Friday, September 21, 2018

The Narrow Way of the Christ

Timothy McBride - Could Jesus have decided to be a regular man?

Muhammad Rasheed - The Christ Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon them!) was a regular man. All of the prophet-messengers of the One God of Abraham were normal humans with all the same weaknesses as any other human.

Perhaps you are asking if he could have rejected the prophethood commission and just lived a regular life without the preaching the Word of Allah tasking? Well, you saw how that worked out for the prophet Jonah (pbuh). The One God doesn't take "No" for an answer it turns out.

Aaron Anderson - Why did Jesus Christ say "I am the way, the truth, and the light, nobody can come to my Father except through me" in John 14:6?

Muhammad RasheedThe Christ Jesus, son of Mary was one of the holy prophet-messengers of the One God of Abraham (peace be upon them all!). This made him one of the few anointed to receive and preach the revealed Word of Allah, and instruct the people in scripture and wisdom. Everything we as human beings know about the all-powerful, all-knowing Supreme Creator of the universe, Master of the Day of Judgment, comes directly from the teachings of the holy prophet messengers—coded into our cultural memory from the beginning of our species, starting with the instructions of Adam the patriarch.

Since it was literally the Christ’s job to teach us what we needed to know about our relationship with our Guardian Lord who made us, so that we may use the information to save us from hell and achieve the eternal bliss of paradise, and he was the only such prophet-messenger on earth at the time he said it (John the Baptist was already gone), he was exactly right.

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