Thursday, September 28, 2017

In Self-Defense II: Protesting the Protesters

Inspired by this chilling, classic 1876 cartoon.

Henry Fu  - The way I look at it is I defended the right of spoiled rich athletes who never knew a day of real oppression in their pampered lives to protest our country and our flag."

Muhammad Rasheed - They are protesting the systemic racism that oppresses their entire group, it doesn't matter if they were given a piece of the vast wealth they generate for the team owners or not. Remember, one of these "spoiled rich athletes" was recently roughed up by a cop after the MayMac fight for no other reason than because he was a Black man.

The "spoiled rich athletes" comment leaves the impression that you feel the money bought their silence fair-n-square, bought the stoppage of their belief that Black lives matter, and bought their allowing the continued oppression of their people.

Wallace L. Garneau - They are protesting the wrong things.  American Apartheid

Muhammad Rasheed - You believe they shouldn't protest the continued subjugation and exploitation of their people? Why?

Wallace L. Garneau - I did not say that. I said that they are taking the wrong side.

Muhammad Rasheed - The football players are taking the wrong side?

Wallace L. Garneau - Yes. Read the article. It spells it out clearly.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol What if I disagree with your article? Did Jesus write it?

Muhammad Rasheed - Stand by...

Muhammad Rasheed - Wait... YOU wrote it!!

How come you can't just sum this up here?

Muhammad Rasheed - Alright, hold on (this better be good too).

Muhammad Rasheed - Wallace L. Garneau wrote: "African Americans had been moving north in great numbers to seek better economic opportunities than were available in the South."

They were also escaping the terror inflicted on them by white supremacist groups during the height of the lynching era.

Wallace L. Garneau - Economics had a lot to do with it too. You are right though that active persecution, which was worse in the South, was also a large factor.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, so your article lists some of the items that aid in the systemic racism that oppresses Blacks (conspicuously omitting the many housing-based confidence scams like redlining and gerrymandering directly responsible for the enormous wealth gap between the races), but you think the athletes are wrong for peacefully protesting the oppression of their people.

I don't get it. Was this just a trick to get me to read your article?

Muhammad Rasheed - Both the GOP and the Demos are responsible for items that make up components of systemic racism, and both parties represent the USA, symbolized by the flag and anthem the activists direct the symbol of their kneeling.

They are protesting the oppression of their people.

Muhammad Rasheed - Is the point of directing me towards your article, Wallace, to vilify the Democrat Party?

The "wrong side" you alluded to was just a partisan rival comment. The African-American's political opinion can be found on both sides of the aisle, and their needs as special interests can be managed by either. The trick is that the ethnic group needs to come together as a political group inside of which ever party makes the most sense to do so under (naturally I would suggest they do so under the Democrats since the post-Southern Strategy era has left the GOP openly hostile towards them).

The bottom line is that their protests aren't a partisan issue, it's a justice issue -- the systemic racism at the nation's core was put there by both parties. Which one of them is going to help them remove it?

Wallace L. Garneau - Why percent of African Americans voted for Hillary Clinton? Republicans are not hostile to African Americans. We are hostile to the policies that are oppressive to our inner city communities.

Muhammad Rasheed - There's a greater percentage of Black votes going towards the Democrat Party because of the overt hostility the GOP has displayed towards them in recent decades, especially since the Southern Strategy of Reagan recruited the anti-civil rights white conservative Southern Democrats to the GOP team en masse.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's the party that the modern white supremacist subscribes to when he bothers to play the partisan politics game at all.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you deny this?

Ethan Hauber - The Southern Strategy isn't what you think it is. THE MYTH OF THE RACIST REPUBLICANS

Ethan Hauber - The only racist Democrat that "switched sides" was Strom Thurmond, and that was after renouncing his racist views.

Wallace L. Garneau - I do deny it. African Americans started voting primarily Democrat in the early 1930s, and white Southerners began voting primarily Republican in the 1980s. Neither switch occurred when the 'big switch' supposedly happened.

Ethan Hauber - What's ironic is that the New Deal was a pretty explicitly racist set of policies that excluded blacks.

Phillip Standridge Sr. - I just got home from the Congo a few days ago. Maybe you would like it better there. I wouldn't stay were I'm not wanted. I hate that we have mistreated so many of you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Wallace L. Garneau wrote: "...and white Southerners began voting primarily Republican in the 1980s."

You deny that the GOP has been actively hostile to Blacks, while admitting that the very white supremacists Blacks migrated up North to escape began voting Republican in the '80s like I said.

