support their own people without hating your people? Please explain.

My issue with this "great divider" thing is the fact that Obama did well working with his ideological rivals "across the aisle" throughout his pre-POTUS career, and was confident he would continue the trend when he moved into the White House. The McConnell quote alone throws a hefty monkeywrench into you all's opinion blaming this 'divider' nonsense upon the President. This is crazy to me.

Jake Fuller - Believe what you want. Anything I say is not going to change your mind. I'm not a racist but I believe that Obama is and you are defending him because of your blind devotion to the color of his skin. I would venture to say that you would not defend Dr. Carson with the same enthusiasm.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jake Fuller wrote: "Believe what you want."

Thanks. I've been waiting on someone to grant me that permission.

Jake Fuller wrote: "Anything I say is not going to change your mind."

A strong and convincing argument using reason, logic & wit (optional) would change my mind. Is this a tap-out?

Jake Fuller wrote: "I'm not a racist but I believe that Obama is..."

Based on what exactly? Partisan-based wishes & feelings?

Jake Fuller wrote: "...and you are defending him because of your blind devotion to the color of his skin."

Based on what? Your encyclopedic knowledge of everything about me? Or are you indulging in a bit of racist stereotyping?

Jake Fuller wrote: "I would venture to say that you would not defend Dr. Carson with the same enthusiasm."

Based on what?   Ben Carson & His One-Man War Against PC

Jake Fuller - Let it go. Everyone knows where you're coming from. You're fairly transparent. Have a nice day!

Muhammad Rasheed - Who is "everyone?"

Jake Fuller - Everyone who isn't governed by their emotions and blind loyalty to a president who can't open his mouth without lying....but, I digress.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jake, at this point... after you've ducked questions and basically chickened out of a serious debate... your insults aren't worth much. You don't have the ability to get under my skin because you lack any intellectual force.

Or at least you're refusing to reveal it. I'm willing to give you that on a probationary basis.

Jake Fuller - Ha! Thanks. It's ironic, an Obama worshipper discussing "intellectual force." I'm not ducking your questions. I just realize that it's pointless trying to convince a liberal of my point of view. Have a nice day.

Muhammad Rasheed - You are 100% ducking the questions, because you don't want to embarrass yourself by revealing you can't back up your GOP talking point claptrap. If you could, then you would. Natch.

What do you base calling me a 'liberal' on? lol

And if I get to be an "Obama worshiper," then you get to be a White Supremacy worshiper.

Jake Fuller - Good Lord! Why are liberals so persistent in trying to argue? Why are you trying to bait me into some pointless argument? I choose not to continue a discussion with someone whose mind is closed. Let it go. Neither one of us is going to change the other's opinion. I think Obama is a lying Marxist and you think he's the Messiah. If you have a bur up your ass because I don't fall into lockstep then just deal with it. End of story. Natch!

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I'm just trying to demonstrate that you don't have anything to back up your negative opinion of the President with this back-n-forth exchange in which you passionately continue to insult him without providing any proof for your copy/paste GOP propaganda. That's all. Experience has shown that the people who do have proof do not hesitate in showing themselves right (usually smugly). Those that can't back it up do a whole lot of hemmin' & hawin', often prefaced with "This discussion isn't worth the time of a superior intellect like me..." or similar foolishness.

Thanks for playing.    :)

Jake Fuller - Well, you and your Messiah certainly have one thing in common - narcissism! It must eat you up inside that there are Americans who don't love Obama. I could state fact after fact about his failures but you wouldn't believe any of it because you have too much invested in his failed presidency. So, here's an idea - continue to worship him, but remember, if you experience an erection lasting more than four hours, seek medical attention.....unless you have Obamacare! Then you're screwed.

Muhammad Rasheed - Jake wrote: "I could state fact after fact about his failures..."


You're adorable. Pretending you know what a fact is. lol

Jake Fuller - Intellectually dishonest, intellectually inflexible, and chemically imbalanced is no way to go through life,son!   :)

Muhammad Rasheed - Was I supposed to be moved from my stance by the power of your wishes alone?

Will you get your debate game up? lol

Jake Fuller - ARE YOU LEARNING IMPAIRED? I'm not interested in debating a close-minded liberal. Enjoy that perpetual Obama lump in your pants. I'm done.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're not interested in debating because you lack the tools to do so, Fuller. That's all.

Jake Fuller - I'm starting to believe that you really are mentally impaired. Does your mommy know you're on the computer again? You should go play a video game or try out your new SpongBob prayer rug. You're in over your head. You're like a bad rash...the more you're scratched, the worse you get. Just go away and live in your dream world, son.

Muhammad Rasheed - You lack the tools to do so, and you don't know how. Weak insults are the width & breadth of your debate skill. I've seen that before.

