Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Schooling the Dormant Big Voice


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "Schooling the Dormant Big Voice." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 20 Oct 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Mo'Nique (therealmoworldwide) - SHOW US! OUR SISTER IS THE EPITOME OF BEAUTY, GRACE, ENDURANCE, & STRENGTH. We so appreciate YOU We Love You 2 LIFE

Muhammad Rasheed - She would look even MORE fabulous if she'd spent her professional politician career fighting to achieve Reparations and economic inclusion for the Black American descendants of slavery. Beauty sits better on a brave hero with integrity. Right, Mo'Nique? *wink*

Mo'Nique (therealmoworldwide) - @Muhammad... Hey beautiful brother. I’m not sure what your speaking about, however I want to tell you what I know. I remember going to her school MAXINE WATERS EMPLOYMENT PREPARATION CENTER in the heart of our neighborhood helping our folks get back on their feet. When I tell you the words they spoke about our sister and they way she loved on them. Not only did they tell me, I saw it with MY EYES! And yes BEAUTY does sit better on a brave hero with integrity. For me my beautiful brother her name is MAXINE WATERS. And remember this. SHE CAN’T FIGHT ALONE

Muhammad Rasheed - Mo'Nique wrote: "I'm not sure what you're speaking about..."

My beautiful sister, I'm speaking about the fact that the reason we have political representation is for the economic uplift of the GROUP, and yet the Black American former slave class continues to find ourselves MORE disenfranchised and MORE artificially impoverished after 50+ yrs of the "Assimilated Integration" grift scheme than we were before it. The CBC has demonstrably fought for every Democratic Party special interest group except for us... we have yet to become economically included into the competitive wealth-building ownership class (Comcast and the SCOTUS just tried to return us to slavery!) and the Reparations needle hadn't moved at all under the CBC's "leadership" -- it took the 3 yr old grassroots #ADOS movement to force it to move, with zero help from Waters and her CBC cohorts.

Politics is not a beauty pageant, it's a series of high-stakes power moves that are supposed to help all of us.

I love you, Mo'Nique. Thanks for reading my rant. I appreciate you. Please continue to unapologetically speak TRUTH. God bless.

Mo'Nique (therealmoworldwide) - @Muhammad... Hey my baby. Thank you so much for sharing this information. Now we have to ask our community how did we help to get things done. We can’t elect them just sit back and don’t get into our business of our community. I heard our sister one time and she said, y’all always say to me Maxine go get them and go get that, and she said but what you doing. We have to do this together. I appreciate this conversation brother. We need so much more of this. WE HAVE TO COME TOGETHER. UNITED TOGETHER. I love you good brother

Muhammad Rasheed - 'Better late than never,' as the saying goes. That's exactly what the American Descendants of Slavery (#ADOS) grassroots political unification movement is all about. With chapters in every major city across the country, we're now awakening politically to enfranchise and pressure our government to commit to our Reparatory Justice program and the Black Political Agenda. I know you're busy, my dear Lady Mo'Nique, but please familiarize yourself with the material and lend your potent voice to this very real resurrection of the movement of Dr. King for the long overdue economic empowerment of our people. God bless you. https://ados101.com

Mo'Nique (therealmoworldwide) - @Muhammad... Hey my brother. I will definitely educate myself on ADOS. Thanks for sharing and thanks for being a grown up. Lol!

Muhammad Rasheed - Thank you so much for giving me your precious, high-dollar attention. It means a lot. <3

Mo'Nique (therealmoworldwide) - @Muhammad... LOVE YOUR WORK!

Muhammad Rasheed - Thank youuuu!

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MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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