I don't understand what it is you're supposed to be denying.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Phillip... The old "Go back to Africa!" response, eh? That's Racism Classic. Maybe you should've left this one to the more civilized of your group? #ItsBetterToRemainSilentAndBeThoughtAFool

Muhammad Rasheed - @Ethan... "Ironic" to what? Didn't I say that BOTH the GOP and the Dems have racist blood on their hands a few times now? I thought I was clear that the activist kneeling was a whole systemic racist protest, and not a narrow partisan one? Please note that Kap's kneeling didn't begin under the Trump Admin.

Ethan Hauber - The Democrats have a history of overt regulations that took black competition out of the market as well as state expansion.  Walter Williams column: The welfare state's legacy

Ethan Hauber - Also, I'm not a Republican, just for future reference.

Muhammad Rasheed - So what's the point of bombarding me with anti-Democrat rhetoric?

Muhammad Rasheed - Since the kneeling item ISN'T a partisan issue, then what ARE you arguing exactly?

Wallace L. Garneau - @Muhammed... The places in the South that went Republican were the urban centers - not the country. It was a reduction in racism in the South that flipped it Republican.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ethan's article: 1.) "the GOP deliberately crafted its core messages to accommodate Southern racists."

2.) "the GOP captured the core of the Southern white backlash vote"

They admit this while still proclaiming it's a "myth," and then go about trying to spin it with socio-political commentary to convince the reader that what they admitted actually happened, was actually a myth. lol

John Chrabuszcz - Haha, Bennett was not roughed up. He lied. It's on film.

Muhammad Rasheed - @John... New Police Body Cam Footage Of Michael Bennett Arrest Released

Ethan Hauber - @Muhammad Rasheed... because I'm not a Democrat either. I'm an Austro-Libertarian Anarcho-Capitalist.

Muhammad Rasheed - So you're neither a Republican nor are you a Democrat, and you believe bombarding me with anti-Democrat rhetoric, in perfect imitation of a GOP true believer, is a sensible response to my support of the very non-partisan activist peaceful protest.

Ethan Hauber - I will say this: Libertarians always have the best interests of people in mind.

Muhammad Rasheed - I know what the Libertarian ideals state from my research (I'm particularly moved by Rose Wilder Lane's famous work in the literature), but the members of the Libertarian party and friends certainly haven't done a good job of demonstrating those ideals in the last decade.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why would I wish to partner with a group whose members regularly espouse the same anti-Black rhetoric of my active enemy during the darkest days in American history?

Muhammad Rasheed - Your vision and ideals for the nation do not align to my own. I'm suspect of your version of "best interests."

John Chrabuszcz - @Muhammad Rasheed... still don't see roughing. He ran from cops, he's being detained. I'll bet there's thousands of guys who ran from police who wish they were roughed up like that. I won't argue with your premise but this is a weak case.

Muhammad Rasheed - Unlike you, John, I'm not inclined to trust a cop's word after all they have shown. They'll have to earn it. Currently they stand at a tremendous deficit.

Ethan Hauber - "Libertarians spouting anti-black rhetoric."

Lol where?

Ethan Hauber - You cannot minimize state sanctioned violence without first minimizing the state.

Muhammad Rasheed - The most high-profile ones were in Dr. Paul's newsletters, remember?

Ethan Hauber - The ones that he literally had nothing to do with and wasn't aware of the existence of until the media got wind of it?

Muhammad Rasheed - That's just the clean-up effort to save the Revolution propaganda train.

Ethan Hauber - Not an argument.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Of COURSE it is. A lie, is a lie, is a lie, Ethan.

"Fool me once, shame on you..."

Urvy Jaramillo - Meanwhile, blacks killing blacks and other races are ignored and as long as they kill each other, they don’t have to take knees.

Muhammad Rasheed - There's crime in every ethnic group's poor communities, but what's relevant here is that there are dozens and dozens of organizations working on controlling your favorite "black-on-black crime" political talking point. In fact, the Black urban area crime has been on a steady decline for years, with a huge jump during the Obama era.

Funny how you are unaware of these facts while pretending you know so much about Black people. Thanks for supporting the cartoon's message.  

Urvy Jaramillo - @Muhammad Rasheed... Actually, I’m not supporting your message, race baiter

Muhammad Rasheed
 - lol You're supporting the message of the character IN the cartoon.

Thanks for playing.  

James Cox
- Hey bro what about how black people oppress themselves far worse than anybody else does about 90% of us are killed by own people most of us will not marry hot women after impregnating them, don't love and train our children .That's the worst oppression my brother God bless you. I also believe you criticized One race for oppression and ignore what your own base do to each other that kind of makes a person a racist does it not because it's discrimination based upon race. Criticize the the white and ignore what the black is doing to themselves, Which is far far worse, kind of cruel to me my brother.

Muhammad Rasheed
- The well-read and wise "bro" will recognize the items you are listing are the effects of the systemic racism designed to keep Blacks vulnerable for exploitation. You have to think deeper. The LAST thing you need to do is listen to their spin on anything.