You must be a damn football jock. You are, aren't you? smh

Jake Fuller - Good grief! No wonder so many people dislike you. You just won't let it go. Christ said "Don't cast your pearls before swine." I think that applies to this conversation. I'm done.

Muhammad Rasheed - What 'pearls' have you cast? lol We've already established that you lack any factual data to back your racism-based negative opinions about the President of the United States. Name calling is the sum total of your debate skills, and you somehow consider that 'pearls?' That's exactly how a dumb jock would think. lol #iWasRight

Jake Fuller - Sometimes life is deliciously perverse. After worshipping for 8 years at the altar of "The One" the angry, young racist will have to swallow his Black pride next November and vote for a skanky old WHITE woman. I can't stop chuckling.

Jake Fuller - And by the way, I'm not a "dumb jock". I'm an editorial cartoonist. You're wrong again.

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, I'M the racist, huh? lol

You're adorable, Fuller

This thread is full of your disrespectful insults towards the POTUS, conspicuously absent any facts to back up your vomited vitriol, and you refused to provide any facts so we can analyze them in a rational discussion. You know what that means? It means you hate him because he's black like a classic racist. Don't put your crap on me just because I'm calling you on your crap. Plant your feet and defend your position like you are a serious thinking adult, or admit you are racist. There IS no other option.

Muhammad Rasheed - So you're a dumb jock you was nepotism-catapulted into an editorial cartoonist position?

Why are you hiding your work?

Jake Fuller - @Muhammad Rasheed… I'm so racist that I support Ben Carson for president? You mock him because he didn't stay on the Democrat plantation. Explain to me again how the Democrat party has made black lives better in the past 70 years.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Where did I mock him, Fuller?

Muhammad Rasheed - And I don't care what the demo party has blah, blah, blah. I'm not a Democrat, nor do I self ID as a 'liberal.'

Jake Fuller - Try the other posting about Carson, racist.

Jake Fuller - Communist, maybe? Hmmmmm.........

Muhammad Rasheed - You obviously didn't understand the posting, which is typical for the dumb jock figure. *nods*

Jake Fuller - You should really go back to coloring Power Rangers. Like I said, you're in over your head, comrade.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm over my head with who? lol You?


Muhammad Rasheed - Here, I'll give you another chance:

Post up your proofs that support the things you first posted about the president so we can analyze them together in a rational discussion.


Jake Fuller - So you are a communist! I love it!

Muhammad Rasheed - *rolls eyes*

Muhammad Rasheed - Please pay attention.

Will it help if you pretend you're playing football?

Muhammad Rasheed - [mumbles dumb jock related insult]

Jake Fuller - If I thought you were rational I would continue this conversation but the fact that you blindly follow and defend a proven liar, (If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor...Mine will be the most transparent administration...Benghazi was the result of a video...) who is responsible for the deaths of four Americans, proves that you are beyond the capacity for critical thinking.

Jake Fuller - By the way, I never played sports and your nepotism comment shows your racist tendencies.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Proven liar" implies you actually HAVE proof. So post up and let me see. There's a lad.

The GOP-fueled House of Representatives admitted the whole repub spin on the scandal was nonsense, so if you want to continue to showcase yourself in the airhead dumb jock role, keep bringing that up. Please. lol

Jake Fuller - Tell that to Ambassador Stevens.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm just going to assume that you lost your ability to even remember your football days because of all the idiotic hits to the head you allowed yourself to take. That or you are lying. Pick one. It is all one to me.

How is 'nepotism' racism related, dude? lol Please stop using the terms racism/racist since you clearly have zero idea what they mean.

Is Ambassador Stevens your dad? Did he get you your [probably imaginary] editorial cartoonist job?

Muhammad Rasheed - I will absolutely continue to think you are a dumbass until you start providing facts/proof that support your anti-Obama stance. If you don't then I plan to keep clowning you. At least until Gary deletes this thread. lol Or a braver dumbass comes to defend you. *shrug*

Jake Fuller - It was a video. Have a nice day.

[Jake posts a graphic image that looks like a dirt-covered nude dead body being handled by uniformed officials]

Muhammad Rasheed - Very classy. I'm sure Gary will appreciate that on his wall. smh

Jake Fuller - You asked for it, junior.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you somehow think that a gruesome photo is proof of a nonsense conspiracy that the GOP-fueled House of Representatives ruled against?

You can add that item to the list of things you need to support. Congrats. More homework.

Muhammad Rasheed - Here... I see your stupid photo and raise you THIS:

GOP House Panel Clears White House of Any Wrongdoing in Benghazi

[Jake abrubtly deletes all of his posts in the thread]

Muhammad Rasheed - ???

Muhammad Rasheed - Hey, where'd that dumb jock troll go...?

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