Monday, July 23, 2018

Humankind's Homemade Contribution

Archelle Sols - If God is all present, all knowing, all good, and all powerful, where does evil come from?

Muhammad Rasheed - Evil is an action performed by lesser beings. God created the humans and gifted them with:
  1. Free Will - the freedom to live life as they choose for an appointed time.
  2. The Revealed Word of God - the instruction book to guide humans in how to best use their Free Will so they will win at life.
  3. Respite - that if the humans so choose to use their Free Will to perform evil acts in the earth, God will not punish them until the end of the appointed time.
Our time on earth as finite, material beings is a test designed to develop our character. Evil is the wretched, runny discharge produced when we fail our test.

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