James Cox - Mr Muhammad Rasheed I will share one more thing with you and I'm finished God bless you sir people do what they do because of the spirit they have in them it is either God or the devil the devil all of us I mean all of us have one of those Spirits in US the devil's not going to act different because of the color of the skin he inhabits he's going to do the exact same thing as white, black ,yellow brown Chinese Russian-American, black white is the same brother. Whatever you upset and blaming white people for blacks will do the same exact thing just like all mankind will but the devil is the devil my brother that's the only difference it never has been and never will be by the color but always about a spirit you the child of God of child of the devil we are all the same God bless you again my brother.

Ethan Hauber - @Muhammad Rasheed... you haven't debunked anything regarding Ron Paul's lack of involvement in those newsletters.

Because it makes sense that an anti-war activist who said racism is collectivism would write those.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Debunked?"

I just don't believe him or his true fans. Should I?

Muhammad Rasheed - I have ZERO faith in y'all's word. #SpeaksWithForkedTongue

Ethan Hauber - Look into some quotes and policies by Gary Johnson. Also, explain why black communities are plagued by singe parent homes after years of federal subsidies and lack of free market competition.

Muhammad Rasheed - I already know Gary Johnson.

Black communities are plagued by the various arms of systemic racism's effects. This is a bipartisan evil. It will continue until Blacks learn to come together as a powerful bloc, and use the force of their political might to tell their representatives "what to do" in order to get what they need for long-term success.

Muhammad Rasheed - James Cox wrote: "Whatever you upset and blaming white people for blacks will do the same exact thing..."

You're saying that because Black people have the capacity to potentially turn around and subjugate, terrorize and exploit whites as has been done to them, that I should just stop talking about it and allow whites to continue to subjugate, terrorize and exploit my people unopposed?

That seems to be the gist of what your point was. If so, you must not expect me to do anything with it except show it to my friends and mercilessly ridicule both it and you. I'll give you 24 hrs to clean it up.

Henry Fu - Growing up Asian I faced racism and bias from both blacks and whites. There will always be someone that don't like you because of your race, sex, creed, or whatever. Spending your time trying to prove a case of systemic racism is a poor waste of your precious time because yes, there are people who wont like you. So what? I spent my time focused on my career and family and I am happy and grateful for the success I have had with both. You should try the same.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't have to prove it, Henry, it is self evident. The bad guy of our story has taken pains to pretend he isn't maintaining that systemic racist system that benefits only him, but his efforts are sloppy in his arrogance. I don't need to prove it, just discuss it. Silencing people who want to talk about this great evil is part of his strategy.

I reject his strategy. The USA's most enduring evil will never go away if the oppressed agree to remain silent like cowards. You think being a coward in the face of evil will make me happy? lol I thought you were a soldier?

James Cox - @Henry Fu... Amen bro.

Henry Fu - Yes, systematic racism exists along with systematic bias against short people, systematic religious intolerance, etc. etc. Point is, you will waste your life spending your time consumed with the boogeyman. Better approach is simply to acknowledge it exist, move on, make your own life better.

Muhammad Rasheed - You are unaware of what "systemic racism" actually is. It is a tactic that deliberately prevents the Black community from building up wealth over generations, that deliberately widens the wealth gap between Blacks and whites using real estate/housing scams, political disenfranchisement, and non-economic liberalism. I am in the middle of a war, and your misinformed opinion of it, and dismissal of decades of research cannot help me.

Henry Fu - It is the government and the virtual plantation holding hostage the black community. It is the self-victimization of the mind. The more you focus on finding the boogeyman as the reason for your failures, the least likely you will get ahead.

Muhammad Rasheed - Getting ahead isn't about me, it's about my entire ethnic group. Fighting against "the boogeyman" is the only righteous work in front of me. You've already explained that you prefer cowardice over the fight, and that's fine. That's your path and you may have it. I reject your offer to take it on for myself. I have to look into my family's faces every day. Cowardice is not my portion. No, thank you.

Rodney Norton - That’s a lie Muhammad, & there lies the problem. There tape proving Michael Bennett is a flat out liar. Notice it hasn’t been brought up lately. It’s just put in the column of bad cops, poor innocent mIchael. Same goes for mIchael Brown. Who in their right mind goes after a cop, or tries to run from them? It’s about personal decisions, not skin color. There are cases and the should be prosecuted If found guilty. Busy Systemic? Nope.

Marv Gaby Mitchell - The issue of race is interesting. Currently a black child has more opportunities in life than a "white" child born today. We have laws to assist the black child in housing, education,employment, congressional representation and so much more. I get upset listening to how the black community is being oppressed by police? That's crazy, you act like a thug and yelling racism when you are treated as a thug? Besides, the facts do not support this claim. The black community is broken and no one is willing to acknowledge that fact. The crazy part to this is you can't discuss this issue with out being called a racist. The name racist is so quickly losing its sting as it continues to be abused. We need to do away with laws that divide us. We need to stop classifying ourselves by color. I am not a white male, I am an American!

