Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Advanced to a State of Fairness & Justice


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Advanced to a State of Fairness & Justice." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 25 Aug 2021. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by the several middling white racists who responded to the previous alien toon in the series with indignation because they comically associated the white racist aristocracy with the alien visitor's "advanced" state. #adorbs This is clearly yet another blow to the fictional "superior-IQ" fantasy, since the very idea of grifting/stealing wealth from the masses so a selfish few legacy families can hoard the majority resources and play with the money to make penis rockets would be considered "advanced" is stupid as hell. lol

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