Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A Demonstrated Hatred for the Effort of Approving Study

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "A Demonstrated Hatred for the Effort of Approving Study." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 23 Sep 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

kellyClarence1 - The reasons I'm still alive is strictly up to me, I leave nothing to chance or deities. [raised fist]

Muhammad Rasheed - Did you likewise determine the hour you were to be born?

kellyClarence1 - There was a time when a Blackman made a statement, it wasn't up for debate & it was his bond to himself and the world around him...

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Anything posted on the Internet where all 1,355 of your Followers can see it is a challenge for debate.

Now whether you are actually prepared to defend your loudly Tweeted position is a horse of a different color.

kellyClarence1 - There are certain systems within the realms of WS I've decided does not determine my fate...

Muhammad Rasheed - You're oddly giving WS a whole lot of power if you believe they invented religion, the One God or are even the determiners of life and death.

All they invented for sure is atheistic materialism on the intercontinental scale.

kellyClarence1 - I understand your point, however, better men than you or I already warned us about the system we currently reside in-I personally haven't given them any power they didn't already have before I was born.

But I get it it's easier to believe we're giving them the power

Muhammad Rasheed - Fortunately, we can actually track their evils in the historical record. Remember, before the diabolical Charles Colcock Jones, Jr. wrote his "The Religious Instruction of the Negroes" in 1842, escaped ADOS actually used the bible to successfully win their freedom in the courts.

In the same book, Jones admitted that his slave holding class peers did NOT want to give the enslaved their religion because of its inherently empowering message, so his book was designed to get around that. WS only acts opportunistically out of greed, the religion isn't theirs.

kellyClarence1 - Correct... in court... what remains to be seen is can when win a justice claim of restorative justice including reparations for our people based on 450+ yrs of horror--that's not giving yt people power,,that's fact--we didn't get here yesterday.

kellyClarence1 - if in fact any religious message was powerful ENOUGH to wipe out WS it would be illegal. Religion was given to the slave and captives as a pacifier, not as a soluton to systemic racism.

Muhammad Rasheed - My point is that the religions of the One God do not belong to WS as certain of the uninformed among ADOS like to repeat. The principles of scripture will work for us even in the face of seemingly impossible odds. We abandon it at our peril. #MyPeoplePerishForLackOfKnowledge

Muhammad Rasheed - It was illegal to give the religion to the slave class in many states. Jones cobbled together a specifically tailored program, that pretended to be the religion, which the slave holders were willing to use for brainwashing purposes.

The way the #ADOS movement activists are acting right now -- moving in BOLDNESS to RELENTLESSLY fight for what we are due with PATIENCE and FORTITUDE -- 100% reflects the empowering principles of sacred scripture revealed by the One God.

Muhammad Rasheed - Not for nothing, these are the very same God Principles that enabled us to walk out of the cotton fields, pick up a rifle for the first time (with subpar training, mind you) and win the rudimentary liberties we possess today, using our Free Will to seize our natural Freedom.

kellyClarence1 - I agree, but again if just religion could fix the problem that haunts Native Blacks in this country it would be illegal--there is no belief system so far that can dismantle (White Supremacy) Racism because it is the most powerful RELIGION in the world...

kellyClarence1 - M. Rasheed wrote: "The way the #ADOS movement activists are acting right now..."

That is certainly one way to look at it,, I'm more practical--dismantle the whole demonic system and be done with it.

Again, I'm all for that gun in hand--each one of us have our individual jobs in this fight and just maybe that's your part--and I have my part--I have always been more militant--I leave the other stuff to those who can bare.

Muhammad Rasheed - The great conflict in the country between the slave holder class versus the abolitionists was because of the inherent hypocrisies caused by the greed-fueled culture's inability to justify itself under the sacred scripture doctrine. That's how the escaped slaves were able to successfully win their freedoms arguing from the bible alone. This is NOT insignificant and in fact throws a monkey wrench in your "WS's religion" position.

Muhammad Rasheed - The #ADOS political unification movement literally just started and is building up momentum using those God Principles that are making it successful. It's working precisely because the basic principles are indeed practical. If it fails it will be because those principles were abandoned once again.

kellyClarence1 - M. Rasheed wrote: "If it fails it will be because those principles were abandoned once again."

So it's lack of principles the reason why we're dominated financially?

Muhammad Rasheed - If you are eschewing your God-given Free Will to accept subjugation to the point of passively "forgiving" your diabolical oppressor in the way of the milksop coward, there is literally nothing principled in the behavior. God made us FREE!

kellyClarence1 - GOD made us free, but the white supremacist said it's GODS will that we are under their subjugation--which is it??? it sounds like good old fashion confusion to me--I hope it all works out for you bruh...

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) God made us free

2.) WS schemed to take away that freedom

3.) ADOS took our freedom back using God principle

lol I don't understand why you are confused outside of willful bias against the facts of history.

kellyClarence1 - THIS IS THE ONLY FACT THAT MAKES SENSE-- "ADOS took our freedom back using God principle." the rest may be for you to make yourself feel better because it does nothing for me.

Muhammad Rasheed - hahahaha The part that you highlight as making sense is the key to the whole thing and my entire point.

kellyClarence1 - Glad to hear. However common sense is lacking a bit.

Muhammad Rasheed - You just ignored the factual historical points I made to stubbornly hold onto your uninformed biases aganst the material. This demonstrate you don't know what 'common sense' means, bud.

kellyClarence1 - M. Rasheed wrote: "The great conflict in the country [...] the greed-fueled culture's inability to justify itself under the sacred scripture doctrine."

Bruh, there's nothing sacred about a scripture.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're Tweeting from a place of uninformed bias.

kellyClarence1 - just lived experience..I do not respect spiritual babble it hasn't meant Blacks any good--as a matter of fact just the complete opposite--it's brought more hell, our people perish because of a lack of common sense.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm literally taking the time to explain how the Way of God's spirit has indeed done us ADOS good when we've used them. The problem is that we decided to abandon God's principles and not follow through, and substitute them for Charles Colcock Jones, Jr.'s brainwashing claptrap.

kellyClarence1 - I knew that statement was coming/it's all our fault--be well brother...

Muhammad Rasheed - It's only our fault if we refuse to use the tools at hand to win and give in to the speak of the subjugated.

WS didnt invent God and we abandon God at our peril. All of our greatest victories came from using God's principles that do not fail. 

Jay Kelley - Religion is therapy, not sorcery. Otherwise evil would be eliminated instantaneously

Muhammad Rasheed - Religion is lifestyle. Evil will be checked when the righteous get up and do their duty.

Jay Kelley - I respect you and your opinion.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Religion as lifestyle" is admittedly difficult and folk would much rather just coast in a pseudo-religious 'woo-woo' state based on what makes them feel comfortable. Curious how such laziness is often indistinguishable from raggedy Godlessness. #ReligionIsThatWerk

MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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