Muhammad Rasheed - Please stop pretending you two are interested in any facts when all three of us know that is not so. All you care about is the spin of your partisan talking points that help you sleep better at night.

Muhammad Rasheed - Facts singes your skin the way holy water prolly does. Be honest for once. You'll release the burden in your souls. Such as they are.

Henry Fu - @Muhammad Rasheed... if you aren't willing to listen to reason and you refuse to read any real books on the topic then what exactly are you trying to achieve here?

Muhammad Rasheed - It's pretty clear at this point that you hold no reason to share, Henry. Did you not literally just dismiss everything I had to say in favor of willfully misinformed nonsense?

As I said, my point was to be heard.

Muhammad Rasheed - You know nothing of the topic of systemic racism, yet proudly labeled it "boogeyman" as if not knowing about something is a badge of pride.

Muhammad Rasheed - Is that what "reason" sounds like to you then?

Henry Fu - The dismissing is based on the fact that 1) you don't have any new facts to contribute, 2) you simply repeat the same propaganda over and over like some mantra. Tell me I'm wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) You are unaware of any OLD facts on the topic, so your charge is laughable at best.

2.) We all repeat the same "propaganda" over and over, since the issues remain the same. I won't ever ask you to tell me I'm wrong since you've proven to be unqualified for the task.

Muhammad Rasheed - Marv Gaby Mitchell wrote: "The black community is broken and no one is willing to acknowledge that fact."

"Systemic racism." Pretty sure I acknowledged that a few times.

Muhammad Rasheed - Rodney Norton wrote: "Notice it hasn’t been brought up lately."

It's going to court. Bennett is going to sue the crappola out of those people. Good for him. I hope it destroys them, and they're forced to build an entirely new police dept. from the ground up.

David Dylan - While this cartoon points out one aspect that has some veracity, it does not get to the core of the matter and as such won't be an effective tool to educate. Admire your style & skill though.

David Dylan - If I may make an observation; the 'capitalist' figure is an archetypical 'eternal jew', I assume unintentionally. That caricature type needs to die. Picture included for reference.

Muhammad Rasheed - In the comment, you see where it says "Inspired by this chilling, classic 1876 cartoon" followed by a link under it? Click the link, then you may safely put to rest any 'archetypical' fears you've manufactured.

David Dylan - I did say unintentional.

I could be inspired by a 1800-ish cartoon, and NOT draw a 'coon' stereotype. If someone points out internalized marginalization, self-crit and do better. Going on the defensive is not the way.

Muhammad Rasheed
- It's not only 'unintentional,' but your claim is actually wrong. The cartoon is designed around the caricature of the savage white trash hick in the 1876 cartoon who slaughtered the baby because his barbarity was triggered over the freeing of Blacks from slavery. Since a white cartoonist drew him -- and I can safely presume white people know what other white people look like from genuinely legitimate personal experiences -- I mimicked his caricature in order for my own gag to work, as it is obviously a critique against the general European ethnic's crimes against my own people.

Your "Jewish stereotype" comments are entirely without merit here. You may safely lay them to rest.

David Dylan - Fine. Be a racist. Talk over marginalized people who point out a goof you made. *shrug* But the stereotype, unintentional or not, still exists.

Muhammad Rasheed - ???

Muhammad Rasheed - Who's marginalized?

Muhammad Rasheed - My people are the most marginalized ethnic group in Western society. No one else comes close. Who are you trying to raise above me in the marginalized order by deflecting away from that truth? Who?

Tell me.

Muhammad Rasheed - I am no racist, David. What an odd charge.

Muhammad Rasheed
"As a Black artist, you are henceforth only allowed to draw white men depicted looking like Brad Pitt. Any depictions that favor James Montgomery Flagg's "Uncle Sam" character have been randomly and suspiciously determined to look too much like an obscure stereotype. Any violations of this rule may lead to disciplinary actions to include whippings, lynchings, and/or forceful applications by branding of the 'anti-semite' label."

Muhammad Rasheed - (anti-Black racism is very arbitrary I've noticed)

David Dylan - The 'eternal jew' is not an obscure stereotype, it's as prevalent as the 'coon' stereotype, and predates it.

If you're told you accidentally perpetuated a form of marginalization, and you refuse to take that on board, you're perpetuating that marginalization. Your own marginalization is no excuse for marginalizing others.

Racism is a term that can have multiple meanings. One is the internalized attitudes from centuries of racism in society. I'm pointing out that you are marginalizing. You've gone on to talk over and erase.

