Tuesday, September 22, 2020

GRIFT LOBBY: Twisting an Overdue Justice Claim into a Cash-for-Everybody Stall Tactic


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Rasheed, Muhammad. "GRIFT LOBBY: Twisting an Overdue Justice Claim into a Cash-for-Everybody Stall Tactic." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 22 Sep 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Kevin "King" Dorival - Reparations movement isn’t just about African decedents in America but also for the people in Haiti and the 14 countries paying France colonial tax adding up to $500 billion a year. (Dozens of other Black nations around the world).

Sonja Claxton - Yes but the claims are done at each individual country level. So if your people were enslaved in Haiti, you put your claim in Haiti not in the US. US slaves are not the same as Haitian slaves. Kevin, we are not the same and we are not putting our claims together.

If your family was not on the 1800-1860's US census and classified Mulatto or Negro, you will not be entitled to Reparations. That's like me going to the Barbados for vacation and jumping on their Reparations movement. It's not cool!

The United States Census of 1800 was the second Census conducted in the United States. It was conducted on August 4, 1800. It showed that 5,308,483 people were living in the United States, of whom 893,602 were slaves.

Be authentic.

Sonja Claxton - Note also that Pan-Africanism doesn't have legal standing nor does it have legitimacy. So unless you all are creating something legitimate like CARICOM, it won't work.

Charles Weaver - So one would have to trace their lineage and then check the names against the timelined census. Got it

Damion Gonzales - Question. Have you encountered Black immigrants who've laid claim to Black American's reparations? I mean actual people, not random Twitter nut jobs?

Michael Forsyth - All I see here is black folks being split into groups and turned against each other, the old divide and conquer. And in the background, someone dangling a carrot.

Muhammad Rasheed - Michael wrote: "All I see here is black folks being split into groups..."

Black people have never not been in separate groups. All of the individual ethnicities among the diaspora proudly rep their national flags and colors. ALL the time. There's nothing wrong with being unique in your own identity and culture.

The problem here is that when the Black American former slave class politically unifies along our own unique lineage & heritage, to more effectivey fight for our Reparatory Justice claim with our government, we are attacked for it by these other Black groups. That's wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Damion... lol Yes. They're in the Congressional Black Caucus, and in these N'COBRA and NAARC groups among others.

You should pay attention to what the Congressional Black Caucus are actually advocating for when they bother to talk about Reparations. Many of them are of immigrant stock.

Damion Gonzales - I see you answered.

Muhammad Rasheed - My editorial cartoons are reactive for the most part, and drawn in direct counter-response to an expressed view point.

Damion Gonzales - I am of immigrant stock. Is there something wrong with immigrant stock?

Damion Gonzales - and you didn't answer my question...

Muhammad Rasheed - Damion wrote: "Is there something wrong with immigrant stock?"

No. Why would there be? The only wrong comes into play when cliques among immigrants groups attack my political identity group for doing nothing more than unifying along our own unique lineage & heritage to pressure our government to fight for our long overdue justice claim.

Muhammad Rasheed - Damion wrote: "and you didn't answer my question..."

I have had some rare personal encounters with immigrants who have expressed the same messaging in my cartoons. But the cartoons themselves were inspired by online arguments I have with them.

Damion Gonzales - so the outliers then? Because I could as anecdotally state that as an immigrant living among immigrants, no one in my immigrant community has stated any desire or a claim to the reparations that we all agree Black Americans are due.

Muhammad Rasheed - Right. It's not an "anti-immigrant" message, but an anti-grifter message.

Some among the immigrant class have enthusiastically sided with white supremacy against my ethnic group, which includes some from the high-profile celebrity class (Talib Kweli, Joy Ann reid, Roland Martin, etc.). 

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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