Tuesday, September 22, 2020

My Systemic Abusive Relationship with Blue Terror

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Rasheed, Muhammad. "My Systemic Abusive Relationship with Blue Terror." Cartoon. The Official Website of Cartoonist M. Rasheed 22 Sep 2020. Pen & ink w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Billy Coo - Timothy Smith, William Lemon, Ryan Bulinger, Derrick Cruz, Daniel Elrod, Ralph Willis, David Casik, Jeremy Martis, Autum Steele, Hannah Williams, Timothy Timpa Say Their Names!

Muhammad Rasheed - Do these names represent the institutionalized criminalization of white people in the same way that Black people are treated like inherent criminals?

Billy Coo - no its a conter point to the notion that there are 2 justice systems or that cases like George Floyd or Breonna Taylor are part of a larger narrative. The idea that police are indiscriminately executing black men based solely on skin color is false. Twice as many white people are killed by police each year and although there is a disparity in regards to percentage of population I argue that that is not direct evidence of "systemic" racism but result of number of police contact. There are 300 million incidents of police contact each year and a large majority are without incident. The reason there is more contact with police and black men than the general population is due to crime that is committed. I know these facts are not to supposed to spoken and will be dismissed or denied but but black men do commit 50% of violent crime commit in the USA despite only being about 3%(discluding black women,young boys and older black men)

Muhammad Rasheed - Billy wrote: "The idea that police are indiscriminately executing black men..."

Is a strawman effigy logical fallacy and never something that I claimed. That is not my argument.

What I did claim, as explained in the two cartoons, is that white cops form an economic sub-culture that functions as a free government economic handout of job security. It's a pretty much closed-in club consisting primarily of white families who are indoctrinated to dislike Black people in general, and will cover up police crimes against Blacks which is where the systemic racism part comes in. White cops are trained to see Black people as criminals, and see white people as 'innocent people who sometimes commit crimes' and that is the reason why "there is more contact with police and black men" because the cops and the white public are brainwashed to think Black neighborhoods "are where the crime is." So they saturate our communities with hostile white cops, but don't treat poor white areas that way because they actually empathize with their own people.

This state of affairs is toxic to my Black American communities.

Billy Coo - sorry I fell off subject. I live in LA and the Police were largely white up until the riots of 1992. Since then the police force is more representative of the community and the results have been positive. 3,000 murders in LA county in 1992, 300 in 2019. Maybe other cities can learn from example.

Muhammad Rasheed - The diversity levels on the force won't matter at all if the 'blue brotherhood' culture is to still treat Black people like inherent criminals and use the "Law & Order" doctrine to saturate our communities with cops who treat us according to that anti-Black training.

Fake 'diversity & inclusion' quotas don't create the transformational change needed at the root cause of the problems.


MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

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