Kudo's. Your refusal to address the issue makes you part of it. Either address that, or I'll be sure to not trust you as an ally. Your call.

Muhammad Rasheed
- I reject your mercurial definition of 'racism' and your marginalization philosophy as a bullying tactic in the effort to turn me away from a subject that you don't want publicly explored. You should know that the bullying you are displaying in this thread makes you suspect as a potential ally in any direction. Your threat is both noted and dismissed.

Muhammad Rasheed - What do you think is the core of the matter, David? From my research, what the character is saying is 100% the root cause of the Western World's enduring race problem: The hoarding monopoly of wealth & power by the white conqueror class.

David Dylan - That's too complex an issue to put in one pane. The cartoon suggests it's _currently_ an active effort, and that's just not the way it is, it is far more complex than that. As it stands, the cartoon suggests a conspiracy theory, and seems to use a Jewish archetype. So, as I said before, I see what you're getting at, but it's not quite working yet. There's what you intend to say, and what your audience will see. Those are two different things.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) It can certainly be broken down further into more and more detail; the cartoon just sums up the root cause core of the matter.

2.) It's 100% currently an active effort to continue the blight of white supremacy in every possible way, that has indeed been ongoing for the last 150 yrs without a break. Racism is an economic exploitation system that has generated the obscene amounts of wealth the dominant class owes its successes to, and there's no way the ruling elite would ever deliberately let that money machine go. Ever.

3.) There is no conspiracy. What the cartoon describes is all out-in-the-open documented factual information available to anyone that actually chooses to care to learn about.

4.) The "seems to use" portion of your comment is a manufactured fiction as I explained earlier. You may safely discard it as it is a fallacy of irrelevance.

5.) Please note that art is famously subjective as filtered through the endlessly varied background lenses of the viewers. Some people get it, others have to work to get it, others get defensive and instantly argumentative when they see it, and others want the politicians to rethink Freedom of Speech when they see it. And numerous other response types between and beyond. That's the beauty of art. As an artist, I have embraced it. :)

Muhammad Rasheed - You never did say what you considered the core of the matter to you, David. Care to share?

David Dylan - It really goes too far to update my thesis on this subject here. Suffices to say that while all this is certainly a major factor, it's not the only factor, and the idea that it was done purposely does not hold up, given that things evolved over decades and centuries. That is not to say that groups and individuals did not have their economic interests at heart, it's just a _very complex topic_, as is evidenced by your own internalized racism and refusal to address it.

Your little splaining about art notwithstanding; satire is indeed a divisive thing that stirs up emotion, and it should be. This, however, is no excuse for _getting it wrong_. There is a difference between pissing off people because you refuse to self-crit, or pissing off people who you satirize effectively.

A reader who sees this cartoon, without your knowledge of its origin, WILL see an 'eternal Jew'. Either fix it, or not. But marginalization due to inaction is as bad as active marginalization.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) The cartoon is a summary of the root cause core issue. It wasn't designed to be a comprehensive 28 week course on the subject, David. Your gripe is unreasonable.

2.) White Supremacy was 100% done purposely, as the global leaders of the colonialist powers were in documented contact with one another, encouraged and advised each other on their subjugation/terror/exploitation techniques, and did so with a chilling air of "So what?" It doesn't "hold up" to what exactly? Your wishes and feelings? Considering you aren't read up on the subject, or pretending you aren't.

3.) When did I make the claim that it wasn't a complex issue?

4.) lol I have no internalized racism. I'm only interested in drawing from the facts of history to express myself in my art. That's all. Please stop projecting your triggered tantrum on me.

5.) I reject your "getting it wrong" comment as a bullying attempt to deflect me away from a subject that makes you uncomfortable. I don't like bullies, David. Please stop. You're only "pissed off" because I'm not intimidated by your bullying tactic. You may as well knock it off. Or pay me my Reparations. Choose.

6.) I expect all readers to see all art through whatever their personal lens filters it through. This is normal. I would be a fool to change my art every time someone got triggered or strategically faux-squawked whenever they viewed it. I suggest you stop your bullying efforts as I don't play those games. As an artist, I support Free Speech and the artist's right of self-expression through the medium of choice. As a Muslim artist I support those Charlie Hebdo jackasses' right to draw/publish whatever they wished unmolested by my triggered opinions. Take the hint, stop bullying me, and grow up. Thanks.

7.) Your "marginalization/inaction" is babbling that does not move me. Keep it.

Scott Moroz - Bullshit

Muhammad Rasheed - "Moroz." Is that Spanish or Portuguese in origin? It's interesting.

Scott Moroz - It Russian for frost. My grandfather changed it to that when he was on Ellis island

Richard Sherman - @David Dylan... He's deeply anti-Semitic. Any stereotype of Jews is fully consciously done and fully within his arsenal of unreasonable racist hatred.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not an anti-semite just because you like to call me one. Try harder, you.

