Thursday, September 27, 2018

Conjuring Style

Siddhi Shelke - How can I create my own style in drawing?

Muhammad Rasheed - There’s two ways to develop your own drawing style:
  1. Standing On the Shoulders of Giants
    The most common method is to begin the bulk of your practice time by copying the work of artists you admire most. As you increase in skill and competence, your work will predictably look like a clone of your idol. As you continue to practice you need to let go of the training wheels, so to speak, and start solving drawing problems on your own instead of relying on reference materials from your master. It won’t take long for your work to start developing into its own look, though some insightful critics may still be able to see your influences showing through.
  2. The Art of Originality
    The harder way of developing a style is to draw from life (or photo reference) as much as possible—landscapes, passers by and models, still lifes, etc.—which will force you to solve drawing problems yourself without relying on the crutch of how the masters before you did it. As you gain competency and skill from consistent practice, an original style all your own will emerge.

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