Monday, September 3, 2018

A Little Bit Partial

Q: Why do movements like "Black Lives Matter" refuse to acknowledge that Black-on-White crime is significantly higher than White-on-Black?

Muhammad Rasheed - It’s because the BLM fight is against systemic racism, which is the highly immoral and unethical sanctioning of human and civil rights violations into law or common practice by the dominant class aristocracy. That means there are anti-Black laws in place that shouldn’t be laws because greedy and unscrupulous racists control the systems.

So the worst and most frequent crimes committed are actually White-on-Black crimes at the institutional level—crimes that are approved by unethical authority and officially labeled as other than “crime”— while the lower rung people who support the crooked system pretend petty street crimes are the true problems in society.

The Truth about Black-on-Black Crime
"Violent crime in the United States has fallen sharply in the past 25 years. For the first time in a decade, violent crime in rural areas has surpassed the national average"
5 facts about crime in the U.S.

In Rural America, Violent Crime Reaches Highest Level in a Decade

As Crime Falls Nationwide, White, Conservative Rural Areas Fuel A New Prison Boom

“Black-on-Black crime” has been dropping steadily for decades (with a huge boost taking place during the Obama era), while white-on-white crime has steadily increased.

The Truth of White-on-Black Crime
Justice Department, CFPB Say Mortgage Lender Overcharged African-American and Hispanic Borrowers

U.S. Government Uses Race Test for $80 Million in Payments

‘I Put in White Tenants’: The Grim, Racist (and Likely Illegal) Methods of One Brooklyn Landlord

Hasidic neighborhood in South Williamsburg is a top beneficiary of Section 8, but some question whether law is strictly followed

Honda to pay $25M for overcharging minority buyers on loans

How Toyota May Have Started Overcharging Minority Customers

Survey Finds Insurance Companies Charge Black Drivers Living in Predominately African-American Neighborhoods 70% More for Auto Insurance

City Council alert: Fifth Third Bank hiked interest rates on minority customers

Wells Fargo Deliberately Pushed Dangerous Loans On Blacks, Hispanics: Lawsuit

Feds: BancorpSouth illegally denied black consumers fair access to mortgages

Just FOUR Home Loans Were Given To African-Americans In This Major City In A Whole Year

Credit Card Debt’s Mighty Grip on Black America

5 Big Companies Sued for Racial Discrimination

Kenneth Andre Brown Sr. - You got a hell of a lot of views but only 3 upvotes. That’s strange to me. It says 1.6k Views.

Stephen Link - The Criminal Defense Bar here in Maine had an interesting “talk” with some of the members of the local media outlets about their reporting methods.

Many took offense to the papers running a story about a black out of state drug dealer coming into Maine. This was such a point that our Governor had commented about this, and has brought it up many times as hallmark of Maine’s drug problem.

What wasn’t mentioned was the 8 other drug dealers on the same docket call: all white, all local.

People see what they want to see.

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