Richard Sherman - You ARE an anti-Semite, and you have no ability to take constructive criticism from your peers, or from anyone, it seems. This puts you in a sociopath category. Which does not surprise me, at all. As an editorial cartoonist, you make a great plumber.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, I'm not an anti-semite. I take constructive criticism all the time. I also have the right to defend my work when people say things I disagree with.

I know you're used to only viewing editorial cartoons that support the way you think, so you think an opposing view's cartoons are somehow not done correctly by default. That demonstrates your own immaturity, Sherman, and your lack of tolerance and sophistication in the arts. I'll wait for you to catch up. How old are you again?

Muhammad Rasheed - "I also have the right to defend my work when people say things I disagree with."

This is a VERY important concept you need to learn to understand. I am under zero obligation to swallow as truth whatever you feel like allowing out of your mouths. Please adjust your spoiled white entitlement attitude down to normal human levels.

Richard Sherman - @Muhammad Rasheed... Once more, your racist, bigoted attitude covers you, like a blanket. You do NOT accept criticism. Your arrogance won't allow you to. Instead, you justify sub-par work with frothy emotionalism and bullshit. Your artistic talents are excellent. Your editorial skills are not. It's an area to work on and to seek advice about from people who actually get paid to do it. There is no shame in asking questions. The stupidity comes in thinking you know all the answers.
I don't expect you to understand what I've written. Your blind hatred and racism simply won't allow it. But one can hope.

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard, you are a white conservative that supports anti-Black views, who is known for slinging around the 'anti-semite' label as a deflection tool from his own dirt. This is what you've revealed about yourself from our many battles, and yet you believe your opinion of my editorial work isn't over-biased.

I don't hate anyone, and I am not an 'anti-semite.' At this point I don't believe you know what the word "racist" even means so I'll leave that.

Muhammad Rasheed - I understand what you write more than you do. :)

Richard Sherman - LMAO! I love how self-important you are. That kind of mental illness is actually kind of refreshing to see, since it's mostly only written or conjectured about. But here you are- a full-blown narcissist! How excellent! I am not a conservative, I do not support anti-Black views, and I don't sling around the anti-Semite label, except when it comes to you. You're own wriggling around and deflecting is what's the most amusing, and, may I say it- fascinating. I've read about soulless people like you. I cannot imagine how that must feel- to be completely and emotionally constipated; cut off from others as you are. Damn! I hope that you have chosen to leave your body to science for study, once you're passed. A real, dyed-in-the-wool sociopath is a rare find.

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard Sherman wrote: "I love how self-important you are."

You don't believe you come across as "self important" whenever you get mad because I don't accept your opinions as law? Why is it different for you then?

Richard Sherman - Oh, this tap dancing is fun to watch.

Muhammad Rasheed  - You know, it's pretty sociopathic to go around putting that cackling emoji on all my posts, right?

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you alright? Did you skip your meds again?

Richard Sherman - Not when it applies.

Muhammad Rasheed - When your sociopathy applies?

I don't think that's a thing, Sherman.

Muhammad Rasheed - Go to bed. You're drunk.

Richard Sherman - The whole white privilege thing is so 20th century. Get a new catch phrase. One that's relevant and doesn't stem from victimhood.

Richard Sherman - I haven't had a drink in almost 28 years! You're killing me, here!

Muhammad Rasheed - You deny the effects of white supremacist racism in society, but believe all of your slur labeling is true, while saying I'm playing victim but saying you are not.

And you don't consider your typical hypocritical double-talk to be sociopathic, eh?

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, if you aren't drunk then it means you are the sociopath. I was trying to help. *shrug*

Richard Sherman - IF you had a clue, and didn't base all your arrogance on the idea that other people somehow owe you something, I MIGHT take you seriously. But since the only card you keep playing is that you're some poor victim of a white conspiracy, all I can see is a laughable clown. You have talent, i'll grant you that. But you're a victim. So that talent will come to nothing in the end. And when it does, you'll blame that on somebody else.

Muhammad Rasheed - You absolutely support right-wing conservative views (do you think I DON'T see what you 'Like'?), you do support anti-Black views (see: your "victimhood" comment above), and you weaponize the 'anti-semite' label to cover your faults.

Richard Sherman - Awwwww. Poor Muhammad. So misunderstood.

Muhammad Rasheed - I already know you deny white supremacy and your part in it because you fear the Reparations program. That wasn't hard to see.

I hope it's paid out in our lifetime so I get to see your tantrum. :)

Muhammad Rasheed - I'll prolly be able to hear you screaming from here...

Muhammad Rasheed - "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  MY PRECIOUS MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Richard Sherman - You keep looking to the people you hate to take care of you. Be a man. Stand on your own feet and quit looking for a hand out.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Muhammad Rasheed - ^anti-Black views of Richard Sherman manifesting again.

Muhammad Rasheed - You know you just strung together at least 3 GOP partisan talking points, right?

Muhammad Rasheed - You forgot the "bootstraps" line though.

Muhammad Rasheed - You can prolly just switch out "Stand on your own feet " for it and... VOILA! Perfecto!

Richard Sherman - Victimhood is like a disease. As long as you continue to think like a victim, you will always harbor resentments against people whom you believe have more than you and undeservedly so. You are unable to see that you alone are responsible for you. And as long as you keep looking to the government and your Party to help you, they will continue to disappoint you. Leave the victimhood behind you. If you can. I'm betting you can't.

Muhammad Rasheed - You just copy/pasted that tripe from the other thread.

Muhammad Rasheed - I see you have now fully assimilated into the GOP Borg Cube.

Muhammad Rasheed - Fascinating.

Richard Sherman - Because it applies, dipshit.

Richard Sherman - What a waste.

Muhammad Rasheed - You also started name-calling again, too. Are you going to repeat your projection of the name-calling charge on me like the last time?

Muhammad Rasheed - The GOP do that easily when they get frustrated, you know.

Muhammad Rasheed - I only stayed to play with you because Dylan blocked me and I can't see his posts, and thus the thread is spoiled anyway.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't think it can get MORE spoiled with your foolishness in it, but you prolly could pull it off if I allowed it.

Richard Sherman - IF I was GOP, you might be able to make a case. But I'm not. I'm a Constitutionalist. Look it up. Not that a boot-licking democrat toady would understand free thinking.

Dylan blocked you! LMAO! LMFAO!!! What a truly smart man.

Muhammad Rasheed - Shut up. You're a GOP. You talk like one, think like one, and get triggered by all the same stuff.

Muhammad Rasheed - Own it, Borg.

Richard Sherman - If YOU allowed it. Thank you for admitting your narcissism.

Good bye, Muhammad.

Muhammad Rasheed - This is my thread, Sherman.

Muhammad Rasheed - Duh.

Richard Sherman - Stay on that Democrat plantation, victim.

Muhammad Rasheed - ^Another GOP talking point insult.

Richard Sherman - No insult, simply the truth, democrat.

Muhammad Rasheed - You read directly from the GOP Playbook.

Muhammad Rasheed - While denying you're a GOP.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Explain.

Muhammad Rasheed - Actually, don't bother. I have something better.

You noticed that Dylan, in his commitment to cowardice, continuously ducked my "core of the matter" query? Perhaps you'd care to pick that up for me?

Richard Sherman - You read directly from the DNC playbook. They tell you jump, you jump. They tell you vote, you vote. They tell you complain, you complain. They tell you who to hate, you hate that person. they tell you anything, and you roll over and do it. You're a toady. A democrat toady. And for what? Other than promise you all sorts of free stuff, what have they actually DONE to earn your allegiance? You're a joke to the DNC. A worker bee that can be bought off with baubles and trinkets and promises that will never be kept. You ARE a victim. a willing victim. That must really suck to be you.

Muhammad Rasheed - What do you think is the core of the matter, Richard? Since you don't believe in anti-Black racism.

Richard Sherman - The core of the matter is that you have been duped and used and abused by the very people you thinkwill save you. The core of the matter, Muhammad, is that you and I both know you're smarter than that. Your anger comes from being used as a tool of the politican carpetbaggers who promise so much and then laugh at you behind their hands when you actually expect that they'll deliver. You have put your faith in the wrong people, and it's a damned shame.

Muhammad Rasheed - We've already had that Democrat discussion, and it's nice to see that you literally retain nothing we discuss, but prefer to regurgitate the same canned responses to everything. But you have the nerve to get confused when I roll my eyes and groan when I see your sociopathic head pop up in these threads...

Richard Sherman - Nice tap dance, that.

Muhammad Rasheed - Shut up. You didn't even understand it.

Muhammad Rasheed - So to you, the root cause of the entire racism issue boils down to the wrongs of the Democratic Party?

Richard Sherman - You are really not all that hard to follow. Being unclever and all.

Muhammad Rasheed - The GOP didn't have a part at all then?

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me.

Richard Sherman - I'd direct you to American history, but I know you wouldn't bother with it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Just answer the question based on your own understanding.

Muhammad Rasheed - You believe anti-Black racism was cured decades ago, right?

Muhammad Rasheed - At least.

Richard Sherman - Anti-Black racism. You don't even know where that began! Which Party formed the KKK? Which Party started the Jim Crow Laws? Which Party Maintained segregation?

Muhammad Rasheed - You believe that the charge of racism from Blacks is a politically manipulative fiction, right?

Richard Sherman - Which Party started the NAACP? Which Party formed the ACLU? Which Party fought for civil rights?

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm just looking for clarification of your position right now.

Muhammad Rasheed - You believe that the charge of racism from Blacks is a politically manipulative fiction, right? Yes or no?

Richard Sherman - That charge is not fiction, it comes from the very Party YOU belong to. Damn it, man! Think for yourself! READ!

Muhammad Rasheed - That the Democrats are the bad guys in the two-party system. This is your official opinion, yes?

Muhammad Rasheed - No need to get upset. I'm just looking for clarification of your position right now.

Richard Sherman - Not my opinion, history. Your denials will come from your opinions, now. Your uneducated opinions.

Muhammad Rasheed - Only you can tell me what your position-stance is.

Muhammad Rasheed - So you believe all of this to be true, yet you earlier denied affiliation with the GOP, despite all of your opinions aligning to theirs with laser-like accuracy.

Richard Sherman - I can't make it any clearer than i have. History speaks for itself. You can live in a fantasy world and hate all the wrong things, or you can dop some real research and find out the truth. Both will be painful, but only one will end the pain.

Richard Sherman - I am not a Republican. I ws for a brief time. Just as I was a Democrat for a brief time. I find BOTH Parties to be too similar, and their methods too close to be coincidental. I have divorced these two Parties. On the other hand, you are neck deep in a Party that hates you.

Muhammad Rasheed - You literally just contradicted yourself, but whatever.

Richard Sherman - Hardly a contradiction.

Richard Sherman - But whatever.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) Dems = bad guys
2.) GOP = good guys
3.) "They are too similar."

But okay. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - You realize that good and bad are opposing opposite forces, yes? Or nah? lol

Richard Sherman - LBJ, upon signing his Great Society welfare State into action, remarked, "This will have those N****rs voting democrat for the next 200 years."

They are NOW too similar.

Muhammad Rasheed - Don't worry about it, I know the real reason you believe as you do. You may keep your shallow political smokescreen. It's not needed here with me. I get you. ;)

Richard Sherman - What, exactly were the benefits to the people affected by that Great Society? Yet LBJ is a hero to you.

Muhammad Rasheed - LBJ is no hero to me. He schemed with the civil rights second stringers to sell out my people. So no thanks.

Muhammad Rasheed - This is more of your universally applied canned response shit btw.

Richard Sherman -  That veneer of denial is melting. Eventually, you'll look all this stuff up. It may take you years to do so- wasted years, i might add- but when you finally do, you're going to be even more pissed for having been so long a deliberate fool.

Muhammad Rasheed - We've already had this discussion, yet you're typing at me like we've never met before.

Richard Sherman - @Muhammad Rasheed...  Yet, every time you vote Democrat, you are fulfilling his words. The democratic party is the Party of George Wallace, Jim Crow, LBJ, and segregation.
Yet you are a Democrat loyalist. Blind, pitiful, naked and afraid. But you'll learn, someday.

Muhammad Rasheed - Because in order for your shallow smokescreen to work for your song-n-dance, you NEED me to fit the role you have designed your rhetoric for. So you never hear me.

Richard Sherman - @Muhammad Rasheed... Again the misunderstood and overlooked victim? You deserve LBJ.

Muhammad Rasheed - I've long ago decided not to waste my time with you as if you are a real debate partner. You at least noticed that the other day, yes?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I just told you why I don't consider LBJ my hero, and yet here I find you trying to force him down my throat.

That's not textbook sociopathy to you? Hm?

Richard Sherman - I don't notice much, really, of what you write. It's tedious, and unoriginal. I think you're wasting your artistic talents, but that's only because you're a victim. You revel in his Great Society. You embrace everything he stood for. You're a democrat toady. I pity your ignorance.

Muhammad Rasheed - You NEVER hear me. Ever. Yet you think I should take all your ("racist/anti-semite") labels seriously. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard Sherman wrote: "I don't notice much, really, of what you write."

Except when you get triggered and have a hissy-fit. That's the "much" part, right?

Richard Sherman - awwwwwwwwwwwww. Muhammad's frustrated and feeling impotent. Tel it to your DNC congressperson. Maybe tey'll listen. LOL!

Muhammad Rasheed - ???

Muhammad Rasheed - What?

Richard Sherman - Carry your complaints to the DNC, since you adore them, so. See what they do with them.

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard, I just took the time to explain why I don't take you seriously, and think you are the very sociopath you charged me as. What about that equals I'm frustrated and impotent because Richard Sherman lacks human social skills and maturity?

Muhammad Rasheed - You're getting tiresome again.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, it's time to go. I have more cartoons to draw. Hopefully they'll trigger you just as much. That way I'll know they're successful.

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